The Lighter Side Of Pro Sport With Guy Grundy. Installment Two.

Guy Grundy's insightful commentary and entertaining experiences... Now, on a monthly basis at, we can look forward to outrageous experiences of his 'never a dull moment' life.
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In this second installment detailing pro bodybuilder/martial artist Guy Grundy's humorous experiences in sport, the importance of correct form becomes abundantly clear, as Guy shows how the macho attitude can damage more that just one's ego.

Guy Speaks: You Go, I Go... Oh, No!

    I was training with a good mate of mine from Montreal, Big Edy Salem! We were training at the Mecca of Bodybuilding, Gold's Gym Venice, during prime time. We were all set for a big one. Edy is the hardest man I have ever met in either bodybuilding or MMA. He has no fear and relishes the opportunity to push himself under the heavy iron.

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    Guy & Big Edy Salem.

    Every time he came in from Canada we would team up and have some freaky workouts. I would be nervous before we trained, as I knew what was to come. We were training shoulders and we used the system we called "You go, I go!" Which translates in English to "I bang out as many reps as I can on a certain exercise and once I am finished you go."

    Edy would then precede to do as many reps as he could, we could go back and forth until we had done either 10 sets each or one of us quit. We were doing dumbbell side laterals with the 50 pounder's, going rep for rep!

    As we reached the 7th set we were obviously very tired and pumped, so we started using body movement and cheating to get the reps out. I am kicking the reps out on my 7th set and I start letting the dumbbells bang together in front of me, my form worsening with each rep by this stage.

    As the dumbbells came together on the next rep, my little Buddy downstairs decided he would move into the line of fire. Needless to say the dumbbells caught my little mate. To say it hurt would be an understatement! I was feeling things a man doesn't like to feel down there.

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Dumbbell Side Laterals
Pay special attention to the form. Specifically note the distance of dumbbells from the groin.

    Albeit, this was not my first time such a thing has happened to me while training. So I had some cool under this stressful situation. I was a hard core bodybuilder and training with Big Edy. I was not going to allow this to beat me.

    I continued training without saying anything and I do mean I didn't say anything for the rest of the workout. I just followed Edy and did what he did! As soon as the workout finished I went to the bathroom to check on my Buddy and he was not a happy camper. Thankfully, he wasn't too badly injured and didn't take a direct hit.

    My wife was a little shocked at why I was unable to do my manly duties. I have heard some good excuses for not having sex before. But saying "I can't have sex tonight because I caught my penis between two dumbbells while training with Edy" is my personal favorite. This is another good reason to use strict form while training. Injuries happen and some of them HURT!

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    Use Strict Form.
    Your Little Mate Will Thank You.

Bonus Material

As bodybuilders, we all check ourselves out in various mirrors and windows to admire the result of all the hard work we put in. Most of the time this is done when no one is looking, lest we create the impression that we are absorbed with our physiques.

Guy Grundy Interview. Guy Grundy Interview.
Guy has plenty to say, all of which I found compelling and interesting. In this interview, Guy talks about his bodybuilding journey, as well as some of the more controversial elements of his life.
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Pro bodybuilder, Guy Grundy is no exception, although nowadays he looks both ways very carefully to ensure he is the only one doing the admiring. Confused? Read on to find out more.

Guy Speaks: Lookin' Good For The Neighborhood.

    I have been training with weights since I was nine years of age. It has been my passion for as long as I can recall. This tale comes from the early days of the Grundy archives and is one of my more embarrassing stories that happened rather early in my career. I know quite a few of you will identify with this story because we all do it. Although most don't get caught like I did!

    I was 14 years old and had started to gain a little muscle. I was very proud of the muscle I had acquired, and being the very giving and generous person I was, I was more than willing to share my new found look with the whole world.

    I achieved this primarily by NEVER wearing a shirt! I, of course, had my little flex going on. I went with the basic chest out and back flared pose. I could hold that bad boy for some time!

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    That Flex If Going On!

    It was a beautiful Australia summer day and I was feeling particularly special. I was tanned and had half a bottle of Tropical Tanning oil dripping off me. I had so much oil on me that I a slipped a few times as I dripped oil onto the floor. I was walking along checking myself out in the windows of the stores as I passed by, and anything else that cast a reflection.

    My personal favorite was, and is, the car window. The sports cars with the angled windows really made you look the part, and you best believe I was always looking out for those. I was approaching the beach and I found myself in a secluded area with no people around. I noticed this car with the best windows I had ever seen.

    They were curved just right to make you look your best and to top it off the windows were tinted. I took a little peek to my left and then to a little peek to my right and no one was in sight, so I started posing my little @ss off. I was looking good and really hitting some poses at that car window.

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    A Younger Guy Doing What He Does Best.

    I was well and truly into my routine when all of a sudden the window I am posing in starts rolling down and there is a car full of people just laughing their @sses off at me. Needless to say, I ended my impromptu posing routine and did what any self respecting 14 year old bodybuilder would do and that was too slowly and calmly turn around and start running like crazy.

Do You Ever Check Yourself Out In Public?

Yes, If I'm Looking Good I Want To Enjoy It!
No, I Get Plenty Of Mirror Time At Home.
I Don't Like The Way I Look At All.

    I could hear those people laughing at me from a mile away. I still check my self out in the car windows to this day. But I ALWAYS make sure the car is unoccupied prior to looking at myself. Remember there's nothing wrong with looking at yourself in public. Just don't get caught!

Guy Grundy,
Mr. Australia

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