An Interview With Super-Seminar Presenters Bill Grant And Dan Gastelu.

Arguably the hottest bodybuilding event of the year,'s Nutrition and Training Super-Seminar promises to be an educational extravaganza.
Arguably the hottest bodybuilding event of the year,'s Nutrition and Training Super-Seminar promises to be an educational extravaganza.

Targeted towards anyone interested in improving their physique and sporting prowess, the seminar, hosted by bodybuilding champion Bill Grant and nutrition expert Dan Gastelu, will provide, in detail, all the essential elements needed to reach the very top. According to Bill Grant, it is impossible to become great in any endeavor without the right educational background.

The super-seminar will not only provide an exhaustive overview of every conceivable piece of information of relevance to aspiring bodybuilders, and athletes from other codes, but it will do so in unique fashion.

Indeed, the bringing together of two experts, from respective fields, over a six-hour-period, will ensure no stone is unturned, as the facts are conveyed in the most efficient and professional manner.

The seminar also provides information beyond the scope of the average expert, as both Dan and Bill's accumulated specialized knowledge base's have been established over many years, and their respective approaches have been refined and re-refined to the point where what works and what doesn't has become de-mystified.

Cutting through the myths, and untruths, and getting to the real heart of training and nutrition science, could be the most important educational strategy these men bring to the seminar.

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"First and foremost, we teach people to get the know-how behind the how-to, and learn and understand what nutrition and training approaches are best, based on scientific fact, not hyped fiction or gimmicks," says Dan.

Distinguishable from other seminars by its extensive coverage of all the major, and many of the smaller, training and nutrition topics, and its scientifically backed, factually correct approach, the super seminar does have something for everyone aspiring to be at their best physically and mentally.

Given nutrition, and physical activity, play such a large role in health and well-being, the information provided by Bill and Dan will undoubtedly enhance quality of life for those in attendance.

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"You need to learn to get in tune with your body, need to learn how the body operates for success in life," says Bill.

Dan agrees, and further adds: "We teach people information and techniques they can use for the rest of their lives". Both Dan and Bill agree that in order to become successful in any athletic domain, a good education from the outset is imperative. Bill says if he had the collective information that will be presented at the super seminar, when he was starting out, his chances of success would have been greatly enhanced.

The wide range of topics covered at the seminar, as well as the additional benefits to the consumer, are too detailed to mention in an introduction, so I will let the experts themselves talk about exactly what one can expect.

I spoke with Bill Grant and Dan Gastelu recently, and they gave me a detailed account of what those who sign up can expect, and why their seminar is the best of its kind.

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Bill Grant

Bill Grant Presents: Creatine Cocktail
Size Matters!

If you have been following bodybuilding or fitness for any appreciable amount of time, 58-year-old bodybuilding legend Bill Grant really needs no introduction.

His achievements in bodybuilding, and the fitness industry, rank among the very best.

A previous Mr. America (1972), and Mr. World (1974), Bill still trains very hard and displays body that belies its age - a physique a 30-year-old would be proud of.

Bill has committed his life to helping people achieve their fitness goals and has, as president and owner of Bill Grant Nutrition, taken his scientific approach to bodybuilding to new heights with the latest cutting-edge sports supplements.

Quite simply, bill is one of the more authoritative personalities in the bodybuilding and fitness world today.

Bill's key achievements include:

  • World Renowned Pro Fitness Expert
  • U.S. and International Champion Bodybuilder Mr. America (1972)
  • Mr. World (1974) Professional Personal Fitness Trainer covering all aspects of fitness.
  • Nutrition Consultant
  • Television & Radio Show Host
  • Master of Ceremonies

[ Q ] Who is this seminar designed for Bill?

    The seminar is basically for everybody especially if you are a real bodybuilding enthusiast, really trying to get ahead and make progress. This is a seminar that people like this don't want to miss.

    There is just so much hit and miss out there in bodybuilding. In all honesty, when I started there were no seminars like this going on. It was hit and miss information.

    Not only for bodybuilders, but if you are into fitness, or are an athlete, this seminar is for you. All these things involve lifting weights. All this information you need if you expect to excel in any sport, not just bodybuilding.

    Football, baseball, track - whatever. You need to come and see exactly how it's done properly. It will save time, energy, and wasted effort trying to get in shape.

    We don't want to limit our audience, because fitness is for everybody. You don't want to miss out on any the information covered in the seminar if you expect to excel in bodybuilding, or sport.

[ Q ] What information do you hope to cover that hasn't already been covered in other seminars? Anything cutting edge?

    Over the years there has been a lot of hype about a lot of different programs, and training techniques. In my opinion, and I have been training for 44-years, there is only one way to train.

    You have got to do the basic movements. This is exactly what we will be teaching them. You have to build the right foundation. I think that is the real secret that a lot of people don't understand.

    When people look in the magazines, they see the workouts that are done and the way the athletes look. A lot of these workouts are actually done prior to competition. This is not what they do all year round.

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    Demonstration Of Basic Movements.

    Come to a seminar such as this and you learn how to plan your program over the year. If you want to compete, you need to know how to map out your program.

    You need to know how to train heavy, how to train for mass, how to train for cuts. You need all these things in combination, to get a great physique. There is nothing really new out there.

    Think of heavy duty style training. Now that's a great program, but that's been around a long time too. Try training with maximum amount of weight and maximum amount of intensity.

    People, just put a new spin on it. All these programs put together are great but, the most important thing is to learn all the information there is to know, so you can put together a program that works for you.

    What I do won't exactly work for others. People need to learn all the other things. This is why the basics are really important, because that's where your physique is really going to come from.

    Every bodybuilder in the world does the same basic program, which is squats, dips, chin-ups, and bench-press, and so on.

    These are all basic movements. All the other training is based around those basic movements. It's like building a building, Dave. You can't build a tall, strong, building unless you have a strong foundation.

Bill Grant's Old-School Bodybuilding Series:
If you don't know legendary bodybuilder Bill Grant you should. In this article I will give an overview of his career and a webcast video of an arm workout.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

    That's always been my belief. We will be showing people how to do the foundation exercises they need to get started on their way to creating a great physique.

[ Q ] So, considering all this, do you have a unique training philosophy that you hope to pass on those in attendance?

    Dave, that's nothing unique. I've got a program called modulation, meaning taking your program and refining it, going in different cycles - heavy, light, switching it up.

    That's just a name I put to it, but it's still based around the same things that I was doing anyway. It's nothing new. It's based on all the exercises I have been doing over the years, and how I put training programs together.

    It's nice to experiment. There are a lot of programs, and it's nice to try them.

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    Learn About Bill Grant's Modulation Program.

    I actually did that Arthur Jones training program. I didn't think it was bad, but we weren't told it wasn't a program you could do every day of the year.

    Its is actually a program you probably should do for maybe four-weeks, before backing off and doing another program. The program was draining - it took every ounce of energy from me.

    It tapped into my reserve energy, and I was running on nervous energy. In about six-months, I was totally burned out. I became over-trained. We want to teach people, at the seminar, how to avoid overtraining.

    How much training is enough? How much training is too much? These are some of things we want to teach people.

[ Q ] What else, specifically, will people learn about training programs?

    People need to learn about the different stages in their program. If you are ever going to be a champion, you can't train the same way all the time.

    Although I believe in high-volume training, there are times when you need to back off that, and do heavier type training. I'll start power-training with a lot of heavy deadlifts and bench presses. I did that when I lived in Sweden, and it worked very well for me as well.

[ Q ] So, the seminar will provide an overview of all the different types of training?

    Basically, it will be an overview of all types of training, but putting it all together so you can have a training program that is going to work for your - that's the key.

    Here's a great example: back in the 70s when we all trained - Arnold, Franco, and Frank Zane. We all had a different style of training, but it worked.

    For instance, Arnold trained six-days-a-week, twice-a-day, on three occurrences. I could not train that way. I tried that for a week and, Dave, I lost five-pounds the first week.

    Every program isn't fit for everybody. You see, I had to go to four-days-per-week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I would say mine was unique to most guys.

    Most guys trained five to six days-per-week. My body wouldn't allow me to do that. I could not recover, I couldn't gain any mass. So, I do know all about the other programs, but the fact of the matter is we all need to find what is going to work best for us.

    You need to learn to get in tune with your body, need to learn how the body operates. You need to know about the metabolic rate, how fast you burn calories, how fast muscle is burned.

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    Get In Tune With Your Body.

    Am I an easy gainer or a slow gainer? What is my body-type, am I heavy or thin? These are things people need to learn about before they even start finding a program that works for them.

[ Q ] What else will be expanded upon in this seminar?

    We will be expanding upon everything that is out there, and then hone in on what is going to work best. You have beginner, intermediate and advanced programs. Power-training programs.

    All these different things you can incorporate into your training program to get a better physique. You have to also know what your goals are. Once you have these, it is a case of, "how am I going to achieve them".

    Dietary supplements, eating habits, proper training and rest, proper technique; we are going to teach all these things David. I would even say that six-hours is not enough. Six is a lot though. I haven't seen six-hour seminars in years.

    I don't think you can teach what people need to know in one or two hours. It's an all-day-affair. In our seminar, people will learn as much as they can learn.

    There will be a question and answer session so people can really get to understand what's going on. We will also be having hand-outs, notebooks, with all the information that we will be talking about.

    People will know exactly what we will be talking about, before we even talk about it. We will have more pages where people can write about the topics that will be covered. They will have a notebook full of all the seminar information, so they don't forget when they go home.

[ Q ] Is six-hours really going to be long enough?

    It will take six-hours to provide all the information, but even with six David, it is really hard to provide every bit of information possible. We do feel that six-hours is ample enough time to really get you to learn the information you need to get started on building your physique, losing weight, reaching goals in fitness, whether it be bodybuilding or any other sport.

[ Q ] How would you compare your seminar to a training camp? Do training camps not cover a sufficient range of topics over an extended time period?

    Yes, the training camps do cover a lot because they go on for five-days, and bring in a lot of different guest speakers so you always get an opportunity to get a better overview. We don't do this.

    It's just Dan Gastelu and myself, but you can learn a lot from me because I did one of the very first training camps, which was held here in New Jersey back in 1987.

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    Dan Gastelu, covering One Of The Many Nutrition Topics.

    Tom Platz, Carla Dunlap, Mike Christian, Rachel McLish hosted the event at Ryder College. It was an interesting experience. We had opportunities for people to meet the champs, and we had individual seminars.

    That is something we would like to get into as well, but right now we would like to start with this. Like I said, I just haven't seen a seminar six-hours-long, with the amount of information we will be giving out.

[ Q ] What sort of information do you wish you had at your disposal, when you were starting out? Will this seminar provide the information, you would have liked to have had when beginning?

    I'm glad you asked that question David. I started back in the late 50s, when I was nine-years-old. Of course I was too young, but that's where my interest came from.

    At 14, I started again more seriously. We had a few magazines - Strength and Health, Muscle-builder, and Ironman. But there was no real science, no research about supplementation or even about training techniques.

    Now there is a lot more research, a lot more science around these things. We will talk about how the body is affected by diet, training and everything else to do with bodybuilding.

    How sleep effects the body. How carbohydrates, fats, and protein affects the body. These were all things we didn't know when we were coming up. They touched on it, but there was no real science.

    Today, we know much more. For example, I sell a creatine product, but it's more than just creatine. There are a lot of different ingredients in it as well.

    20-years-ago, if you said you took creatine, people would say you were crazy. They would say, "What is that drug you are on?" But today we have all the research on glutamine and how it works. We have the research on protein and fat burners, and they work.

    We have that information. We can tell you how great these things are, what they really do. And then you can figure out what brands are best. I just wrote something on Iron Age about this: my message for people is you can't sit around and wait for that information to come to you.

    You have one of the premier bodybuilding shows in the world (The Mr.Olympia). It makes sense to come to a six-hour seminar, at this time, which will have all the information you need.

    Back in my day; if I had a choice of going to see a show at the Flamingo, or a bodybuilding seminar. Hey, I'm a bodybuilder and I know where my $100 is going. That's my sport, and I need to know how to get better.

    Not everybody's going to be going to the pre-judging, so there will be thousands of bodybuilders there. Save that $100. You would spend that in supplements anyway.

    Use that $100 to educate yourself. This is why we go to school. Bodybuilding is like a career for the pros. So, if you want to get educated, we are going to give that to you. That's what it's all about.

[ Q ] What does Dan Gastelu, your co-presenter, bring that will help people to achieve their goals?

    Dan brings his years and years of knowledge on nutrition to the table, which is very important. My expertise comes from the training part. I did learn about nutrition, but I had a lot of other people help me with that.

    I taught myself about the bodybuilding aspect of training. Dan has a special part. It is like a team, you have the straight guy and the funny guy. I'm delivering the other part: the facts about training and how you put everything together.

    As we all know Dave, 60-70-percent of everything you get from the gym derives from nutrition. Nutrition and training go hand in hand. So, it's obvious to have a guy who is an expert in training and one who is an expert in nutrition, so you can put it all together to get to where you want to be - a bodybuilding champion, or a football player, or a great basketball player, or a champion in any sport.

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    You Need To Have Experts In Both Training & Nutrition!

[ Q ] What are the biggest reasons someone should come to your super seminar on October 15?

    Dave, from the words of Pumping Iron,

    "If you're training hard, then your competition is probably training even harder."

    This relates to the seminar. While you are trying to gain an edge, and you are going to a show, perhaps the Mr. Olympia show. You are doing something else while the competition is going to the seminar, they will get there faster than you.

    When you come to Vegas those who have an extra $100 in their pocket, instead of gambling this money away on the craps table, gamble it on yourself. Invest it into your body.

    Get yourself the knowledge you need to become a champion. If you gamble, you might lose the $100. With the seminar, you won't lose anything, you will only gain. You are going to come out of this seminar learning something new about what you need to do to get to your goal.

[ Q ] Are there any more of these seminars planned?

    Yes, there is. I lived in Europe for three years, and I made some contacts. Right now I'm contacting magazine owners, gym owners all over Europe, and we are trying to set up a tour. We are currently in the planning stage.

    I like to make money just like anybody else, but to me it's not just all about the money. I have been a bodybuilder for 44-years, and often there wasn't a dime to be made. I did it because I loved it.

    Now there is an opportunity to make money, so I am giving back to these young guys who are out there now looking to become champions. But, I don't want them going overboard.

    I want them to get there the safest way possible. Longevity, to me, is the key in sport, especially in bodybuilding. It's not just about hit and miss.

    My intention when I first started competing wasn't just to be a winner in bodybuilding. I just wanted to look good all the time. I'll will be 59 this week coming up, and I feel great.

    This is an opportunity to show all the kids, and those in between, and even the baby boomers out there, this is the way it is. We can still look good; we can still make progress up until our later years.

    That's my answer to all these guys who would like to know what they are going to get out of the seminar, what its going to do for them. If they show up, they will find that its $100 dollars very well spent.

[ Q ] Other than nutrition, supplementation and training, what other information will be given. Anything on drugs in sport?

    On drugs we will try to stay away from the issue, but if people ask during the question and answer session, we will discuss them. During my day, and I won't tell these kids any lies, yes we took them (steroids), because they would think we were idiots if we sat there and said we didn't.

    They wouldn't believe anything else we had to say. We would like to try to educate people on that if they have any questions - the safety of it, how are you going to do it. It was legal back then as well. Today it's illegal. You can get yourself in a lot of trouble.

    There's one thing they always say in America,

    "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."

    We can guide these guys, and tell them about what goes on with steroids, but in the end, you have to make the decision about what you want to do with it. I would never tell someone not to do it.

    What I can do is just tell you about the problems you could get from them, what they can do for you, and what you could expect from them. But, if steroids made champions, if they were the total reason why guys were winners, guys would be winning all the time. With all the guys who take steroids, look at how many don't become champions.

    Steroids may be a push, but put it this way: genetics do play a big part in it. How willing you are to work. How smart you are. People often think if they take what the champions are taking, they to will become champions.

    That's not necessarily so. You may get big, but you may also get sick and die. I'm not bad-mouthing anybody in the business, we did it ourselves after all, but we need to ask ourselves a few questions.

    What is the real way to do it? You saw guys like Arnold, Larry Scott, and Steve Reeves. They didn't take a ton of steroids. They didn't look like the guys of today, but they still became champions in that era.

[ Q ] Any final words Bill.

    I will just say that when people read this article, I hope they think about what I said about that $100 being money very well spent.

    You could go to the casino. You might triple your money. You might double it. You might not win anything. You may lose even more, because you are becoming gung-ho.

    But, you're already there at an event you might want to participate in one day. Why not come in and get the knowledge of how to get there, what to do, and how long it's going to take. All the things you need to know on how to get there will be in this one seminar for $100.

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    Get The Knowledge You Need!

Dan Gastelu

As an expert on nutrition, Dan has guided some of the best personal trainers in the business, through the development of their course book and the ISSA's Specialist in Performance Nutrition certification.

As a dietary and supplement industry insider, Dan has also helped develop many nutritional products, which have proved beneficial for many champions on both, professional and amateur levels.

With the wealth of knowledge he has gained during his 30-years of extensive research into all aspects of nutrition science, Dan has gone on to author many popular books. Dan, like Bill, is authoritative, and sought after as a health and fitness expert.

[ Q ] Dan, who is this seminar designed for?

    The Nutrition and Training Super-Seminar is for people of all ages who want to their best in "bodybuilding", sports performance and general fitness.

    It's for people who want to know exactly what to do, but also to get the scientific background - made easy, to understand the why of what works best.

    The quotes around the word bodybuilding signify that we cover the big-picture bodybuilding lifestyle; great information for competitors, but also for all sports and optimum fitness.

    I started following the "bodybuilding" lifestyle in 1970, and live it every day. The same is true of Bill Grant. It is the healthiest way to live when you know how to do it correctly.

    To better understand who this seminar is designed for, I will review who attended the first Super-Seminar. Age wise, there were men and women from their teens to 50's.

    There were bodybuilders, power lifters, figure competitors, sport athletes, fitness trainers, and people who just wanted to know the best way to eat, supplement and train for fantastic results.

    They had many questions about nutrition and training. Knowing about what supplements to take was one of the biggest areas of interest.

    We designed the super-seminar to meet the needs of all people who exercise/train on a regular basis, and those who supervise them. Our guarantee is that after attending this all-day event, attendees will finally understand the best way to do their nutrition and training right.

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    Training & Nutrition Understanding:

[ Q ] Exactly what are you hoping to teach those who sign up for the seminar?

    First and foremost, we teach people to get the know-how behind the how-to, and learn and understand what nutrition and training approaches are best, based on scientific fact, not hyped fiction or gimmicks.

    Yes, there is plenty of misinformation, and the topics we cover during the super-seminar will demystify nutrition and training. The level of know-how people get from the seminar is beyond what most experts know; especially from the review of my Dynamic Nutrition Approach model.

    A short overview of how this Super-Seminar came to be will provide more details about why and what it is.I have been working in this field for 3 decades, including my position with the International Sports Sciences Association, as their director of Nutritional Sciences.

    Last year when the ISSA reprinted some of my articles on, I took the time to review the website in detail. I was so impressed at what I saw, regarding the vast content; training and nutrition tools; as well as the forums, I needed to meet the people behind this bodybuilding information masterpiece.

    So, about a year ago I contacted Ryan DeLuca, founder of, and met with him at his headquarters in Boise, Idaho. We have been working together on projects ever since, in our mutual pursuit to provide top quality information to people about training and nutrition.

The Headquarters: Behind The Scenes.
If you ever have wondered what it would be like to take a trip to Boise, Idaho to visit, well read on...
[ Click here to learn more. ]

    Then a few months ago during a lunch meeting with Ryan, we were discussing future article topics like the creatine super-feature, and the instructional articles with video clips.

    Introducing strategies, and posting the best information on for education, communication of ideas, and enjoyment. During our meeting, I spoke to Ryan about my fitness trainer seminars, and how even though we provide the students with comprehensive course materials, the seminars help the students to learn and they clear-up many issues for them, not easily accomplished from reading.

    Plus, a seminar provides a nice opportunity to discuss the newest nutrition and training science discoveries, and most importantly, they provide a forum to answer their many questions.

    Ryan then came-up with the idea to create a nutrition and training seminar that would be a "super-seminar" covering all the high quality information and instruction that fitness trainers, professional bodybuilders, and other elite athletes get, but is for everybody.

    So, as the trainer of fitness trainers, I took on this project working with Ryan and his team to create the ultimate nutrition and training super-seminar.

    Coincidentally, I just started working with Bill Grant on the Old-School Bodybuilding Series video clip training articles.

    From working with Bill on these articles, I knew he had much to offer from his 45 years experience bodybuilding, working as a master fitness trainer, and also because Bill also takes the scientific approach to nutrition and training.

    So, when we got back to the office after lunch, we called Bill to run the super-seminar concept by him, and he agreed to do it with me.

[ Q ] What makes your seminar unique, compared to other bodybuilding/fitness seminars?

    There is no comparison. The Nutrition and Training Super-Seminar is truly unique in its content and design. For example, only I can teach my Dynamic Nutrition Training approach model as the developer and copyright holder. Similarly, only Bill Grant can teach his modulated training approach. So, our super-seminar contains real proprietary information.

    In addition to this, from our combined experience, research and knowledge we can handle any topic in a scientific substantiated and personal experience way.

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    We Can Handle Any Topic!

    The seminar is all day, so we can teach people information and techniques that they can use for life. This goes well beyond the shorter show-and-tell seminars. So people who attend the seminar get the know-how and how-to.

    We also have a seminar book that contains the key information we teach, and also includes meal plans, food lists, and supplement programs that people can use ongoing.

    This Super-Seminar was designed to be much more comprehensive then the other seminars. It is also based on science, and what works best, in addition to experience. We have found that most people never reach their goals because they blindly follow someone else's program, without knowing how to design a program that is right for them. We teach people how to create a nutrition and training program that is right for them.

    Plus, we structured the seminar to have short breaks each hour to provide adequate time to answer questions and to work one-on-one with attendees. We have additional time during lunch for this, and at the end of the day. So in addition to the comprehensive know-how, and how-to, people get the chance for one-on-one attention.

[ Q ] What "hot topics" are you covering? What is hot in bodybuilding and fitness today, and will this information be covered in the seminar?

    In addition to the list of nutrition and training topics covered below, the really hot nutrition topics we discuss include what supplements really work, and which ones don't; what are the best anabolic foods to eat; and the new category of anti-anabolic foods and supplements you should avoid.

    Regarding training topics, we critically review the different training approaches that work best and, which popular, unscientific approaches to avoid, like the ones that promote training each body part only once a week or that use least effective exercises.

    Nutrition Topics

    You Will Learn All About Nutrition and Supplements for Bodybuilding, Sports and Fitness, Including:

    • Nutrition foundation planning.
    • The latest nutrition and supplement research developments.
    • About weight loss diets. (video clip 1)
    • Best supplements for muscle building.
    • Best supplements for fat loss.
    • Best supplements for peak performance.
    • Review of the top supplement ingredients.
    • Daniel Gastelu's Dynamic Nutrition Approach to Bodybuilding.
    • Sport Specific, & Performance Nutrition. (video clip 2)
    • Supplement combining techniques.
    • What vitamins and minerals work the best.
    • Good Carbs, Bad Carbs.
    • Good Fats, Bad Fats.
    • Good Proteins, Bad Proteins. (video clip 3)
    • Best foods to eat and why.
    • Foods to avoid and why.
    • Demystifying nutrition.
    • Anaerobic Bio-Energetics and the nutrition connection (video clip 4)
    • Foods and supplements for peak energy.
    • Foods and supplements for healing and recovery.
    • Meal timing and composition for best results.
    • Proven bodybuilding nutrition and supplement plans.
    • Essential Fatty Acids (video clip 5)
    • Macro-Nutrient modulation.
    • Mastering carb-loading .
    • Nutrition to get lean for looking good or to win bodybuilding
    • contests.
    • Body composition and the nutrition connection.
    • How to know what nutrition plan is best for you.
    • Nutrition for peak physical and mental performance.
    • Bill Grants bodybuilding nutrition and supplement secrets. (video Clip 6)
    • About Cheat Dieting (video clip 7)
    • Identifying and avoiding the anti-anabolic foods an supplements (some will surprise you, like saw palmetto.)
    • Water Intake (video clip 8)
    • Answers to your nutrition and supplement questions.
    • One-On-One nutrition and supplement program analysis.

    Weight (Resistance) Training Topics

    You Will Learn All About Weight Training for Bodybuilding, Sports & Fitness:

    • Bodybuilding and fitness weight training.
    • Intensity, Duration and Frequency Training principles.
    • Sets, reps, super-sets, compound-sets. (video clip 9)
    • The last rep.
    • Super-size your muscles.
    • Bill Grant's Modulated Training Approach for bodybuilding. (video clip 10)
    • Strength sport weight training.
    • Aerobics & bodybuilding (video clip 11)
    • How aerobics fits in.
    • Foundation building.
    • How to evaluate your training program for best results.
    • Best approach for year round training. (video clip 12)
    • The most recent scientific research developments about resistance training.
    • Demonstrations of weight training exercises. (video clips 13 & 14)
    • Free weight versus machines; what works best? (video clip 15)
    • Bill Grants Ultimate Bodybuilding Training Program.
    • Best exercises for each muscle group. (video clip16)
    • The Big 10 exercises you need to do all the time.
    • Motivation techniques. (video clip 17)
    • Fitness life planning.
    • Putting your training, nutrition and supplement program together
    • to get the best results you can.
    • Special session on posing techniques for bodybuilders.
    • Answers to your training questions.
    • One-On-One personal training demonstrations.

[ Q ] How long is the seminar?

    The seminar is all day long. During the 9 AM to Noon sessions, we cover information about nutrition and supplements, plus short Q&A breaks. During the noon to 1 PM lunch break, Bill and I stay in the seminar room for more Q&A and one-on-one instructions.

    The 1 to 4 PM sessions cover all aspects of resistance training, with Q&A breaks. Then from 4 PM to 5 PM or later, we end the seminar with a Q&A session until all the people attending the seminar get their questions answered and get input on their training and nutrition programs.

[ Q ] How do you feel you will personally help those in attendance? What specifically does Daniel Gastelu bring to the table?

    People who attend the seminar will learn how and why they should get their nutrition and training right. From my travels, I see most people are not getting the best results they should be getting. This includes everybody. The good news is, the nutrition and training mistakes most people are making are easy to fix.

    As a trainer of fitness trainers, I bring to the table all the nutrition and training knowledge and experience people need to get it right. As a fitness and dietary supplement industry expert, I also have the inside, behind-the-scenes information about training equipment and sports nutrition products.

[ Q ] What qualities does your co-presenter Bill Grant have, which will benefit the audience?

    Bill brings 45 years of bodybuilding experience, and decades of experience as a master fitness trainer.

    In addition to general nutrition and training topics, Bill has real world experience as a championship professional bodybuilder, and provides a wealth of information and inside tips for aspiring bodybuilders.

    Click To Enlarge.
    Real World Experience.

    Bill is also a practitioner of what he preaches, and at 58, still maintains a championship bodybuilder physique.

[ Q ] Other than the various topics covered, what else will the seminar include?

    The opportunity for people to work on-on-one with us to get their answers to their questions has proven to be very valuable. People also like the fact we take the time to review their nutrition and training programs, and provide instructional analysis on their weight lifting technique.

[ Q ] What would you like to say to those considering signing up, but who are still undecided?

    If you want to get the best results from the time and money invested in your nutrition and training program, then this is the one event you need to attend.

    At some point in their lives, most people find themselves saying,

    "If I only knew then, what I know now."

    Well, regarding nutrition and training, you will know everything you need now.

Las Vegas Nutrition & Training Super-Seminar.
The Super-Seminar is another first specifically created to help you to get the best results from your training efforts. We teamed up with two of Bodybuilding.coms popular featured experts, Bill Grant and Daniel Gastelu to create...
[ Click here to learn more. ]

In Conclusion

Clearly, it is in the best interests of anyone seeking to develop their body to the highest possible degree, that they become fully informed on all aspects of training and nutrition.

The super seminar will provide such an education, with the help of two of the most distinguished experts in their respective fields, Bill Grant and Dan Gastelu.

Bill and Dan's scientific approach, based on over 70-years of combined experience and results, will help bodybuilder and non-bodybuilder alike reach their full potential, in the shortest time possible.

All the facts, on all areas of training and nutrition are covered, making the super-seminar the most comprehensive of its kind, and mandatory for those who want the best from themselves. It is not too late. Order your tickets today, and live your dream of a new, and vastly improved, body.

When/Where Is The Super-Seminar?

    When: Saturday, October 15, 2005

    Time: 9 AM TO 5 PM

    Seminar Length: 6 Hours of intensive seminar/instructional/demonstration sessions: 9 AM to Noon - 3 hours of nutrition topics in the morning; Noon to 1 PM - lunch break with question and answer sessions and personal instructions; 1 PM to 4 PM - 3 hours of training topics in the afternoon; 4 PM to 5 PM question and answer sessions with personal instructions.

    Location: Las Vegas Hilton (next to the Las Vegas Convention Center), 3000 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109.

    Get The Word & Spread The Word!
    For A Printable Flyer About The Seminar Click Here!

After you pay for your tickets on, bring your email receipt to the seminar as proof of purchase. If you have any further questions, email Dan at