The Fitness Divas - Lea And Sara Waide

These Fitness Divas combine their sisterly rivalry, seductively good looks, and passion for dance to blow the lid off the glamorous world of Las Vegas and put a lid on all fitness competitions. Sara and Lea Waide are getting bigger in the fitness realm...
These Fitness Divas combine their sisterly rivalry, seductively good looks, and passion for dance to blow the lid off the glamorous world of Las Vegas and put a lid on all fitness competitions. Sara and Lea Waide are getting bigger in the fitness realm. Both possess stage presence from two girls living in the town of Vegas.

Both have high sights with a work ethic to achieve whatever opportunity arises between them. They both are so focused with the same goals in mind. Do they have what it takes to make it in tinsel town? Well, they sure have what it takes to make it in the fitness world, together and as individuals. Lea started weight training with the University of Tennessee Dance Team. She soon watched fitness competitions on TV and realized that she can do them too. Sara began her training as part of rehab program from knee-injury, which happened while dancing. Sara is 5'6 and Lea a smidge taller at 5'7. One sister is straightforward, passionate, competitive, adventurous, courageous and pioneering the other flirtatious, intelligent, a good communicator, active, clever and witty. One was once a professional dancer the other a member of a collegiate dance team. But, when you look at the two you can definitely see the differences in them, not just in appearance; but also in attitude. A great mixture for the overrun fitness industry full of simple individual acts. Both are currently utilizing their dance backgrounds and incredibly erotic good looks to heat up their place in the fitness market.

CS: OK. Ya ready? How did two sisters get hooked up working together in Las Vegas? I (Lea) was on the dance team at the University of TN, Knoxville (full scholarship) and Sara was working as a professional dancer overseas. I wanted to be a star and knew I needed to be somewhere that offered more opportunities. Sara had been traveling for the past three years and wanted to settle in the states for a while. Plus, she had always wanted to do a show in Vegas. So, when my spring break rolled around, my dad brought us out to Vegas to check it out. We were hooked and moved out 3 months later.

CS: Did you two grow up in Nevada? I was born in West Point, MS and Sara was born in New Orleans (my dad was in law school). We were both raised in West Point...Sara left home at an early age to go to a performing arts school, and I moved to Tennessee with my mom and step Dad when I was 12.

CS: I'm getting ahead of myself. Can you two tell a little bit about your selves? i.e.. you're height and weights, where you currently live and when you where born, that type of stuff for the people to get familiar with you two. Okay, I think I already answered most of this question...Sara is 5'6 and some and I am 5'7 and some. We don't weigh ourselves because the scale is evil. We moved to Vegas in June of 1998, and currently live in a great house about 20 minutes outside of Vegas in Henderson. I was born on March 27, 1978, which makes me an Aries...straightforward, passionate, competitive, adventurous, courageous and pioneering. Sara was born on May 31, 1976, which makes her a Gemini...flirtatious, intelligent, a good communicator, active, clever and witty. Anything else?

CS: Of course! So you're a Vol? Thank you for beating Florida. Do you two like doing all the Vegas show stuff? Do you think there will be a time when you'll both stop? We enjoy doing the Vegas show thing, but there is not really a show we want to do on the strip right now. Most of them are "showgirl" shows and we like doing jobs that are more demanding of our dance ability. Of course we will stop! Hello, nobody wants to watch to grandma's dancing around on stage!

CS: Depends if those two Grandmas are looking as hot as you two will look in your golden years.

CS: That's West Point Mississippi right? Why Vegas? I would assume you two could be very successful anywhere? Of course we can be successful anywhere, but not doing what we love which is performing and entertaining. Have you been to Mississippi? Well the common way of life there is that you go to college, get married, have kids, work a 9 to 5 job. Sorry, not our style.

CS: I like that "and some," and the scale is evil. Tell us a little about your workouts? Do you train together? We normally don't train together but my trainer, Rick Nelson, had to go out of town for a couple of months and Sara's trainer has been busy getting some of his clients ready for a show so we have been working out together. We train harder than anyone else in the gym...anyone that I have seen anyway. I made Monica Brant do legs with me one day. It was funny. You should ask her about it and we even took it easy on her.

CS: What are your future contests plans? Are you both going to do the same shows or be there for one another? We are both doing the NPC U.S.A.'s for sure. Past that, nothing is set.

CS: Can you tell us some of the shows you two have competed in? Since starting with NPC in 2000 we have done the Nevada State, Body Rock, U.S.A, and Nationals. Sara has also done the Sacramento.

CS: Why don't you workout together? I'm curious, is it a sibling thing or do you two train different? We are working out together now. But when we first moved here Sara and I didn't really even like each other, so we couldn't work out together. Of course, now we are really close so it is cool.

CS: Thanks ladies for talking to us here at, we will cross our fingers and pray for your doing well at the USA's and all your other future endeavors. So, make sure if you two open a place for choreographing routines out in Vegas you make sure you let us know about it because there are some that could benefit from all your experience and background in dance from the sisters of Fitness. Oh excuse me, The Fitness Divas!

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