An Easy-to-Follow Guide To Dieting And Training While Traveling!

If you are subjected to staying in hotel rooms and eating at restaurants, your fitness level can go down the drain in a matter of weeks. This article will give you the tips you need to keep and build that hard-earned muscle!

Let's face it, unless you're a pro bodybuilder that trains, eats and sleeps for a living, finding the time to get to the gym regularly and stay on a clean diet is difficult to do. For most, it can be a struggle to train hard and eat clean while juggling job and family commitments. And it becomes even more difficult if you are a road warrior.

If your job takes you on the road, and you are subjected to staying in hotel rooms and eating at restaurants, your fitness level can go down the drain in a matter of weeks. This article will give you the ideas and tips you need to make sure that your time on the road is well spent - maintaining and building new muscle.

The Diet

The most difficult part of being on the road is maintaining a clean diet. When most people are removed from their home kitchen, fast food establishments and restaurants become the go-to places for sustenance. Eating on the road becomes a matter of convenience, which can be detrimental to your health and fitness level.

When you initially arrive at your destination, your first stop should be a grocery store. You can pick up things like fruits, canned tuna or chicken, all-natural peanut butter and whole wheat wraps to snack on throughout the day. But most importantly, grab the biggest bottle of water you can find.


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The Traveling Athlete!
Consumption of foods based on cost and convenience, rather than nutritional value can eventually slow down athletes. Learn about what options are available to a traveling athlete
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Most grocery stores carry the gallon-sized water jugs. This way you can sip on water all day long and stay hydrated. To take this idea even further, try to get a hotel room that is equipped with a kitchenette so you can actually cook your meals. If you have a lunch or dinner meeting at a restaurant you can always go for a simple steak with veggies and brown rice or a sweet potato. Of course, in addition to whole foods, supplements and meal replacements can play a critical role while you're on the road.

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Pack Foods That You Will Be Able
To Snack On Throughout The Day.

If you are really pressed for time, choose a quick and easy option that will deliver what you need such as a MuscleTech Meso-Tech meal replacement shake or a Nitro-Tech Hardcore whey protein shake.

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These will give you the protein and other amino acids and nutrients you need to keep your body in an anabolic state, ensuring that your muscles don't break down while on the road. But for the ultimate in convenience, Nitro-Tech whey protein is also available in bars and ready-to-drink cans that you can throw into your bag or briefcase before you leave your hotel room - this will guarantee you proper sustenance in any situation.


As far as training goes, hotel gyms typically lack any "real" equipment and usually only have some cardio machines, light dumbbells and maybe a cable station. In no way should this deter you from getting in a training session.

Try doing some high-rep exercises with the dumbbells and cables and perform some body weight exercises like push-ups and sit-ups. Try supersets and interval training by incorporating a treadmill into the mix. Changing up your workout on the road will be a nice change of pace, and by hitting muscles differently, you will stimulate new muscle growth.

The key to working out on the road is to adapt and improvise. For someone who trains regularly using heavy free weights, compound exercises and hammer strength machines, switching up your workout will do you some good.

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Switching Up Your Workout Will Do You Some Good.

If you don't want to detour too far from your regular training, you can always check out some local gyms in the area and get a day pass, or even better, tell them that you are interested in joining but would like to try it out first. This should get you a free workout or two. Also, check with your hotel because they might have special guest rates or free passes to give you for any commercial gyms in the area.


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Workouts On The Road!
Are you a road warrior and find that your workouts and diets are going down the toilet? This article will give you some ideas and tips on how to make your travels more fitness oriented.
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If you are consistently traveling to the same city, speak to a gym manager about any special corporate rates or memberships or ask your company to set something up with a special pay-as-you-go deal.


The final component to making sure that you build, maintain and, most importantly, don't loose any muscle is rest - and plenty of it. When on the road, one might be tempted to check out the local strip, knock back a few and stay up late. This can take a toll on the body and be damaging to muscle growth. So make sure you still get your six to eight hours of sleep a night.

How Many Hours Do You Sleep During The Night?

Less Than 4
4 - 6
6 - 8
8 - 10
More Than 10

Following these diet and training tips while you are on the road will help to ensure that you are putting your body in the right environment for muscle growth and recovery while not sacrificing your gains at any time.