Speed Development For High Hurdlers!

Like all sprinters I also need to continue developing speed and endurance. Today I am going to be showing you a great workout which is commonly referred to as the ' 8 1/2 drill.' Learn more about this successful workout right here!

Like all sprinters, I need to continue to develop my speed and sprint endurance. One of my goals for the upcoming track season is to improve my overall open 200-meter dash time.

Speed Development For High Hurdlers

While I will do a lot of open track work, I will also do a lot of speed work over hurdles in order to improve my open time.

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Dexter Prepares For Relay.


    The effect of hurdling, in conjunction with sprinting, will improve your posture (body mechanics), speed-endurance and sprint dynamics (like preventing deceleration).

8 1/2 Drill

    One of the most effective hurdle workouts for this involves running 5-6 hurdles in what is commonly referred to as an "8 1/2 drill." It's called an "8 1/2 drill" because the hurdles are set 8.5 meters apart (instead of the usual 10 meters).

    This workout should be done during the competitive season, since it is a pure speed workout. The objective of this workout is to develop speed and quickness over the hurdles.

8 1/2 Drill Video:
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The Focus Of The Workout

    The focus is on two important areas:

    1. A quick "cut step" with the lead-leg will allow you to run off the hurdle efficiently.

    2. Quick steps between the hurdles so you will reach optimum efficiency when approaching the next hurdle.

Performing The Workout

  • First, set the hurdles one notch below your race height. This will allow you to focus on proper hurdle technique while running over the hurdle.

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  • Second, move each hurdle in approximately 1 1/2 meters. Because the hurdles are closer together, you will be forced to move your feet quicker when running between the hurdles. But, that's the whole idea behind the workout!

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As you continue to practice this drill, your body will adapt itself to a "quick-step" rhythm between the hurdles. This will ultimately lead to faster times because you will be truly "running hurdles".

Bonus Exercises

High Knee Lifts:

  1. Start in a "hips tall" position.
  2. Alternating legs, drive knees as high as possible.
  3. Gradually increase pace from walking to jogging.

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High Knee Lifts.

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Bleacher Run:

  1. Run up and down bleachers.

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Bleacher Run.

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