The Important Role Of Natural Foods!

There is a particular body of research by two nutritional pioneers which provides some amazing insight into just how important raw, unprocessed foods are to our overall health. Learn more about them right here!

Time and time again you have heard nutritional experts tell you just how important raw and/or unprocessed natural foods are to your diet. While you probably know they play a role in maintaining your overall good health, you may not be as familiar with just how significant a role they play.

There is a particular body of research by two nutritional pioneers which provides some amazing insight into just how important raw, unprocessed foods are to our overall health. Additionally, it offers solid research findings regarding just how detrimental substituting raw foods with refined, processed food products can be to our general health and well-being.

-> Dr. Weston A. Price:

    Dr. Weston A. Price was a dentist in the early 1900's that made a startling discovery. After years of research and touring the world studying the eating habits of indigenous populations, he was able to conclude that as processed foods were introduced into a particular culture, general health began to deteriorate.

    Just as the eyes are said to be the windows to the soul, Dr. Price believed that the teeth were the windows into our bodies. By looking at the condition of a subject's death in correlation with their diet, he was able to determine their overall health.

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Dr. Price Believed That The Teeth
Were The Windows Into Our Bodies.

    Those individuals with cavities and poor teeth often were those that had a diet made up largely of refined processed foods. Those with strong, healthy teeth often exhibited good general health and ate diets rich in raw foods.

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-> The Meat Study:

    Another early nutritionist named Dr. Francis Pottenger, Jr. conducted ten years of research on cats that culminated in a report titled the "Meat Study."

    His research found that cats fed a diet of 30 percent raw and 70 percent cooked meat were unable to maintain good health. Those fed a diet of 50 percent raw and 50 percent cooked were able to just get by, while those feed a diet of 100 percent raw meat thrived and experienced good health. Like Price, he was able to establish a clear connection between a diet rich in cooked refined foods and skeletal deformities.

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-> Avoiding Skeletal Deformities:

    What can you do to increase your chances of avoiding skeletal deformities and general poor health? Start by:

    • Incorporate more raw foods into your diet. At least one third of your diet should come from raw food sources.
    • Focus on eating more locally grown, seasonal foods and avoid processed foods.
    • Try to incorporate more fermented foods like vinegar, sauerkraut, kefir and cultured veggies into your diet. Fermented foods are rich in enzymes that help you more easily digest processed foods.
    • Consume more healthy fats such as omega-3 fats from animal sources, and reduce the amount of omega-6 fats like those found in vegetable oils.

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-> Raw Foods:

Raw Food Sources
Food Calories Protein Carbs Fat Details
Egg 149 34% 3% 61% [ VIEW ]
Chicken 110 84% 0% 10% [ VIEW ]
Chicken breast 172 48% 0% 48% [ VIEW ]
Apples 59 1% 103% 5% [ VIEW ]
Broccoli 28 43% 75% 11% [ VIEW ]
Mushrooms 25 46% 65% 12% [ VIEW ]
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