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Training this week wasn't spectacular. We still had a third training with us and causing our workouts to go longer by talking. I'll have to control this in the coming week. I did do some impressive stuff this week. We didn't do legs this week, instead we did upper body all this week(chest, shoulders, arms, and back). On the DB bench press, I did the 150s for two sets of six reps. This was something I've been wanting to do since I saw a powerlifter a few years back did these(150s) for 8 to 10 reps and then I saw him do incline bench press with 120s for the same amount of reps.

I had it in my mind that I wanted to do what he did someday and now it has happened. A few weeks back, I did 100s on the incline bench press really easy for 12 reps, so I know doing 120s is within reach. Arm day was ok. Our biceps and triceps were pumped. We went back do doing decline close-grip bench presses this week only. Oh, and on the bench press, I ended my last set doing 335 for 3 reps again(using the MPO method).

Then we did two death sets following that. On Friday, we did back instead of legs, but I damn sure didn't feel it(except in my upper back). Again, there was lots of talking and I have to talk to my training partner about this so that he can stay on track too. Although, I did do 705 on the Rack Deadlifts, but I could tell that wasn't ready for it. Next week, I may take a break from these so that I can come back stronger.

I'm still on my supplement schedule. I'm taking Hydroxycut twice a day now and starting monday i'm taking the regular recommended dosage, three caps a day. I've already sent off for another case of nitrotech and as far as i can tell, the stack including the amino caps during the workout, people have been asking me this "are you getting ready for a show?". This tells me that the muscle mass is packing on and the fat mass is coming off. I'll be glad when I can get my training partner on this stack.

I also came up with 5 new training methods that I'm going to use this week. As for competing this year, I plan on doing a bench competition later on this year. I can't wait to see where my bench is as well as my physique. Also, my website is being moved due to problems with my current hosting and I'm also making plans on getting a new laptop as well. With all this going on, it will be next month until I can get my new website going. You can visit the current one, but it won't be updated until then.

I also would like to mention one this, I would like to thank two of my favorite natural bodybuilders, Ron Harris ( Jeff Willet( Looking at their training progress everyday has motivated me to get into the gym myself. Take a look at these guys pages and you'll see what I mean. Well, that's it for this week. Take a look at my new articles. Oh, and I'm sending off for pictures this week( pics that were taken back in april before the stack). Until then, stay big!!!

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