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Well, this was another good week in the books. We changed up the exercises again and maybe added a new training method to fusion training. The MPO method is tough on the bench, I ended up doing 315 for 3 on the last set. I'll try to go up on all four sets by 10 pounds this monday. Jon did the same with 265, so I'll go up on him as well.

We went back to DB bench press and for the first time I did 135 for two sets, one set at five and the following at six. Jon did 115(the most I've seen him do) and did both sets at six reps...I think he's ready for 125s if the 120s aren't there. Shoulders went ok, but my shoulder have more strength than size. I tried to do shoulder press (dumbbells) super-slow but after barbell shoulder presses, they weren't easy. 70's made me look weak, but you try it and you'll see what I mean.

Jon was feeling the same on shoulder (I envy his shoulders, though). On Tuesday, Rack Deadlifts were actually challenging for me. I did up to 645 for 3 reps(using the MPO method) and Jon did impressively good at 355 for 3 reps on his final set. My sets went like this..595-605-635-645 and Jon's was at..295-305-315-355. After we worked back, we went to traps and did 50-reps on Barbell Shrugs and then 50-reps on DB shrugs. My traps were sore!!

Arms were up on Thursday and first up were DB curls(heavy) followed by preacher curls(with the preacher bench up high!). After preacher curls, my arms were screaming and then did 100-rep concentration curls. WOW!!! Then we did close-grip bench press using a new method--Blitz-Pump method. Lets just say that after we did these, Jon's face was turning red(and it takes a lot do that do him!!) and after seeing that, I know that's what I needed for my bench press.

After we annihilated my tris', we went to forearms. Used the Blitz-Pump method on Hammer Curls(alternating) and those did the same damage close-grip bench press did on our triceps. Then Friday, we did bench press for 3 sets of 15 to start out with and then did the Blitz-Pump Method on Squats. Just so you all know what that is, you start your first set doing 15 reps, second set at 10 reps, but increasing the weight by 10lbs., third set at 15 reps, decreasing the weight by 20lbs., then the fourth set at 20 reps, decreasing the weight 10lbs. more. Me and Jon were both doing great(because we both were sweating).

Leg Press were done super-slow and me and Jon did them really deep on them. Finished the quads off with 50-rep hack squats. Then we did high-rep leg curls and calf raises and were finished. This was a good week considering that I'm off this weekend for the first time since I've started my new job. I've also got my nitro-tech, cell-tech, and Hydroxycut friday and will start using them on monday. Here's how my supplement schedule will work out like this:

MORNING: Nitro-tech , Cell-tech and Hydroxycut
AFTERNOON (before workout): Nitro-tech and Hydroxycut
AFTERNOON (after workout): Cell-tech
EVENING: Nitro-tech

This will change later to something like this:

MORNING: Nitro-tech, Cell-tech, and Hydroxycut
AFTERNOON (before workout): Nitrotech and Hydroxycut
EVENING: Nitrotech

I'll stick with this for about eight weeks and see what happens. If everything works out, I might be gettin a bigger bench. Well, if you have any questions, email me at Until next time, stay big!! "strength & honor"

Curtis D.
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