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Training this week was better than it has been. Ever since last week, I feel that my motivation is coming back. I guess since I decided to do a meet this month, depends if work lets me off for it! Also, reading about Ryan Kennelly and Scot Mendelson also got me motivated to boot.

On the bench, I did 335 for 4 sets of 2 reps and Jon did 295 for the same. Even though I had chalk on my back, I got 335 for more reps than I did before. We then went onto to the incline bench where I did 315 on my last set for 3 reps and Jon did 245 for 3 on his last set. We progressively went up every set until the last set. Later we did DB Shoulder press where I did 100s for 5 sets for 4-8 and Jon did 80s for the same. The rest between sets were minimal so I did mine first and then Jon did his.

We went onto plate raises where me and Jon did 70 reps with 45s. Jon really pushed me on these, so hard that my shoulders were sore the next day. On Tuesday, we started out with some good mornings for the lower back and then went to pull-ups as a warm-up for the pulldowns. I did 15 reps again at 258 which surprised me and Jon did 15 reps himself, but not consecutively. He's working on it.

Jon has trouble keeping his legs behind him when he does these. After going heavy on hammer strength pulldowns, we went to seated rows for 5 sets heavy as well. Then we used the 6-6-6 method on Barbell Shrugs and did a death set with 225. We finished the workout with DB Shrugs. On Arms, we've been alternating between a bicep and a tricep exercise to try something new. We did preacher curls and close-grip bench first.

I did 315 for 7 reps for the first time with that weight which told Jon that I was holding back....and I agree. But I knew now that benching 400 or more was possible since I did 315 on close-grip. We went heavy on preacher curls as well. Then we did incline curls and pushdowns next followed by DB Holds and Rope Hammer Curls. On Friday, we started with mid-bench press working the lower half of the bench. I did 225 for 3 sets of 15 and Jon did 200 for the same.

Our goal here was to do these fast and explosively. We then went to the flat-bench and did a death set with half-reps and another death set with full-reps. Me and Jon felt a big difference in these when we did the full-reps. I did 225 for 20 reps, which was my goal, and Jon did 185 for 20 reps as well. I read the Ronnie Coleman does 225 for 20-50 reps in training so I decided to make sure I did 20 reps with 225. We went to leg press, but we did these wider than normal and I felt stronger doing it this way.

I managed to work up to 20 plates for a set of 6 after three sets. Jon's knee was still bothering him, but doing it wide didn't effect him, but still he wants to be careful for a while. Then we did a new exercise called modified machine squats. These really hit the quads well. Jon was careful on these and worked up to 185 for 4 reps and I did 315 for 4 reps rather easily.

I can see these helping my explosion out of the bottom on full squats. After that we did 150-calf raises where we did calf raises from three different positions just by turning the feet in, out, and normal. My calves are sore from that and I would like to do those again. Like I said this week's training was great.

I spoke to Wes Kampen, publisher of Monstermuscle Magazine, just to get back in touch with him and we discussed training and what it was like to be hanging out with Ryan Kennelly, the monster bencher. Hearing what he had to say about him got me motivated to doing a meet either this month or come February.

If you haven't check out Ryan's site, check out at . I also found by luck Scot Mendelson's site at . If you were to ask me who are the best of my favorites I would say Blakely, Mendelson, and Kennelly. J.M is to have a site up at, but its not up yet so stay tuned!! And check out and check out the magazine. Wes even has subscribers here at wonder who?

In a few weeks, I'll let you guys in three new training methods that you can try out. Also, if you don't know already MXOnline has arrived and its membership only too. There you have access to Max Fusion training methods, articles, background images for motivation and lots more. Well, until next time, stay big.

Curtis D.