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The philosophy of this system is one thing... building muscle.
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Sorry for the two week layoff, but I had to revise the list of MX techniques and use the ones that I know will work. I also revised the bench program one more time and I know this time it will be the smart way of doing it. I'm also thinking about doing a bench competition next month. I'll let you know more coming next week, but after hearing about Ryan Kennelly's 800 bench, its gotten me motivated on doing a meet.

I also have a chance at making a bench record. On Monday, Bench was great. I did 320 for 4 sets of 3 reps with mininal rest between sets. Jon did 275 for 4 sets of 3 reps for the same. I think that the cell-tech is kicking in for him and its interesting how it will effect someone with a fast metabolism. We did Decline Bench for the first time in a long while. I did 225 for 6 which was extremely easy for me, but it was enough for Jon. Something told me to go up...waaay up!! I went up as heavy as 335 for 2 reps.

I was amazed at how much my strength had progressed on these from not doing them. I guess that's the beauty of the Max Fusion Training system. Jon went up as heavy as 255 for 2 reps which was more than I could do when I first started training. We did Pec Deck then Hammer Strength Shoulder press for 6 sets. We'll have to go up on these since I did 4 plates(total) and Jon did 2 plates and 2 35s. Then we finished off with Barbell Shoulder Presses with the 6-6-6 method. Tuesday, I was solo doing back and traps. I went back to doing floor deadlifts.

I went up to 500 for 3 reps and then dropped to 455 for a set of 4 and a set of 6. My back was sore up to this past was a good thing to do. I plan on doing deadlifts every four weeks, so the next time I go up on these. Then I did pull-ups as a warm-up for lat pulldowns. I did 15 reps at a bodyweight of 258... i thought that this was amazing to me.

Then I did muscle-rounds with 315 and then went up to 365 and ended the workout with machine shrugs(12 plates total) for three sets of 10 reps. On Thursday, We started off with Barbell Curls alternating with Tricep Extensions. Again, we'll have to go up on these to make it tougher on us. Then we did Cable Curls and Decline Close-Grip Bench. Me and Jon together did 315 for 3 reps on these which was a good breakthrough.

We finished the workout with Hammer Curls and Wrist curls. Friday was solo again doing legs. I first did bench lockouts with 365 for 10 sets of 2-3 reps with about a minute rest between sets. Again, I was surprised by how much my strength progressed. Then I did Rack Squats to focus on my explosion strength. I started with 375 and worked up to 395. My legs are stronger than I thought..I'll have to go up on these up to 405.

I finished the workout with leg extensions and leg curls. I remember saying back a few weeks ago that my confidence was down and now I think that its coming back up after this week. I feel real confident about my benching strength and I feel that I could do 425 or 430. Also, I would like to announce MXOnline, its a training site for the Max Fusion System.

The website will be done through membership and its $11.99 for 6 months and $6.99 for 3 months. Go to and find out what you can get with your membership. Also, if you haven't read already, I'm about 258 (could be 259 now) and I'm borderline 260. I plan of getting off Cell-tech for a while and just take Nitro-tech and Z-Mass PM for a while. Well, as always stay big and I'll catcha later!

Curtis D.