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The philosophy of this system is one thing... building muscle.
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WEEK OF APRIL 15, 2002

When I started this week, I had an urge to do legs in a way that wasn't normal for me. Training for this week went great, especially on Monday. On Monday, I benched 335 for three sets of four reps and yes I won't stop until I've done 3 sets of 6 with this weight. Jon did 265 for 3 sets of 4, which meant that was his weight. Then, instead of going to wide-chest press, we went to the iso-bench on the hammer strength and it kicked out butts. I did 315 for one muscle-round and then went down to 295 for the last muscle-round. Jon did 275 which seemed comfortable for him. We couldn't do DB shoulder press because someone was hogging the bench, so we went to hammer strength machine press. 225 for me was good for the first muscle-round and then the second came and it got tough. Jon had the same deal with 205. Can't wait to go back to DB shoulder presses next week.

Then we did our bent-over lateral raises a little different. Instead of doing them palms inwards, we did them with palms outwards. We missed Tuesday because Jon's knee swelled up after it locked up on him. We resumed the week with arms on Thursday. We did some heavy DB curls. I did 70s for 3 sets of 6 which means I go up and Jon did 55 for three sets of five. Then we did barbell curls for a muscle-round followed up by machine curls. Then it was rack-close-grip bench where I did 315 (really easy for the first two sets)for two sets of 6 reps and then the last set for 4 reps. I couldn't believe how strong I was getting on these. Jon made some gains on this too. He did 295 for two sets of 6 and then went up to 305 and does another 6 reps on it. We finished arms with pushdowns, dips, and high-rep hammer curls to pump up the forearms.

And yes, Friday was legs. First we did mid-rack bench press, which we haven't done in a while and is great for increasing the strength of your lower-half of the bench press. I did 225 for one muscle-round and then Jon decides to go up on me to 245, which is where I will be staying. Jon however felt comfortable at 225 and will go up next week. Then I did some rack squats to try and improve my explosion strength in the upper half of my squat since my depth is there. I did 315, 405, and then 455 for 6 reps each. I probably go for 500 on these next week and see how I do then. Then it was the leg press where I loaded it up to 720 then felt strong enough for 900 for 6 reps. My leg felt great. Then at the request of my partner, We did some cable curls and reverse triceps pushdowns just because it was Friday. That ended our week.

Hopefully, we can resume a normal schedule next week. I also feel that I'm starting to gain strength on all of my lifts. Just wait until I decide to train for a meet, then we will see the results then. Well, until next week, stay big!