Ripped Fusion Training Course Part 3: Tips For Motivation!

Thus far, I've given you a great workout and this week the workout changes and I've also given you the diet and supplementation tips for you to formulate a diet and supplement program.

Congrats!! You've made it this far now lets see if you can hang in there for the next two weeks. Thus far, I've given you a great workout and this week the workout changes and I've also given you the diet and supplementation tips for you to formulate a diet and supplement program. I know taking the amino acids or BCAA's during your workout may be much, but you'll like the muscle mass increase in time. This week we'll discuss the tips needed for motivation.


Motivation is harder to come by as you training longer. Beginners have all the motivation. being like their favorite bodybuilder or admiring their freakish development. More advanced lifters find motivation difficult because they've been at it for a long time. I can vouch for this and the only thing that keeps me going to my desire to be the strongest power lifter of all time. But on "lazy" days, this isn't enough. What do you do?? Well, a few things. The obvious is getting some pictures of your favorite bodybuilder or power lifter...whether off the internet or out of a magazine.

Then post them near your bed..why?? Because its where your begin and end your day. For instance, post them facing you so that when you get up in the morning, you see your motivation and at the same time see your purpose for getting up early and/or going to the gym. If you have a training partner, have him do the same. Be sure to change up the pics when you get used to them. Another way to be motivated, is to take a magazine with you to the gym before you training.

Referring Back To Your Motivation

This way on the way to the gym, you can look at your favorite magazine with your favorite bodybuilder in it and that can get your motivated or looking a bodybuilder that's doing a particular body part that your working on in the gym. Another way of motivation is what I'm currently using. There are lots of websites out there that are personal bodybuilding site. So visit that site often and send e-mails about your progress in the gym. This is what I do from time to time with amateur bodybuilders Jeff Willet and Ron Harris. Hey, you can even do that with the athletes I have posted at my web site.

They don't necessarily have to be amateur or professional at all, they can be the same age as you, bench the same as you, anything!! This can really push you in the gym. Even talking to them online will help as well. It sure help me. Another way of motivation is posting your progress on the net like I have recently. This way people can see how your training and it almost like your being watched and its forcing to do better. This always helped me.

Taking Progress Pictures

One last thing for motivation, is taking progress pictures from time to time and comparing them. I have hundreds of pictures and so when I look back on those pictures, I realize how far fusion training has brought me and it motivates me to go further. Now, I hope you give these a try. Oh and one more tip on motivation...and it may sound cheesy, but its the best source of motivation. Start wearing "form fitting" clothes. This doesn't mean tight clothes, it can just be a shirt. If you worked hard for it in the gym, show it off in public. You'd be surprised on how many compliments you will get and how much that it transforms into motivation.

The workout this week had changed. That's the point of fusion training, is constant change. I've changed a few exercises or I've changed the way a particular exercise is done. This should be a welcomed change after two weeks. The methods are still the same, just being used on new exercises. Here's the workout below:

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Bench Press - (M.P.O. Method)
DB bench press - (max-ot)
Cable crossovers - (100-reps)
Front shoulder press - (blast singles)
DB shoulder press - (super-slow/failure)
Bent-over lateral raises - (100-reps)

* upper abs (100-reps)


Rack deadlifts - (max-ot method)
Behind-the-neck pulldowns - (maximum pump)
Cable rows - (super-slow/failure)
Machine rows - (50-reps)
DB or machine shrugs - (100-drop; x-rep)

* lower abs (100-reps)


Squats - (mpo method)
Leg press - (super-slow/failure)
Hack squats - (100-reps)
Standing leg curls - (50-reps)
Seated calf raises - (100-reps)

* upper abs (100-reps)


DB curls - (mpo method)
Preacher curls - (maximum pump)
Concentration curls - (50-reps)
Rack close-grip bench press - (blast singles)
DB tricep extensions - (maximum pump)
Pushdowns - (100-reps)
Hammer curls - (100-reps)

* obliques (100-reps)

Click Here For A Printable Version Of This Workout

As you see, there isn't that many of 50-reps being used, but 100-reps is new, but they are one in the same. 100-reps may seem overwhelming, but they are not that tough..I know easier said than done!! But trust me, doing these type of training techniques will help your endurance which in turn help with increasing your strength. Cool huh!! Well, this week's training course is in the books and I hope you all are like fusion training. Be sure to take advantage of the 50% off sale continuing next week until next saturday. Its only $11.99 and trust me its well worth the money. If you want to post your progress on my site or just have any question about fusion training, email me at Until next week, stay big!!

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