Hybrid Training Course: Phase 3!

Fusion training is beyond High-Intensity because of the fact it manipulates so many factors. For one, the rest periods are manipulated. Most of the techniques in the training allow 10-to-15 second rest which is to allow an increase in muscularity.
Fusion training is beyond high-intensity, because of the fact that it manipulates so many factors. For one, the rest periods are manipulated. Most of the techniques in the training allow 10-to-15 second rest, which is to allow an increase in muscularity (muscular endurance). This is more than likely to be used in the next training program. But for muscle mass increase, the rest would be up to 30-60 seconds (hypertrophy). And for strength and power increase, the rest would have to be from 1-3 minutes (maximum strength). I guaranteed you that the fusion training uses all three types of rest periods. But the training goes farther than that.

In training, we use three types of energy systems. The first system is called CP-ATP. CP meaning creatine phosphate. This system allows for quick bursts of energy in the window of 0-10 seconds. This system is powered by stored glucose in muscles. This is where most of your energy is used during a workout. The next one is the Glycolitic system. This one uses a kind of sustaining energy after your CP-ATP is gone in the window of 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Carbohydrates are used in this system, which is the reason for carb drinks. To give you an idea, runners who do the 400-meter dash use this system while sprinters may use the CP-ATP system. The last system is aerobic. This system is obvious. It's used in the window of more than two minutes. This system uses fats and carbohydrates. This is the system that most athletes try to stay in.

Now, you're probably asking yourself why the physiology lesson? Well, fusion training (hybrid training) uses all three of the systems as it relates to the rest being taken. Think about it. If your doing 10 sets of three reps on the bench press, but those three reps have to be explosive and your rest has to be 2 minutes, you're definitely going to use the CP-ATP system for the quick burst of energy and also use the maximum strength rest period to regenerate glucose in your body. Another example, if you're doing 25 reps on the bench press, you're going to use the third system more and if it's going to be more than one set, you can expect the rest to be minimal, so the muscular endurance rest period will be used.

The Three Cycles

Wait. There's more. There are three cycles that your body uses to produce acids. Two of them are under the Glycoysis cycle. The cycle uses carbohydrates in the beginning. The cycle branches off into two sub-cycles, anaerobic and aerobic. The anaerobic cycle produces lactic acid ... we all know what that is. Your body goes into this cycle because of the lack of oxygen. The two energy systems above also doesn't use oxygen (CP-ATP & Glycolitic). Quick bursts of energy causes your body to quickly go into the anaerobic cycle, which is to say that the product of intensity is lactic acid. The second sub cycle is the aerobic cycle. This cycle uses oxygen and produces pyretic acid. Now at this point, if carbs AND fats are present, your body will proceed into aerobic-glycoysis cycle to produce 38 ATP, but if only fats are present, it will proceed into another cycle called Beta oxidation cycle. This cycle uses fats as a source of energy. When fats are used they are converted to their simplest form ... fatty acids. By the end of the cycle they will produce 144 ATP (LOTS OF ENERGY!). Now, how do you know when your body uses what system? Well in order for your body to pass into the beta oxidation cycle, your body has to be in training for more than 20 minutes. By that time, carbs would have been used up and your body can use fats as energy. Fusion training sessions are guaranteed to last up to 90 minutes. Fusion training utilizes all of the cycle above because of the techniques used in training uses a different type of system.

50 - Reps method ------ Anaerobic-Glycoysis Cycle
2 - 6 method ----- Aerobic-Glycoysis Cycle or Betaoxidation

Fusion does a lot that I didn't even know back when I founded the training system. But once I figured out what it was really doing, then I became excited about it. The combinations in this training are endless and that Fusion Training is the "fusion" of training concepts with other training concepts. The basic premise of this training began with the "fusion" of bodybuilding concepts with power lifting concepts. And trust me, this training is worth trying which is the reason for the online programs. Through this training you can gain several strengths including speed strength, explosive strength, functional strength, maximum strength, and muscular endurance. Fusion training uses several factors like exercise selection, exercise sequence, exercise speed, exercise sets, exercise range, exercise progression, exercise resistance, exercise repetition and exercise frequency. This is why the combinations are endless folks. Well, that's it for this training program, I would like to hear your progress on this short program.

Hybrid Training - "Hybrid Training for Maximum Results!"