The Lift (A Poem).

Do you bodybuild and love poetry? Curtis Dennis's poem on lifting is a must!

"The adrenaline is flowing and coursing through your veins in your body
as you prepare yourself for the lift,
you see now a monstrous weight as your enemy,
all you can do for 10 seconds is look at it.

Lifting Chalk
Lifting Chalk.
Keep Your Hands Dry And Grip Secure!

You lay on the bench,
your moist hands grasp the chalked bar
you take a deep breath
and you take another, nervously
now it's just you and this weight, that wants to crush you
with your shoulder blades in and chest out, you prepare to lift.

The weight is off the bar
as you bring it to your chest, you know the weight has done its job.

Now it's your turn.

As you're pushing, your chest is squeezing tightly
your legs are nailed to the floor by the weight
you continue pushing the weight up - but it stops.

But you continue to push for everything now, you can't stop.

The weight begins to move again - but this time faster
and faster,
and faster,
Your partner helps you guide the weight to the bar
The weight is on the bar.

You get up from the bench
your chest is tight
but you did it, you beat the weight
and you walk victorious!"

Curtis Dennis Jr.

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