How To Stick With It

Read the muscle magazines for the info, not for the pics. Don't be afraid to apply the knowledge in everyday training and dieting.

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  • When motivation starts to waver think back on why you started.
  • Find a person with a realistic physique to aim for.
  • Remember to set short term goals for that sense of achievement.
  • Once again, you need more to continue gaining and gaining. It goes to a mental thing. Right now, you have a certain motivation to start training hard but once you hit a plateau, that motivation could stall or cease altogether. This is where you would separate the men from the boys. There are several ways to do this. First, you have to know why you're training. Discover or rediscover your reason for working out in the first place. This will increase your motivation and help you stay on track. Second, maintain the passion. You have to take great pride in what you do, be proud of it. When you wear those "baby tees," you should be proud of what you do and why.

    Firing Up Motivation!
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    Firing Up Motivation!
    Does your significant other ask you why you have to go to the gym several nights per week? Don't worry, you aren't alone.
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    One way to maintain the passion is find a "realistic" physique of someone you envision yourself as looking like. With this, it keeps you extremely motivated. Become a student of bodybuilding and weight training. Read the muscle magazines for the info, not for the pics. If you read the info, you just might be in the magazine in the future. Don't be afraid to apply the knowledge to everyday training and dieting.

    Try Reading Magazines For Their Info And You May End Of Featured In Them Yourself.
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    Try Reading Magazines For Their Info And
    You May End Of Featured In Them Yourself.

    Focus on yourself. Don't lose yourself in a pro's routine. If you do, you're definitely headed for failure. You need to follow a "realistic" routine. Set specific goals. Make sure they are "realistic" though. For instance, if you want to lose 10 pounds and gain 5 pounds of muscle, that's achievable. What isn't achievable, is wanting to lose 50 pounds and gain 50 pounds of muscle. Remember, be realistic!

    Set daily goals. This goes back to being "realistic". For example, if you want to do 70 lbs on the Dumbbell Bench, then set yourself to do it. Don't set yourself to doing 150 pounds, when you know you aren't even close right now. Use imagery. Visualize yourself in the future. This usually works so don't wear it out. You can also set yourself to be totally focused before doing a set. When you do, you can master the level of intensity.

    Are The Goals You Set Realistic?

    Yes But They Take A Lot Of Effort.
    Yes Very Reasonable.
    Yes But I Go Too Easy On Myself.
    Not Always But I'm Motivated By A Missed Goal.
    No I Never Reach My Goals.

    Keep a log. You can chart your progress this way. Once you see yourself improving your numbers, you'll gain lots of motivation from there. And finally, have fun. This is something you enjoy doing and you want to have fun.

    Now there is a thing I use called "chain of focus" which helps to point you in the right direction. First, you have to be inspired. What inspires you? Once you discover that, then use it as your inspiration.

    What's Your Inspiration For Lifting?
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    What's Your Inspiration For Lifting?
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    Second, you have to be motivated. What motivates you? Then, you have to determined. What pushes you in the gym? And finally, you need to be dedicated? What do you wish to become? If you can answer all of these questions, then you will be hardwired to success like I am.

    I followed the exact "chain of focus" and it got me to where I am, and I'm still going forward. Also, don't let any obstacle stop you. That's mainly where the motivation stops and the plateaus begin.