Methoxy-Pro Review!

Lately, protein supplements are coming by the millions and its hard to say which is the best stuff out on the market. You have so many companies and even more protein supplements.

Lately, protein supplements are coming by the millions and its hard to say which is the best stuff out on the market. You have so many companies and even more protein supplements. But when I tried Methoxy-Pro, I said to myself, this was different from any protein supplement I've taken to date. But before I go into detail about this great supplement and how I got gains because of it, let me give you guys a little bit of info on it.

Protein is the main muscle builder, period. It's the only stuff that can build muscle time and time again. It repairs muscle after a workout and can help with the process of building more. Your body LOVES protein, so it doesn't mind it getting a whole lot of it. Plus, everything we eat has some gram of protein in it. Everything from fish, steak, and chicken on down to has protein in it. Before protein powders were even made, bodybuilders of the 60s and 70s ate lots of red meat and beef to get their protein intake. Its great stuff and now in the 21st century, you have protein powders for getting lean and getting big. Now that we've covered that, lets talk about Methoxy-Pro.

When I first got Methoxy-Pro was very excited about it because I wanted to try it so bad. I also read about it in the muscle mags and I was curious to what it was going to do for me. So I started taking it once a day, five time a week to start with. I was also trying out my new strength system, so this was perfect timing for me. So within the first week, I started feeling stronger in my workouts. I felt like I could do more weight. But after the first week, people starting noticing that I was getting bigger...but the funny thing was I didn't feel bigger. I hadn't weighed myself in a little while so I assumed I was about 225-226 from a day to day basis. People said that my chest was looking fuller and my arms were looking bigger. I started seeing the changes myself, I had more striations in my shoulder when I worked them and more definition in my chest as well. My arms were also getting stronger as well as my legs. My deadlifts started getting stronger again. Now at this point, I hadn't weighed myself, after about 2 ? weeks on the stuff, five days a week, my new bodyweight was 235!!! And I was still holding some degree of definition which amazed me. Simply put, I got bigger, stronger, and leaner as well and people started noticing this.



The supplement is great and I haven't finished my first case of it, but I plan on buying more in the future. My conclusion is if you want to get the size and definition, Methoxy-Pro is the way to go!!

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