Is Someone Jealous Of Your Progress?

These are typical situations that you will come across when you follow a successful weight loss program. Find out why many people have a natural tendency to be jealous when you are successful at something that they have consistently failed at.
Visualize these scenarios:

Example 1: The Jealous Spouse

It's a warm sunny day and Karen and Tony are on a pinic with their two children. Karen opens the picnic basket and serves her family their lunch which consists of sandwiches, chips and soda. Because she has made a conscious decision to lose about forty pounds, she has packed some grilled chicken, a salad, and some rice for her meal.

As she starts to eat her chicken, her husband Tony, barks "Not that stupid diet again. Why can't you eat like a normal person? And those ridiculous vitamins, why even bother when you know that you aren't going to lose any weight anyway?"

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Example 2: A Wedding Story

How about this one?

At a friends wedding, Ann Marie is drinking diet soda and chooses the baked dolphin as the main course instead of the Prime Rib because she is still thirty pounds overweight and has high blood pressure. She has already lost twenty pounds and is well on her way and feeling great.

As the night goes on all her "so called friends" are teasing her about her diet and tempting her with alcohol and fattening food. "Oh, you don't need to be on a diet, you look fine," says one friend. Another girl chimes in with, "You can have one piece of cake, it's not going to kill you." A third person states that diets are stupid and that when she feels bloated she doesn't eat for a couple of days and takes some laxatives.

The Reasons For Jealousy

These are typical situations that you will come across when you follow a successful weight loss program. Why? Because many people have a natural tendency to be negative and jealous when you are successful at something that they have consistently failed at. It is their way to sabatoge your success.

Many spouses are afraid that they will lose their partner after they have lost the weight and gotten into better shape. They will try to make you fail or quit altogether. Don't buy into it.

If your doctor suggests that you should lose weight because of your health, or you feel terrible carrying around those extra forty or fifty pounds, take the initiative and go for it. I have witnessed thousands of people who have lost weight and successfully kept it off. (Check out some of these successful and amazing transformations!) I know it can be done and you can do it if you want! I will give you the support you need and answer any questions that you have. Just email me!

Helpful Diet Programs

Click on one the links below, categorized by what YOUR goals are, to explore the extensive database of nutritional programs available on's site. These articles will help you continue to make your friends jealous by supplying you with tips, diet programs, and supplemental support. Keep up the good work!

The Pessimist

As for the people that consistently make negative comments about a friend or loved ones weight loss program, I have a message for you ...

Get some self confidence and a hobby or vocation that you can be successful at. Stop trying to feel better about yourself by tearing down other peoples ambitions and successes. If you truly love someone then you would want them to be healthy and happy. Be loving, encouraging and motivating. It would even be a good idea to help them with their program by exercising with them or helping them prepare their low fat meals.

In the long run you will both be happy and have a better relationship. Good Luck.

About The Author

John DeFendis is a contributing writer for the forum newspaper. He is a former Mr. U.S.A. and has been featured on "ABC T.V.'s 20/20", "Good Morning America", and "The Joan Rivers Show". He has been a trainer for over 20 years and is the director of exercise with the IFPA.