I believe and always will that you will have a better chance of achieving your fitness goals when you join a gym and follow a program designed by a fitness trainer or an experienced veteran...

By: John DeFendis
I believe and always will that you will have a better chance of achieving your fitness goals when you join a gym and follow a program designed by a fitness trainer or an experienced veteran. Unfortunately many of our readers have resigned to working out at home because they have limited time in their daily schedule.

If you are one of those people that insist on getting in shape in the privacy of your own home then this article is for YOU! I have already outlined in a previous article the disadvantages of home training so I will move on to the advantage ...

You don't have to leave the house!

Again, I want to emphasize that you will get better results and learn more about fitness if you join a gym, but if you insist on staying home and exercising then I will give you some tips. Here goes:

[ Hire A Professional Trainer ]

They can assist you with:

  • Assessing your condition and setting long and short term goals.
  • Teaching you about the fundamentals of nutrition and supplements.
  • Setting up a workout program with your goals in mind.
  • Demonstrating safe and proper form on all your exercises.
  • Assisting in the purchase of quality home gym equipment.

[ Do Not Buy Scam Fitness Equipment ]

Many of the exercise products that are sold on television that promise to reduce inches, lose weight and tone you up in just 5 minutes a day are garbage. Purchase products that you have tried and purchase them from a store that you can return them to if you do not get results.

[ Plan Ahead For Your Workout ]

Always plan to train at a specific time each day and stick to that time. Do not make excuses. Do not answer the telephone or let other distractions interfere with your workout. You should focus 100% on your exercises during your workout time.

[ Plan Your Meals In Advance ]

Always plan your meals in advance so you do not have excuses to fall off of your nutritional program. It only takes a few minutes to eat the right foods at scheduled mealtimes. As a matter of fact, it takes the same amount of time to eat good healthy food as it takes to eat junk food. And most important, never skip meals. Missing meals will slow down your progress and metabolism.

These are just a few important tips that will enable you to get the most out of your home gym training. If you want to get in top physical shape and you no longer want to sit around depressed because of your appearance and health and you are tired of making excuses, then start right away.

Living the fitness lifestyle is a beautiful thing. You will look better, be healthier and live a longer happier life. Thanks for listening and good luck!

[ About The Author ]

John DeFendis is a contributing writer for the forum newspaper. He is a former Mr. U.S.A. and has been featured on "ABC T.V.'s 20/20", "good morning america", and "the joan rivers show". He has been a trainer for over 20 years and is the director of exercise with the IFPA.

4 Tips For Working Out In Your Home!

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