Most Annoying Statements Bodybuilders Say!

Things overheard, and questions asked over and over again that just get under our skin, here are a few of them so you know not to ask them, or you can get the answers here instead of bothering your local bodybuilder in person.
As weightlifters there are many commonly heard things that annoy us. Things overheard, and questions asked over and over again that just get under our skin, here are a few of them so you know not to ask them, or you can get the answers here instead of bothering your local bodybuilder in person.

The first one is the one that gets to me the most, considering it relates to me directly, and there are many different variations of this question, so I'll try to cover them all.

Questions That Need To Be Answered

1. Big people (large bodybuilders) are naturally big, they have always been that way, and they will always be that way.

    This isn't true at all, and its incredible annoying to hear. I have been called a muscular person and people think that I have always been that way. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    When I started weightlifting I was smaller than some girls I went to school with were. It took many grueling years to change that and make myself the size I am. Mother Nature gave me absolutely no handouts, and it is annoying when other people think I was handed this muscle. The fact is muscular people earned that muscle through pain and sweat and no one wakes up with killer muscles "naturally".

    The fact is muscle isn't natural, the body doesn't want it that's why it is quick to get rid of muscle when you stop working out. The same thing goes for ripped people to a point. It is dumb to say that ripped people are naturally that way. Some people are thinner than others are, and their bodies burn fat quicker.

    But there are many miles of running also involved in there. And that really "ripped" look also involves large muscles, which as discussed before, isn't "natural". So please, don't tell us how easy it is to acquire muscle due to the fact that it's natural. Muscle comes as "naturally" to me as it does for you, so the day you wake up with killer muscles from doing nothing, I will to.

2. You get large arms from working them out all the time.

    The vast majority of people who don't work out probably think this idea. It makes sense if you just think about it. People know that working out helps grow muscle, and that if you work out your arms, they will obviously grow, and it would then make sense to say that the more you work them out, the bigger they get, unfortunately this isn't true. This is because muscles don't grow in the gym, they grow while resting, so the more rest you get the larger your arms will get.

    Therefore working out your arms directly as little as possible is the best idea. The arms get used while working out almost every other body part. Therefore the arms need to get the most rest because they are already getting hit all the time. Some bodybuilders have even reported success having never workout out their arms directly. They just rely on hitting their arms indirectly, like while doing back and chest. Dips and chin-ups are good exercises (maybe even the best) for your chest and back, but they are also great tricep and bicep exercises to.

    So maybe these compound movements are all the arms would need to stimulate growth. Whatever the cast one thing is for sure, and that is that hitting the arms directly too often will hinder their development. Huge bodybuilders do not work out their arms every other day, in fact, the best of the best may not even be working out those giant arms directly at all.

3. Those protein shakes/meals will make you fat.

    I really don't want to spend much time addressing a statement so stupid, but protein will not make you fat. If you eat protein and workout you will get big muscles, not fat. Anything can make you fat if you eat too much of it. Protein contains calories, which could potentially make a person fat, but it won't.

    It won't because if you are eating protein, odds are you are working out, and you are giving your body a way to burn off excessive calories and use all the protein to build the muscles you want.

    So, no, protein will not make you fat, its not a "fatty" food, so get a clue, cause protein is one of the best energy sources out there. There are only 2 alternatives, fat and sugar, so which do you really think is the wise choice?

Tons of protein shake recipes here.

4. Certain exercises define a muscle while other exercises build up the muscle.

    I talk a lot about this misconception, but I think it's important to keep mentioning because people are always asking about it and getting confused by it. I think this is because of the machines you see on TV. There is always some stupid looking machine that claims it will define muscles and get you that "cut" look.

    Well the only machine for that is the treadmill. Or any machine for cardio, nothing for working out the muscles is really designed for "getting cut". The process of getting cut is basically burning away all the excess fat over a muscle so that you can see it easier.

    That shedding of fat is how a muscle looks more "cut". There are no specific exercises for shedding this fat; therefore there are no exercises that can help you get more "defined". No weight or "definition" exercises such as dumbbell kickbacks for the triceps do not help define a muscle. A muscle has 2 stages, growing or not growing, there is nothing in between. A muscle can ONLY grow larger; its how much fat is covering the muscle that will determine how clearly the muscle is shown.

    If you want to shed that fat you need to do cardio, go for a run, don't go to the weight room for definition. So remember this when you see a machine on TV claiming to be able to get you cut. A machine designed to build muscle through resistance will not define a muscle in the way you might think. It is a false claim, but hardly anyone seems to know this. Those machines may help you build muscle, but without a method for burning the fat off them, you will never see them.

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