Losing Weight For The Non-Bodybuilder!

For you inquiring readers, here is another great approach to reach your goals.
As many of you know, I enjoy writing about nutrition and dieting. I have written a few articles on these topics, yet I am still getting many curious e-mails on how to lose fat. However, lately, I have been getting questions from non-bodybuilders concerning the long-term and health aspects of weight loss rather than the appearance aspect. For you inquiring readers, here is another great approach to reach your goals.

Maintaining Permanent Weight Loss

A great way to lose weight and maintain permanent weight loss through dieting is to simply follow the laws of nature. These laws state that you have to burn off as many calories as you consume in order to maintain your body weight. In addition, losing weight and getting in better shape requires you to increase the calories burned off through an increase in your daily physical activity levels. Simply deducting calories is not enough because this method focuses on only one characteristic of dieting.

If you eat and exercise in the same manner your whole life, you would, on average, gain half a pound a year after age 30 due to the body's natural metabolic deceleration. If you plan on short-term fasting and then return to your old eating habits, you are doomed to fail and, in the process, lose vital muscle mass.

Research has shown that rapid weight loss and then a reciprocal weight gain repeated again and again over a number of years is damaging to the thyroid gland (this gland plays a major role in metabolic rate) and the immune system. If you go on a diet that you are uncomfortable with, then you will not stay on the diet and your weight gain will reoccur. You have to change your eating habits over time to a way of eating that is healthy and that you enjoy in order to avoid the feared "weight loss roller coaster."

Eating Habits

Weight loss should begin with a change in eating habits; changes which you like or at the very least you can live with are best. You know that eating right makes you feel better and look better, but it does take a little time and effort. You have to spend more time planning and preparing your meals.

Try to eat more foods that rely on spices for flavor, as opposed to the typical American diet, which relies heavily on sugar, fat, salt, and condiments for flavor. You should be looking at losing an average of one to one-and-a-half pounds per week. It is actually better to see how your clothes fit and then go stand on the scale every day.

Personally, I avoid the scale at all cost. This is because your weight fluctuates day to day and throughout the day. Your ideal weight will be what you weigh when you eat and exercise properly. Setting unrealistic goals is not very healthy or intelligent.

Activate Your Enzymes

You have to turn your body into a fat-burning machine but this has to be done by a build-up and activation of enzymes (specific lipases) in the body to help burn off fat. These enzymes are built-up in the body through exercise because these enzymes are either not present or low in concentration in the body if you do not exercise.

You had more of them when you were young, but sedentary life and a poor diet causes these enzymes to diminish with time. These fat-burning enzymes must be remade by the body in order to help burn off fat; a lack of these vital enzymes mean little fat is burned off. Believe it or not, if you are out of shape, you can run around like a fool for an hour and not burn off any fat. You have to train your body to burn the appropriate substrate by consistent exercising. This process can be aided by the supplementation of enzymes like Bromelain and Mega Digestive Enzymes.

Natural laws of weight loss:

    1) Eat at least four meals per day - preferably more frequent, smaller meals;
    2) Have breakfast to start your metabolism, two substantial lunches (one larger than the other), and a smaller dinner;
    3) No late-night snacking - this usually occurs because you skipped breakfast;
    4) Drink water (at least one gallon per day, or more if possible);
    5) Take a good daily Multi-Vitamin and, preferably, a compound antioxidant at some other point during the day;
    6) Avoid cola drinks, and other soda, even if they are diet/caffeine-free;
    7) Drink natural fruit juice and herbal teas, i.e. Ginseng, Camomile, or Peppermint;
    8) Get at least seven hours of sleep - this will help the body to repair itself and give you energy for the next day;
    9) Decrease your intake of table salt by switching to a low sodium replacement or potassium chloride and by using more herbs and spices;
    10) Avoid alcohol - a glass of wine before dinner for relaxation is okay from time to time.

You must also adopt an exercise program. This regimen will allow your body to activate the fat-burning enzymes which are required for an increase in fat weight loss. In the beginning, the exercise should be very light, such as walking at a rate where you do not feel out of breath. You should exercise for 30 to 40 minutes at least four to five times per week. Most often, this simply means leaving the car at home, and doing some walking instead.

Preserve Muscle Mass

The other reason for exercise is to preserve muscle mass. If you simply starve yourself, you will lose fat, protein, and water; your actual weight loss for one pound will only be 1/3 fat and the rest will be protein and water. It is not healthy for the body to lose protein as the body does this naturally with age and excess loss can lead to health problems. In addition, muscle has a higher metabolic rate than fat, so preserving muscle will increase your metabolic rate.

In your weight loss program, you should be making an effort to increase, or at least maintain lean body mass. A weight-training program is vital. Loss of water will cause you to feel fatigued and will cause rapid weight loss and weight gain when you go off the diet, so remember to drink lots of water. Protein also weighs more than fat so that it is possible to lose fat from your body and replace it with lean protein. Your body weight may not change much but you will look much healthier.

A proper diet should consist of a variable number calories per day, high fiber and complex carbohydrates, lean protein in the majority of meals, and low refined sugars and saturated fat. Avoid the following: watching TV while eating, eating while stressed, any kind of soda, snacking, and swimming as an exercise program.

All of the preceding have been shown to slow down weight loss. Do the following: eat in a quiet, relaxed place and chew your food well. Chewing your food causes you to eat slower and feel more satisfied as well as aiding in digestion.

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