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Find out what the controversy about Dexter and Darrem is all about and who won the NOC!
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One of the greatest aspects of pro bodybuilding is the countless number of opinions and theories that fans have about the sport. Just stop by your favorite message board for a healthy dose of analysis and opinion. In most cases, these opinions have zero basis of fact. They are simply "gossip"... a form of raw entertainment for those with an appetite for controversy.

From time to time, I'll come across an opinion that takes "gossip" to a disturbing level. The best part about this story, is that the following statements are actually from the mouth of IFBB Pro Dexter Jackson. On a personal note, I have always respected Dexter. This might explain my surprise when I read his comments in the most recent edition of Muscular Development Magazine (July 2003).

In his article, Dexter provides his own brand of commentary in his attempt to analyze the outcome of the IFBB Maximus Pro Invitational, held earlier this year in Rome. The event was won by Darrem Charles. Markus Ruhl finished second followed by Dexter.

Here are some "highlights" from Dexter's article:

    "There are certain things I want to say about the judging (in Rome), but I just can't. I don't want to get myself into trouble. These are very controversial things."

    "I've never seen Darrem act the way he did. Darrem was full of himself. He's never been like that... He wanted to change in a different locker room than us, like he knew something we didn't know."

    Darrem Charles & Dexter Jackson

    Dexter continues "Darrem had no reason to act like that unless there was something going on. I don't know what it was, or what he knew that I didn't know. He had his little manager there, Dan Solomon, and I don't know what was happening with that."

Who Is Better, Darrem Charles or Dexter Jackson?
Darrem Charles
Dexter Jackson

My Turn!

It's not usually my style to partake in foolish controversy. But since Dexter chose to mention my name I just couldn't resist...

As you know, Dexter has defeated Darrem several times in the past. My question to Dexter is simple. How many times have you heard Darrem question the validity of any of YOUR placings? The answer is "NEVER". Darrem has never stooped so low in an effort to cast a cloud over any of Dexter's achievements. In Rome, Darrem finally defeated Dexter! Instead of giving him his "props", Dexter chose to question the legitimacy of the judging? Is he actually suggesting that Darrem is not capable of defeating him "legitimately"?

Some Advice For The Man They Call "The Blade":

Instead of questioning the judging, perhaps Dexter should take an HONEST look in the mirror. The truth is, he is truly one of the most balanced guys on stage. BUT, lately he has lacked some of the classic lines and detail that he was showing early on. His added thickness has compromised the level of hardness and separation that he has shown in the past. Meanwhile, Darrem has added considerable size over the past year, WITHOUT losing any of the quality that he is famous for. Those, Mr. Jackson, are the facts.

Dexter was correct when he said that Darrem knew something that he didn't know. Darrem knew that his physique was right on the money for that show... apparently Dexter never saw it coming!

On a personal note, I am flattered that Dexter feels I have the power to affect the judging, but GUESS WHAT? I wasn't even in Rome! I was home in Florida while Darrem was in Rome winning his 2nd pro title.

To learn more about Dexter's "Judging Conspiracy Theory" be sure to pick up the current issue of Muscular Development. Dexter devotes two full pages to the topic!

For the record, I asked Darrem if he wanted to comment on Dexter's article. He simply replied, "no thanks, it's not my style to trash my friends in the magazines".

In Other News...

Congratulations to Victor Martinez on a tremendous showing at the Night of Champions. Victor wowed the NY crowd with a total package of size, symmetry and conditioning. It was Victor's first pro win. The victory earned him a cool 15k along with a ring and a coveted invitation to the Mr. Olympia.

Other Olympia qualifiers from the N.O.C. included Pavol Jablonicky, Craig Titus, King Kamali and Johnnie Jackson. It is believed that Titus will sit this Olympia out. Check out the full results and pics here.

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