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Find out what the people think who is the best poser in the sport, all about Darrem Charles, who is hot and who is not and much more...
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The People Have Spoken!

In a recent Muscle & Fitness Magazine survey, a poll of more than 10,000 readers were asked "Who is the best poser in the sport?" When the votes were counted, Darrem Charles got the nod.


In (and Out) of the news - Semi-retired sultan of symmetry Shawn Ray recently published his thoughts on the 2003 IFBB season. After reading Shawn's commentary, I was struck by one glaring omission. Where was Darrem Charles? An 8-page synopsis on the entire year, and not one passing mention of a guy who stood among the Top 7 at the Olympia.

Not even a blurb about a guy who carved out his spot in the final posedown at the Arnold Classic. Page after page, and no mention of a guy who collected his 2nd Pro victory by defeating Dexter Jackson and Marcus Ruhl in Rome. HEY SHAWN, do you call that a "year in review"?

What's HOT... & What's NOT!

As the seasons change, so do the headlines. Here is a quick look at What's Hot...and What's Not from around the industry...

Jay Cutler. 5 pro wins in 2003. Supplement companies lining up for his services. Guest appearances every weekend! Needless to say, Jay is in demand!

King Kamali. After finishing 2002 with a 17th place finish at the Olympia, KK competed only once in '03 and skipped the Olympia. Muscle & Fitness delivered the final blow when they released their reader survey proclaiming Kamali as the most "over-rated male bodybuilder". Despite competitive mediocrity, The year wasn't all bad for the King. He married fitness model Barbara Ward.

Kelly Ryan. The Ryan Express has become a permanent fixture on the newsstands (including an Oxygen cover as well as the upcoming Ironman Swimsuit Cover) and she is poised to claim the vacant Fitness Olympia throne now that arched-rival Susie Curry is retired from pro fitness.

Jenny Worth. Still one of the hottest girls on stage, In 2003 Jenny fell from the ranks of the fitness elite after dropping all the way to 10th at the Fitness O (partly due to injuries). Don't count her out just yet.

MuscleTech. The crew at MuscleTech has been busy writing some big checks. Their recent shopping spree netted them Jay Cutler, King Kamali & Dennis James among others.

ISS Research. After years of branding Jay Cutler as their company "golden-boy", Cutler has severed his ties.

The "Muscle Mayhem" message boards. After years of watching monopolize bodybuilding opinions, The new "Mayhem" boards have become home to an impressive collection of IFBB pros and fans. was developed by diet guru Chad Nicholls.

Summer Events. The May/June IFBB bodybuilding schedule has become little more than a "Final Chance" opportunity for aspiring Olympia qualifiers. In 2003, there were zero Olympia Top 10 athletes in any of the Summer-time events.

Pro Figure. It appears that the new women's "Quarter-Turn" division has enjoyed a successful inaugural season. Thanks in part to the return of "Fitness" queen Monica Brant, pro Figure appears to have caught on...go figure.

California. The once proud home to all of the industry's biggest names, it appears that a mass exodus has occurred. Las Vegas, Texas, Florida and the Northeastern U.S. have become home-base to many of the sport's biggest names.

Breaking News!

Despite earlier reports to the contrary, fitness diva Stacy Hylton will be competing for the Fitness International title at the 2004 Arnold Fitness Weekend!

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