Gym Of The Month: CrossFit Mississauga!

Congratulations CrossFit Mississauga! We are proud to announce a new gym of the month award where we will be awarding the best of the best! Find out how they got started, services offered and much more right here.

Vital Statistics:

Name Of Gym: CrossFit Mississauga
Name Of Owner: Eric Vandermeersch/MarkVandermeersch

Number Of Members: 100
Square Feet: 1,900
Website Address:
Phone: (416) 294-6500
Hours Of Operation:
    Monday-Friday 6 AM - 9 PM
    Saturday 8 AM - 4 PM
    Sunday 9 AM - 3 PM
Number Of Trainers On Staff: 4
Founders: Eric and Mark Vandermeersch

[ Q ] How did the gym start and why did you decide to begin (or work within) the gym business.

    To be perfectly honest, there's just too much bullsh!t in the fitness industry. Somewhere along the way people stopped working hard and started buying into supplements, exercises and programs that don't work. There was way too much time spent on training for vanity and not enough time spent on functionality. We knew we had to put a stop to the nonsense and CrossFit is the most effective route to true fitness. So we opened our doors in December of 07' and the rest is history.

CrossFit Is The Most Effective Route To True Fitness.
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CrossFit Is The Most Effective Route To True Fitness.

[ Q ] Who are your top trainers and why are they so good?

    All of our trainers provide different aspects to our gym but Eric and Mark, the owners, do 99% of the training. What makes a great trainer is having an active roll in your athlete's workouts, staying engaged, complete knowledge of the movements and an ability to convey information. These are all difficult qualities to possess and it is a constant fight to continue to grow as a trainer. It takes serious dedication to continue to grow with new methods and techniques and we pride ourselves in doing just that.

What Makes A Great Trainer Is Having An Active Roll In Your Athlete's Workouts.
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What Makes A Great Trainer Is Having An
Active Roll In Your Athlete's Workouts.

[ Q ] What special services do you provide (classes, spa, day care, etc)?

    We are a gym. If you are interested in changing your life through fitness than CrossFit is what you need. If you want juice bars, hot tubs, towel service and any other distraction from becoming a stronger, fitter human being, than there's a million other places you can go. At CrossFit Mississauga we teach our clients how to train efficiently and reach their fitness goals. That's it!

[ Q ] Who are you most notable members (current or past)?

    No one member is more notable than another. Every single one of our members has made us proud at one time or another and to name every individual accomplishment would take days and days. However, there are life changing moments at CrossFit every single week. People who never thought they could do a pull-up, do pull-ups. People who can't lose weight, lose weight. And every single day people learn to never give up.

Furious Pete Gets Ready For Some Serious Lifting At CrossFit Missisauga.
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Furious Pete Gets Ready For Some
Serious Lifting At CrossFit Missisauga.

    This ability is something they take with them when they leave the gym and they use it in all aspects of their life. We have had members compete and win or place in the top in powerlifting and in CrossFit contests. As trainers there is no greater success than when a client attributes professional success to something they learned in your gym.

[ Q ] Can you provide us with a member's success story?

    I could never single out just one. Our members have found success in many ways. In our gym alone CrossFit has helped defeat cancer, weight issues and body image disorders, smoking and food addictions, low self esteem and many other issues.


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[ Q ] What are your future plans?

    We just want to keep training great people and continue to expand our gym keeping the same quality we have now (or better).

[ Q ] What attracts potential members to walk through your doors?

    Word of mouth is the only real advertising we have. If you ever meet one of our members, our gym will probably come up within the first five minutes of conversation. Anyone who has trained with us for any length of time seems to have this need to share their passion with others. It is truly our members that make our gym such a perfect place to attain elite fitness.

Word Of Mouth Is The Only Real Advertising We Have.
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Word Of Mouth Is The Only Real Advertising We Have.

[ Q ] What makes them stay?

    A combination of the workouts and the atmosphere. All you hear in our gym is positive encouragement and the sounds of intense training. Perfect strangers can walk in and do a workout and immediately have people cheering, encouraging and coaching them to a personal best on their workout.

[ Q ] What is the funniest exercise you have seen performed in your gym?

    Turkish getups with strange objects such as slosh pipes, concept 2 rowers people. Another is wheelchair pull-ups.

Another Is Wheelchair Pull-Ups.
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Another Is Wheelchair Pull-Ups.

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