Critical Health: Put Down That Diet Soda!

Contrary to popular belief, people who drink diet sodas are actually more likely to become overweight than people who don't. Learn how.

Put Down That Diet Soda!

Contrary to popular belief, people who drink diet sodas are actually more likely to become overweight than people who don't. A recent long-term study has shown that normal-weight subjects who consumed diet sodas were at a 65% greater risk of becoming overweight or obese than the control group of normal-weight subjects.

The outcome of this study has actually created more questions than it has answered. The reasons that diet sodas have this effect are not known. There are a couple of hypotheses for this, one of which is that those who consumed these diet sodas were missing out on healthier drinks.

I Read That Diet Sodas Are Not Better Than Normal Sodas! I Read That Diet Sodas Are Not Better Than Normal Sodas!
They did a study with 4000 people and found out that diet sodas increase the risk of heart attacks,diabetes and obesity! How is this possible? It said that you should not drink more than 1 diet soda a day. Has anyone of you ever heard something like this? - By randyrandal
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Another theory is that the subjects which drank diet sodas were more inclined to eat an excess of calories (as they were under the impression that the diet drink was in fact healthier than anything else). This increased caloric intake will, as we all know, cause a gain in weight over time.

diet soda
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Subjects Which Drank Diet Sodas Were
Perhaps More Inclined To Eat An Excess Of Calories.

So perhaps it's time to swap that diet soda that's in your hand with something else, like water or a protein shake.

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There is no medical evidence that diet sodas cause weight gain, and it isn't cited in this article. One reason may think it causes weight gain is that it increases appetite because it promises sweetness but without the calories. That is all anecdotal, I have found no medical evidence that this is true.

I lost 225 pounds from 2006-2008 and I drank coffee, diet soda, and water. I drank a LOT of diet soda.

Though you may worry about putting chemicals in your body, that is one thing, but there is no effect on weight gain.

What about the claim that diet soda increases insulin levels and that that makes you crash? Well, that is false, also. Or ask the Mayo Clinic - . According to this article there is no effect on blood sugar when drinking diet sodas.

So if you want to "cheat" a little and have a diet soda, go ahead. As long as you drink mostly water, you should be fine.

Just remember this: if you want to stay away from something that is REALLY going to add pounds on you, stay away from grains- any grains. Whole grains have a substantial effect on blood sugar. Yes they are lower than their processed grains, but that is like going from 6% alcohol beer to 4% alcohol beer. It is still going to mess yo up.

Ever wonder why they feed cattle and pigs grains to fatten them up????

Stay away from that and you'll be much better off than giving up diet soda.

Aug 25, 2012 7:36pm | report
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Artificially Sweetened Sodas are complementary goods with fast-food unhealthy hyper-caloric food. I am curious to see the details of these statistical analysis. Do they account also for food intake?

This is my theory but I don't know if anybody has tested it before. A Consumer has to choose between these bundles whose price is expressed in terms of calories:

Bundle A: 8Floz Coke (97 Kcal) and 1 McDonald Hamburger (252 Kcal) = 349 Kcal Total

Bundle B: 8Floz Diet Coke (0 Kcal) and 1 McDonald Hamburger (252 Kcal) = 252 Kcal Total

It is very likely that If consumer chooses bundle B then (S)He may reallocate calories saved from Soda toward more food. Let's assume (S)He adds some french fries to Bundle B then it would be:

Bundle B': 8Floz Diet Coke (0 Kcal),1 McDonald Hamburger (252 Kcal) and Small French Fries (230Kcal) = 482 Kcal Total

If consumer chooses bundle B' now the calorie intake would exceed bundle A. The average consumer doesn't have a Ph.D. in nutrition therefore it doesn't go out to McDonald with the handbook of food calories.

I believe that Diet Soda does not make people gaining weight. It is likely that People itself gain weight for making irrational choices as the previous example showed.

Jun 23, 2013 6:14pm | report
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