Critical Health: Late-Breaking Discoveries On HMB!

Critical Health: Sports Medicine's interest in HMB has been increasing over the last few years. See some of the results right here!


Sports Medicine's interest in HMB has been increasing over the last few years. The exact effects were not clearly known but now, with more and more studies, the truth about how HMB affects humans is becoming clearer.

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The Truth About How HMB Affects
Humans Is Becoming Clearer.

In a recent study, VO2 max was measured in athletes who were taking part in interval training 3 times a week for a period of 5 weeks. During this time, the subjects were either given a placebo or 3g of HMB. The results were shocking.

Those who were given the HMB supplementation had a VO2 max nearly twice that of the non-supplemented subjects. Furthermore, the supplemented individuals had an overall loss in body fat and an overall gain in lean tissue when compared to the other subject.


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Following that study, the effect of HMB supplementation was tested on resistance training (ie. Strength training), with a similar group of individuals and same dosing protocol.

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In this study, the subjects who were given 3g of HMB had a 3-fold increase in strength compared to the placebo group. These results are conclusive and indeed show the amazing effects of HMB on both cardiovascular and strength training.