I Am A Competitor: The Conquest Identity Cultivation Process!

Are you (in your mind) distinguishing yourself from other competitors, and asserting a particular identity ... Here's a process that will truly empower you to become a successful competitor!

"I Am A Competitor!"
The Conquest Identity Cultivation Process:
Developing The Subconscious Dominance Impact Pre-Disposition


When you say, "I Am A Competitor," what specifically are you referring to? Do you mean you "play"/perform as a certain persona, or at a certain level? Do you refer to a specific part of yourself who does certain things in certain ways - and with a certain type purpose or outcome in mind?

Are you (in your mind) distinguishing yourself from other competitors, and asserting a particular identity (or aspect of your identity) embodying characteristics clearly pre-disposed toward confidence, performance power, commitment, engaging opposition, personal excellence and triumph impact's congruent expression?

You've probably never thought about the dynamics contributing to the notion "I Am A Competitor" to the depth the preceding sets forth.

So, just what do you mean when you say "I Am A Competitor?" And, what would happen if you did begin to answer and define all the initial questions I posed -- yes, so you did come to define your competitive self and identity to this broad, and implicit a degree?

What would happen? You'd become a self-reinforced, self-driven, purpose fueled performer - someone who naturally, boldly, and deliberately determines what they will do ... and then (instinctively) becomes the embodiment of power, conviction and will who then demonstrates the compelling champion's intensity and performance involvement -- and then clearly does it!

And this champion's intensity and involvement is the commanding physical generation of full mental/emotional forcefulness - laser driven toward decisive competitive conquest!

Got your attention now? Yeah? Thought I would. In fact, any lesser (or "watered down") definition of "I Am A Competitor" (one that does not fully define and answer the initial questions I posed) - will not lead to the competitive identity inclination I just described.

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Dexter Has Full Mental/Emotional Forcefulness,
Laser Driven Toward Decisive Competitive Conquest!

What To Do,
And How To Do It So You Embolden - And Truly Empower


arrow The Conquest Forcefulness Of Your Competitive Identity:

    If your current "I Am A Competitor" concept is non-comprehensive and/or component specific (to a degree where power seemingly rivets through you when you consider this aspect of yourself), the following process will help you dramatically strengthen this idea so you experience a measurable performance enhancing mental shift.

    Understand that your competitive identity is literally a performance instigating foundation from which unfolds essentially all of what you do, how you do it, and the quality of impact and results you produce through your competitive expression.

    You can deliberately subconsciously establish, build-up, reinforce and embed a more success commanding, conquest compelling competitive identity; you can internalize pre-dispositions toward competitive expressions that (individually and collectively) instigate performance actions and impact notably beyond the levels your current "I Am A Competitor" self-definition registers.

    I tell you this from more than 28 years working with pro players and competitors in every professional sport.

    So, how do you structure this performance magnifying "I Am A Competitor" identity shift -- where you broaden, deepen, strengthen and seriously empower your competitive self concept - and do this in a manner leading you to generate action power and capabilities notably superior to where "I Am A Competitor" tendencies within you customarily would?

    Glad you asked. And what follows is the answer. Now, you'll subconsciously internalize the component and attribute ideals that collectively incite a "conquest/driven to prevail" competitive identity moving you to express the fullest and most commanding degrees of skill, impact and ability you personally embody.

    And as you engage, and continue with the following process, you'll find your level of competitive skill, ability and triumph/impact capacity is decidedly more vast than you likely ever realized!

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You'll Find Your Level Of Competitive Skill
Is Decidedly More Vast Than You Likely Ever Realized!

arrow The "I Am A Competitor" Conquest Identity Cultivation Process:

    I encourage you to engage this process one hour before you retire each night. Here's what to do:

    1. Sit or lie comfortably upon your back in an area where you're sure you won't be disturbed
    2. Take 3 L-o-n-g D-e-e-p breaths, inhaling through your nostrils, and exhaling slowly through your mouth
    3. After you've exhaled the third deep breath, begin reading each of the 10 upcoming "I Am A Competitor" performance impact factors. Read each factor slowly and thoughtfully, getting a strong internal feel for its overall meaning.

      When you're done reading each individual factor, gently close your eyelids down, and f-e-e-l its meaning and energy flooding you -- all of you. Then, feeling this, let your eyelids open and proceed to read and integrate the next "I Am A Competitor" impact factor in the manner just outlined.

      Continue on in this manner right through "I Am A Competitor" impact factor #10.

    4. After you've read through all 10 "I Am A Competitor" impact factors (as outlined), clearly imaginatively project an impression of yourself the striking reflection of a magnitude peak performer. And experience this impression the physical embodiment of all 10 "I Am A Competitor" impact factors mentally/emotionally blended together ... and inwardly fused:

      Let yourself notice what envisioning this physical presence indicates you (as an athlete/competitor) now feel you:

      1. Can do!
      2. Decisively, unquestionably will do (within your personal game/event involvement)!
    5. Next, imaginatively project this self impression standing in front of a full length mirror. Look directly into your eyes as the embodiment of this full magnitude peak performer ... and clearly, decisively notice:

      • The degree of power you sense surging through you
      • The level of ability you sense you possess
      • The level of skill capacity you sense you possess, and have at your disposal
      • Your level of resolve to take charge, strive forward, generate competitive dominance ... and Prevail!
    6. After you've completed #5 as outlined, let yourself momentarily savor the sensations of extreme ability and power you experience freely flowing through you. Then, easily let your attention focus on your breathing, inhale deeply, let your eyelids open ... and s-t-r-e-t-c-h.

      Then, feeling the compelling sense of confidence and strength gleaned from this process, let yourself mentally/emotionally unwind, and prepare for sleep.

      When you get into bed to sleep, then just let yourself deeply relax, and drift off into a soothing, peaceful slumber - thereby allowing your subconscious mind to naturally absorb all of the new action commands, and self concept attributes, you've just imbued it with.

Building The Mind Of A Champion!
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Building The Mind Of A Champion!
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Peter C. Siegel, R.H.

arrow Additional Information:

    I suggest you continue using/applying this "I Am A Competitor" conquest identity cultivation process on a regular basis, until you genuinely feel yourself instinctively reflecting the overall performance impact and identity components/tendencies it espouses. Then, continue on with it whenever you want to, or feel you need to.

    [*Let me tell you - you'll start to experience a noticeable enhancement of your competitive related feelings, perception of possibilities, and performance (yes, performance) after only 5 consecutive days of engaging this process as outlined!]

    And know that each time you engage this "I Am A Competitor" conquest identity process as outlined - you're literally unconsciously fueling yourself to be a stronger, more dominant performer/competitor than you've ever been before!

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You're Fueling Yourself To Be A Stronger,
More Dominant Performer/Competitor.

arrow The 10 "I Am A Competitor" Conquest Identity Factors:

  1. I Am Who I Determine I Am:
      I embody the unyielding will to triumph, the feverish resolve to succeed, and the commanding determination to prevail ... which gets my performance intent - Done!
  2. I Am One Who Clearly Sustains The Mental Projection Of "Here's What I Know I Can, Will, And Am Committed To Producing As A Competitor"

      This projection is neither a daydream nor fantasy; indeed, it is impending truth awaiting my intentional faith and effort to demonstrate it as compelling, materialized fact!
  3. I Am A Precisely Tuned, Motivated, Fiercely Driven Embodiment Of Success:

      Yes, a competitor who knows his strengths, believes in his strengths, and feverishly generates his strengths ... at the clear and unwavering level indicating I feel equal to any challenge I must face, indeed, more than equal to other competitors I must perform against!
  4. I Am A Producer - A Decisive Personal Excellence Producer:

      I instinctively mobilize, and bring all of my purpose, will and skill into the Now. Yes - into the Right Now -- and I formidably do all I can, will, should and must to register the results I know I genuinely Can!
  5. I Am One Who Clearly Knows His Purpose, His Reason, And His Mission:

      I am compelled, each day, to further make myself stronger, sharper, more deeply confident, and more naturally driven to clearly demonstrate my competitive purpose - yes, at a self determined, self generated level ... which goes way beyond what others think - and reveals the full magnitude of what I personally believe I'm fully capable of !
  6. There Is No "Partial Me"; Never! There Is Only The Maximum Me, Yes!

      All of my mind, heart, spirit and passion collectively shows up for practice each day - yes; I do what those lesser than me feign away from. And, in games and events, my involvement is an embodiment of total readiness, forcefulness, and the continual inward compulsion to clearly lead, succeed, and prevail with my established purpose, and competitive intent!

      When my competitive involvement - in practice and in games/events - is over, I am one who honestly says "I did all I should have, all I could have - all I determined to ... all, down to the very depth of my soul, I committed to before I began to perform that day!

  7. I Am One Who Tenaciously Uses My Practice And Training Efforts To Further Cultivate, Indeed, Unfold And Exploit More Of The Maximum Me.

      Yes, I engage my daily practice, workout, and training with a pro-active vengeance -- with the unwavering purpose to deliberately further sharpen my skill, and enhance my expression of power, capability, and performance impact - yes ... ever More so!

      There is never any "letting up", taking it "easy," or "coasting" with me. No! I thrive on pushing myself and making my competitive "axe" continually bone shredding Sharper! Indeed, driving myself, pushing myself, compelling myself further and higher is my very affinity toward living - as an athlete and competitor!

      No one tells me anything different; no one determines me but me! And I decide to climb Personal Conquest Mountain ever higher ... because - I know I Can -- I am always learning, always growing, always evolving myself through the knowledge I glean about myself, and what experience clearly shows me, yes, I decidedly Am capable of!

      I am capable of more - yes, a lot more - than I realize - And this more now continually, demonstrably unfolds As me ... day after day, practice after practice -- competition after competition!

  8. If I've Demonstrated Proficiency Before, I Can - And Will - Do It Again!

      If I've demonstrated excellence before - I can, and will, do it again! If I've blasted through un-belief barriers, fear barriers, and ignorance spewed toward me by mindless others in the past - I can, and will mentally blast right by any and all negatives again!

      Yes -- if I've demonstrated competitive performance breakthroughs that were decisively beyond anything I'd done or registered before, I'll let myself know - right now - there is a level of concentrated power and ability within me that can produce, and clearly demonstrate, conquest impact, and notable personal triumph - I know this force and capacity still resides within me.

      Yes - and I now wholly mentally unite with its relentless surge compelling me toward success realms beyond any I've registered before. And I allow its force and affinity to exclusively drive me on. Yes - to a degree where it comprehensively fuels me now -- in All I think, feel, believe, assume ... and do!

  9. I Take Full Responsibility For Doing All I Know I Must to Demonstrate Results In The Champion's Realm - Indeed, The Results I Inwardly, Unquestionably Know I Can Produce.

      I love - yes love - the challenge of my daily training and preparation -- yes, the pain, strain, pressure, and the demand. I neither feign away from, nor avoid this - indeed, I boldly brace up under it, and sustain the invincible conviction moving me to become tougher, stronger, and to richly thrive ... because of it!

      I willfully, deliberately engage each day's demand; I use it to forge increased mental toughness and strengthened ability - driving myself ever further into the dimension of personal excellence, indeed, further into the domain of superior performance impact that conclusively succeeds and prevails!

  10. I Live To Compete.

      I live to strive ever higher. I pit the full force of my faith, will, strength, skill and resolve against any competitive situation - yes ... against Any competitive situation.

      Because I am commanded from within to exert and generate the full magnitude of my true ability -- ability which answers the call, and clearly demonstrates the degree of potential - and indwelling competitive power - I know, feel, sense and completely recognize I possess ... yes, potential within awaiting now to explode forth as the extraordinary -- yes - as striking conquest impact physically materialized as unequivocal competitive fact!

About The Author:

    Powerhouse self-help author, life transformation specialist, private clinician, and national TV therapist, Peter C. Siegel, R.H. is the country's foremost sports and peak performance hypnotherapist.