Unrelenting Muscle Is Here - Beat ROS & Increase Creatine Effectiveness!

Being a bodybuilder places us in a very elite realm and although we pour every ounce of sweat and blood into our workouts, we inevitably hit a muscle-building wall. Here enters creatine...

Article Summary:
  • Hardcore training can be damaging to your ultimate muscle growth.
  • ROS can reduce nutrient absorption with every workout.
  • You can increase your creatine absorption with the reduction of ROS!
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    Unrelenting Muscle Is Here!

    Being a bodybuilder places us in a very elite realm. Results here are the outcome of hard work and discipline. Granite-hard muscle is what we strive for and although we pour every ounce of sweat and blood into our workouts, we will all inevitably hit a muscle-building wall.

    Those irritating moments where no matter how hard we try, muscle seems to stop growing. But now there is advanced scientific research available that will help us reach new goals and become the biggest bodybuilders the world has ever seen. Nutritional supplements are a vital necessity for bodybuilding success and there is one supplement with the scientific research to prove its unmistakable capabilities.

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    Nutritional Supplements Are A Vital
    Necessity For Bodybuilding Success.

    One of the most widely researched muscle-building supplements in history is creatine. Creatine is absorbed in the small intestine and is transported in the portal blood to the liver for metabolism. Ingested creatine, along with creatine synthesized in the liver, then enters the systematic circulation and is distributed to a large number of tissues1.

    The highest levels of creatine are distributed to skeletal and cardiac muscle, nerves, spermatozoa and the retina, with lesser amounts distributed to the brain, brown adipose tissue, intestine, seminal vesicles, endothelial cells and macrophages2.

    Data supporting the efficacy of this monumental supplement have primarily been derived from studies examining short-term, high-intensity, repeated bouts of exercise such as strength and power training.

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    Many published studies have provided evidence that creatine supplementation enhances the ability to produce a higher muscular force and/or power output, enhances physiological recovery from the effects of exercise and increases body or muscle mass3. What this means to the hardcore bodybuilder is that creatine supplementation will help you blow past your plateaus and attain new muscle mass like never before - but there is a catch.

    Bodybuilding's #1 Muscle-building Pitfall

    Although creatine supplementation can increase your muscle gains and transform you into a muscle-bearing freak, there still remains one problem. Hardcore intensity comes with the territory of being a bodybuilder, but the downfall to this reality is that hardcore training can be damaging to your ultimate muscle growth.

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    Hardcore Intensity Comes With The
    Territory Of Being A Bodybuilder.

    One reason for this pitfall is due to metabolites called Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). ROS can reduce the nutrient absorption process with every relentless workout. This means that even with the benefits of creatine supplementation, your full potential may never be realized because ROS are preventing maximum creatine saturation.

    In addition to this, the formation of ROS can have deleterious consequences on cellular integrity. Since creatine is transported into the muscle cell through transmembrane transporters, it's conceivable that compromised integrity of membrane structure and lipid peroxidation can affect the conformation of these transmembrane transporters.

    In the end, ROS may also interfere with maximal creatine uptake into the muscle cells. The way to ensure the nutrients you have consumed after your time in the gym are being fully utilized by your muscles is to clear the pathway for nutrient absorption by fighting ROS.

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    Revolutionary Muscle Gains

    There have been two current studies conducted on a key creatine compound producing significant results for bodybuilders. The first study conducted over a 12-week period revealed that test subjects consuming a key creatine compound increased their muscle fiber protein content by 58 percent4. A second clinical study showed that subjects consuming a key creatine compound increased their strength capacity by 18.6 percent5.

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    You Must Ensure That You Are Consuming
    Ingredients Designed For Muscle Growth.

    To guarantee that you reach your full muscle-building potential, you must ensure that you are consuming ingredients designed for muscle growth and that you increase your creatine absorption through the reduction of ROS!

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