Double-T Sports Presents The 2009 Creadyl/NO-Beta Transformation Challenge - Registration Page!

Sign up today! If you make the most Radical Change will win a check for $5,000, a Photo Shoot in Miami, a VIP Trip to the 2010 Olympia Weekend, a 1-Year Supply of No-Beta & CreaDyl, and be Eligible for a 1 year Endorsement offer!
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Double-T™ Sports is proud to announce a contest designed to help you transform your body into the new you. Prizes include CASH, VIP Olympia Weekend, Photoshoot in Miami, Free Products and more!

Double-T™ Sports is building a Team! This team will be different from what you see from many other supplement companies. The team will be built around individuals from this community who have experience with Double-T™ Sports products, specifically CreaDyl™ and NO-Beta™.

We want individuals with the desire to transform their body and achieve their goals and truly say 'I got here using Double-T Sports products.'

From the three Grand Prize Winners Double-T™ Sports will select an individual who will be offered a 1-Year Endorsement Contract to represent Double-T™ Sports!

THE WINNERS DO NOT HAVE TO BE THE MEGA MUSCLE GUYS OR FITNESS GALS - We want individuals "like you" with the desire to transform your body and achieve your goals, individuals that will be able to truly say "I got here using Double-T™ Sports products."

Double-T™ Sports is looking to build a team to represent "The Ultimate Recovery Stack" to include GlutaCene®, NitroMine®, NO-Beta™ and OxyTren™. COMING SOON!!!!

So why not accept the "Challenge" now?


The Grand Prize Winner Will Receive:

Winter Photo Shoot in Sunny Miami!

What exactly is the challenge?

THE FIRST ANNUAL 2009 CREADYL™/NO-BETA™ TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE is just that - a transformation challenge. Those participating are expected to use CreaDyl™ and/or NO-Beta™ for a period of 10 weeks and update their progress weekly.

At the conclusion of the 10-weeks, participants are to write a summary review of their experience using the products and the changes made. Individuals may use the stack to gain muscle, gain size, add strength, lose body fat and/or a combination of goals.

When does the challenge begin and end?

It already started, but for you the start date is when you submit your registration form (see below) and upload starting photos. The challenge ends 10 weeks after your start date. However, the contest officially ends midnight of April 19th, 2010.

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Official Entry Form:

There is no corporate affiliation or association between Double-T™ Sports and, LLC. does not sponsor or endorse this
promotion/contest or Double-T™ Sports products.

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