Battle Of The Boards: Get Lei'ed In Hawaii On ALRI!

ARLI has always believed in helping real people achieve real results. Well now we are. With Battle of the Boards we will have great prizes for people who enter and donations for a good cause. Read below to learn more about this great contest.
ALRI (Applied Lifescience Research Industries) has always believed in helping real people achieve real results. In fact you'll notice on the ALRI homepage a spot where real customers have their photos and stories.

ALRI wants to see your results too, so we came up with this contest.

ALRI (Applied Lifescience Research Industries) has always believed in helping real people achieve real results. In fact you'll notice on the ALRI homepage a spot where real customers have their photos and stories. To see some of the contestants that we have processed entries for, check out

ALRI wants to see your results too, so we came up with this contest. ALRI Battle of the Boards is a contest about personal change and helping children (We will explain that most important part about kids in a minute). Contestants will be judged on how dramatic they can change their physique with hard training, a good diet and ALRI supplements. And yes, women can join too!

There's more! We have great first place prize of a trip to Hawaii, and second/third place prizes (how 'bout $1000/$500 in ALRI products?) are pretty cool too. Even if you don't want to compete, you'll be able to give us your opinion on the most dramatic change with online voting through

How do you get started? It's easy! Simply fill out the registration form at and we'll get you registered and started. But don't wait - the contest ends August 7th.

Why Is It Called "Battle Of The Boards?"

ALRI is promoting this contest through partner websites and online message boards. The message board that produces the winner will also be recognized... and its members will get deep discounts on ALRI products. (It also doesn't hurt to have a little semi-friendly rivalry) Contestants can post their results and progress on the boards where you can comment and read feedback. (You can also give some of your own opinions, of course)

The clock is ticking, what are you waiting for? Check out our partners and get started today!

Battle of the Boards Partner sites:

Where to buy ALRI supplements:

Rules And Regulations:

About The Contest:
Battle of the Boards is contest judging who can make the most dramatic change while using ALRI supplements. It will run from May 1st to August 7th with final judging on August 8th. The contest will be promoted across bodybuilding and physique oriented message boards. The first place prize is a 3-day trip to Hawaii for 2. The board producing the winner will also receive recognition in CORE Performance magazine as well as promotional discounts for their board members. Other prizes and considerations are detailed below.

Timelines And Deadlines:
Initial contest entries (declaring intent to enter the contest) must be received by 06/05/05. All final contest entries must be submitted no later than 08/07/05. Each contestant will use ALRI products for a minimum of 6 weeks. Before and after photos will be submitted along with at least 3 empty bottles of ALRI product or an itemized invoice for at least 3 ALRI products. Contestants will be judged on the degree of change and improvement in muscularity and body composition as a result of using ALRI products.

Judging will be conducted by ALRI staff and the number of votes each contestant receives. First, second and third place winners will be selected based on how dramatic a change in body composition is achieved over the course of using ALRI products. It is important that before and after photos are not manipulated using trick lighting or other photographic techniques and are provided in both printed as well as digital format. Entries clearly using trick photography techniques will be disqualified at the discretion of ALRI judging staff... and clowned without mercy on their boards.

Participants may not use controlled/scheduled drugs without a valid prescription to treat an existing medical condition. Controlled/scheduled medications must be noted with the reason they were prescribed.

Contestants must list all nutritional supplements taken during the period of their transformation. All candidates will be required to sign an affidavit of eligibility, and may be drug and polygraph tested.


  1. First Place: Trip to Hawaii for 2. Trip includes airfare and hotel for 3 days and 2 nights. First place winner will be featured on the cover of the September issue of CORE Performance.

  2. Second Place: $1000 (retail value) in ALRI supplements of your choice.

  3. Third Place: $500 (retail value) in ALRI supplements of your choice.

ALL members of the Message Board that produces the first place winner will all receive a one time special promotional discount on ALRI products.

The Message Board producing the first place winner will also be featured in CORE Performance.

Contestants must be at least 18 years of age. ALRI Battle of the Boards is subject to state and federal law and is void in all states and countries where skill contests requiring proof of purchase are prohibited. Contestants are required to use at least 3 bottles of any ALRI product. Contestants must be free registered members of

The following are excluded from contest eligibility:

  1. Employees of ALRI
  2. Relatives of ALRI employees and owners.
  3. Professional athletes

Okay, Now For the Really Important Part... Helping The Kids!

Easter Seals:
The Easter Seals organization helps over one million children and adults with disabilities through more than 450 service locations across the nation. Author L. Rea and ALRI supports the Easter Seals and will donate $1 for every ALRI product sold during the ALRI Battle of the Boards promotion!

No joke, they really need our help. Easter Seals has had their budget cut by $40 Million in recent government budget cuts and is closing help facilities due to a lack of funds. Recent media hype has put a very bad rep on athletes and the supplement industry everywhere. Here is our chance to show what we are really about; Stepping up to challenges others only talk about from arm chairs and couches.

For more information on the Easter Seals, go to

*See Easter Seals Director Marty Melvin's letter in Letters to the Editor.

Don't want to use ALRI products? So what! Go make a donation yourself and help the kids!

Weasel Clause (Yes, this is actually necessary):
Strength and conditioning training carries inherent risk of injury, permanent disability and even death (geez, avoid dropping a 400lb barbell on your head). Each contestant assumes all risk of injury, harm or loss of any kind resulting from participation in the ALRI Battle of the Boards.

Consult with your licensed physician or health care provider before engaging in any new exercise, nutrition or supplementation program.

If you are unfamiliar with strength and conditioning training, consult with a qualified coach or trainer.

ALRI Battle of the Boards contestants and participants expressly release ALRI, its Distributors, Wholesalers, affiliated companies, owners and directors, officers and all employees from all risk, loss, injury, damage or harm that may arise from participating in Battle of the Boards.

ALRI reserves the right to change these rules without notice at any time. Interpretations of these rules are at the sole discretion of the ALRI judging staff. Any amendments to the rules or changes in prizes will be published online at Rule interpretations and all judging decisions by ALRI staff are final. Contest submissions, photos and data become the sole property of ALRI. Judging scores will be kept confidential.

Other Legal Stuff:
Submission of your contest entry constitutes your express consent and permission for ALRI, and any of its affiliated companies, to use your name, photographs and written responses (in whole or in part) for promotional and advertising purposes, without limitation or restriction. Submission of your contest entry shall be deemed your acceptance of these Rules and Regulations (and any subsequent amendments).

So, do you want to be in your all-timer best shape ever and help the kids too? Join the Battle of The Boards Contest today!

How Do You Get In?

Go to and sign up now!

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