February Core Training Article Table Of Contents.

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February 2005

Of course we brought you lots of cutting edge training and supplementation information again this month, but we also wanted to share some insights into what makes the fitness industry tick...

So there you are at your all time leanest, pumped up, dry as a dinosaur fart and best condition ever waiting to get on stage...but the promoters have decided to run you a little later...like several hours! Read what happened at the California Excalibur and why so many competitors and audience members left before the show was over.


We also completed our Interview with Eric Serrano, M.D. who has given up the info on several areas of human performance including a few secrets of perfection for dietary intake post work-out to maximize recovery.


Featured Article

    Body Composition Training.
    How do we make sense of this metabolic Jeckle and Hyde? The answer is closer than you think. Find out here...



    Shoot For That Extra Arm Size.
    How would you like to shoot for that extra 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch of fresh, new muscle growth for your upper arms in the next 45 days? I'll bet you would, unless you already have arms like Lee Priest.

    2FT: Dual Factor Training - The Program.
    In the last article I presented a sample program which utilizes 2FT (Dual Factor Training), and in this article we'll break down all aspects of the program to better explain how to make 2FT work for you.

Nutrition & Supplementation