Antioxidant Protection & Anti Aging Protocol For The Maturing Bodybuilder.

Science has discovered there to be a very high correlation between antioxidant depletion and insulin resistance/high fasting blood insulin/glucose levels.
Which whole foods carry the most potent antioxidant nutrients? Science has discovered these precious life saving nutrients to reside in the peelings and skins of a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, particularly the brightly colored ones.

The very pigmentation that gives fruits and vegetables their bright, beautiful, eye catching colors possess very vital, protective antioxidants, flavonoids and polyphenols which all have a protective effect at the cellular level when consumed in sufficient variety and quantity.

Science has discovered there to be a very high correlation between antioxidant depletion and insulin resistance/high fasting blood insulin/glucose levels.

Antioxidant Depletion & Insulin Resistance

I take at least 2-3 grams of r-ala daily in divided doses with biotin. It has changed my life. It has improved my overall health and psychological well being. The added mental clarity and focus is priceless.

It feels as if "cobwebs" have been pulled out of my brain. My short term memory is sharper, etc... Also, when I wake up in the morning, I feel even more rested and refreshed than I did when on doctor prescribed hGH. IMO, this is due to it's antioxidant activity.

"Aging" is the wear and tear on the human organism associated with each day of living. The wear and tear is largely caused by free radical activity which permanently damages cells and DNA, causing biological aging. R-ala has been proven as an EXTREMELY potent antioxidant all by itself.

However, another beautiful characteristic of this compound is the fact that it recycles other antioxidants such as C, E, beta-carotene and CoQ10.

Normally, antioxidants lend an electron to free radicals, stabilizing them (neutralizing them), and are discarded after one lick. R-ala changes that by recycling certain valuable antioxidants. This significantly reduces and slows the rate of aging. IMO, hGH works it's anti aging magic through cellular turnover similar to when we youngsters.

Also, I believe it works it's anti-aging magic by promoting the growth of brand new cells (same thing I guess). R-ala, on the other hand, IMO, works it's anti-aging magic by protecting the mature cells we already possess. Which is better? Hmmm, a good question to be pondered, ya think?

Other top pro sensitizing/antioxidant supplements I use are: GLA, CLA, green tea extract (back on it), acetyl l carnitine and omega 3 long chain fatty acids found in cold water marine lipids (fish oil).

Keep in mind that insulin sensitivity is not only determined by how efficiently your skeletal muscle cells absorb glucose, amino acids and other nutrients.

Insulin sensitivity is also determined by the permeability of the cellular walls and membranes of all the cells throughout your body. These cellular walls and membranes are composed of fatty acids. There is a delicate fatty acid balance that goes sadly overlooked. Most Americans cells are not "fluid" enough.

The omega 6/omega 3 fatty acid ratio in this country is as awful as 20:1. THIS EQUALS CELLULAR DEATH! Thousands of years ago during the hunter/gatherer times, the ratio was 1:1 or better. However, after the advent of the agricultural revolution, the ratio shifted in favor of omega 6 and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which, by the way are very unstable fatty acid chains! I am saying that they are highly oxidizable.

Omega 3 consumption took a steep decline and insulin resistance rose among the world's population with the mass consumption of grains. Feeding livestock these same grains have virtually depleted the food supply of precious conjugated linoleic acid and omega 3 fatty acids... Only "free range" grass fed livestock are capable of naturally producing CLA and Omega 3 fats in sufficient quantity.

CLA is a potent insulin sensitizing fatty acid with strong anticarcinogenic and cardiovascular health promoting properties. There is so much more that CLA has to offer.

We live in a society where the food universe has been pumped full of synthetic trans fats, depleted of CLA and essential omega 3 fatty acids. Heart and cardiovascular disease had it's very sharp rise with these trends in Western Society.

Today I was thinking about what I believe is one of the "pillars" of the Mediterranean Diet I've only touched on. That is, the high consumption of whole milk cheese from range/grass-fed animals. I have ZERO doubt the CLA in the cheese that hallmarked that culture played a crucial role in the supreme cardiovascular health evident in the subjects studied. However, as Author L. Rea always says... It's all about synergy baby! Polyphenols from wine, monounsaturated fats from a variety of nuts, olive oil and consumption of cruciferous vegetables all have had their hand...

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I specifically combine r-ala, acetyl l carnitine and CoQ10 for life extension purposes/anti aging. Science has proven that this combination actually mimics caloric restriction at the cellular level, even when there is none.

Caloric restriction, historically, is the number one proven factor present in extending lifespan. When the body converts food into energy at the cellular level, toxic by products are produced, and over time the mitochondria (powerhouses of all bodily cells) become less efficient due to the damage caused by these free radical toxic by products.

Acetyl l carnitine and CoQ10 work synergistically, along with r-ala to revive, restore and speed up the efficiency of these mitochondria, actually restoring them to youthful levels while simultaneously extinguishing most of the free radical toxic waste generated in the process. It is a win/win scenario.

The science on this combo is hot off the press and should not be ignored. Yes, the speeding up of the mitochondria does, in fact, throw off oxygen free radicals due to the increased energy production. However, the synergy with the r-ala is apparent here, as r-ala steps up to the plate by neutralizing these toxic oxygen molecules while simultaneously recycling (directly and indirectly) other antioxidants which do the same thing.

Also, r-ala GREATLY increases the antioxidant glutathione which latches onto toxins and makes them water-soluble enough to be flushed out through your kidneys.

"The quickest way to rid the liver of toxins is to stimulate glutathione production,"

says Savant Mehta, MD, director of the liver-transplant program at the University of Massachusetts.

Benefits Of R-ALA

Since I began using r-ala, my quality of sleep has improved to the point I feel as refreshed, revived and mentally clear as I did when I was a child. I NEVER forgot that refreshed, rested feeling I had as a kid when I awoke in the mornings.

Does anyone know what I mean? It is a feeling of revival felt throughout the physical appendages accompanied by clarity of thought and focus with an emotional reserve at one's disposal for the stress of daily living. I felt ready to take on anything / anybody. I was actually kind of inspired to create my pen name due to my psychological experiences on prescription hGH, specifically after a restful night's sleep on the stuff... However, what I am experiencing now, off of hGH and on an antioxidant program, exceeds any of the aforementioned.

When combined, it is even better. Presently, I am in awe on a daily basis. I am expanding my research. I am my own guinea pig, from an informed standpoint. I will not just dump anything into my body.

The r-ALA definitely has improved my overall quality of life, health and psychological functioning. It is like night and day. After doing a lot of thinking, I am certain there is a direct cause and effect relationship between the antioxidant and insulin sensitizing characteristics of r-ala and skeletal muscle cell proliferation/hyperplasia, particularly when on certain androgenic/anabolic prohormones. There is a cross reaction here and there is definitely cross talk between insulin and IGF-1 receptors while they do their magic.

Increasing their sensitivity in an anabolic environment is very important. Could there be more endogenous hgh being produced due to antioxidant protection and insulin sensitivity/efficiency? I think the fact that r-ala is an extremely potent "universal" antioxidant AND very potent insulin sensitizing/nutrient partitioning agent is not happenstance. I believe they are intricately cross reacting here in ways not yet well understood.

Since I have been flooding my body with antioxidants I feel much better physically, psychologically and emotionally. IMO, hGH was the first frontier of anti aging research, popularity and publicity. However, right now, the science is hot off the press regarding antioxidant enzymes, nutrients and how they can slow and yes, even reverse, to some degree, biological aging. I am talking about more than traditional vitamins. This is all good news for bodybuilders.

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I feel like with hGH I used to "overpower" the cells of my body through cellular turnover, or possibly laying brand new cells over those which were destroyed by the toxic by products of daily living (which I discussed earlier). I guess that is what cellular turnover is. I think as we grew from babies into adults, our cellular turnover was incredibly fast and efficient.

IMO, as old cells were destroyed by these toxic by products, cellular turnover was so rapid that it was almost irrelevant. However, during our mid thirties and forties, we know a whole host of hormones, enzymes other endogenously produced "protectants" gradually decline.

My own theory, based on what I have studied AND on what I am experiencing now, is that as these "protectants" decline, the free radicals produced by the stress of daily living (endo and exo) gradually win out. Cellular turnover slows eventually to a halt later in life and all the cells of our body are at the mercy of poisonous toxins produced from within our bodies and the environment.

Cellular mitochondria generate energy less efficiently and similar to "leaky nuclear reactors" spilling chemical waste intended to be used for generating energy. IMO, hormonal replacement overrides or slows this process by restoring cellular turnover to youthful levels (hGH, test, thyroid, etc). Antioxidant protection guards the mature cells these naturally produced hormones created in the first place, from the oxidative stress which speeds the rate of aging. Make sense? Does to me.

Which Is The Best Route To Go?

Hmmmm... food for thought...

A balance of both? IMO, this is something to ponder.

We can only replace the missing links we know about. What about the hormones, chemicals and enzymes which decline with age science has not yet uncovered? New information shall continue to roll. This field of study is cutting edge and totally fascinates me. Our society is absolutely obsessed with looking young and being lean, period! The current answers seem to lie in many of the issues I have mentioned here tonight.

About The Author

Clarityandfocus has a Bachelor of Science in Social Work with a Minor in Psychology with 24 years of devoted experience and a passion for the study of bodybuilding and nutrition.

One thing I love about Author L. Rea's work is this: Although some say he is fanatical, the health of the bodybuilder is his first priority. Results come second, but he knows both are equally possible and is a living example. Extreme results require extreme measures.

Implied is an extrapolation for the chemically assisted enthusiast... Both "extremes" require tedious and informed applications created by design and not chance. Anything Author L Rea writes, produces or creates is well worth your time and attention. Learn more about Author here.