An Interview With Eric Serrano, M.D - Part Two.

Take a look inside the life of Eric Serrano. Find out who he is and why he is so popular in the fitness industry...
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I am joined today by world famous nutrition and supplementation expert Dr. Eric Serrano MD.

Dr. Serrano is well known amongst elite athletes and coaches who seek his help for the most complicated cases. He also leads the Ohio State University family practice in Columbus, Ohio where he helps people overcome every day problems with unconventional tactics, which produce results!

This man turns miracles every day; he gets results when others say it is hopeless. Listen to his advice and you will be armed with the information to succeed.

[ Q ] The blood type diet is largely based on allergies from what I understand. Have you seen this type of plan work?

    ES: Yes, it will work for about a third of the population in my opinion, but it is not for active people. It is for people with health problems only. The author did not take activity levels and needs of active people into consideration.

[ Q ] The post workout environment is an area where you have different opinions than most can you give us some recommendations?
    ES: I use low carb diets very frequently and I like low carb post workout meals with about 20-40 grams of carbs. That will be enough for the body to do what it needs to do, but the amount of protein and the timing of ingestion are also big players in this equation.

    Timing is very important because certain nutrients can compete for absorption so to speak. The post workout nutrition cycle has 3 steps that need to be consumed separately. One step primes the system for the next.

    Post workout nutrition must be heavily based on activities; a marathoner will need more carbs post workout. A weight lifter will need certain proteins post workout, whey works the best. Certain weight trainers do not need any carbs post workout, especially if fat loss is the goal.

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[ Q ] Can you explain the three steps of post workout nutrition

  • Branched Chain Amino Acids and Free Form Amino Acids immediately following the workout, as soon as your last set is done. These supplements provide important raw materials and put the hormones into a state that is prepared to receive the next step.

    A small amount of glucose can be added for certain people depending on the goals.

  • Fast Acting Food - 45 minutes later, whey protein and glucose for those who need it, these sources are quickly absorbed and provide more nutrients for the system to grow and recover.

    Whey is quickly absorbed that is why it is good at this time, but it is a mistake for most people as a meal replacement because it does not provide a prolonged nutrient release.

  • A complete food meal should be consumed 2 hours after the workout, what this meal consists of depends on many factors, this should be the largest meal of the day.

[ Q ] You created the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis to work within step 1, can you explain how it works during the post workout feeding?
    ES: Muscle Synthesis provides Free Form Aminos (FFA) to the blood stream and a few other special ingredients within a quick delivery system. When working out the body breaks down muscle for energy and releases FFA into the blood stream to signal the brain that enough muscle has been broken down.

    FFA is a signal for the brain to stop breaking down muscle, so Nitromine floods the system with FFA so the body will not break down any muscle.

    It is an elaborate trick, furthermore high levels of FFA in the blood make the body think that too much muscle has been broken down my accident. As a result your body works over time to build an repair muscle to correct the "mistake"

[ Q ] Wow, can you explain how the BCAA works in this equation?
    ES: 100% MR will raise insulin post workout even without any carbohydrate presence. The correct ratios of amino acids will produce this anabolic environment which is desirable for pushing nutrients into the muscles while also peaking anabolic hormones.

    I just showed you the research that I am referring to. Insulin is increased but there is no extra carbohydrate to store as fat when levels are peaked.

[ Q ] Why do you have to wait 45 minutes for the fast acting food?
    ES: You want the BCAAs and FFAs to do their work first without any interruptions. Fast Acting Food will trigger a digestive system response that will take blood into the lower intestine and away from the muscles where it is most helpful.

    This is a complicated topic and it is not as easy as it sounds, but for the purposes of this conversation just note that you do want to create a competition for absorption.

[ Q ] So what do people seeking fat loss, to gain size or recover from endurance activities want to do?
    ES: This depends on goals, to maximize body fat loss. Essential aminos and BCAA with no carbs post workout. I like whey for the post workout shake consistently. Someone trying to gain LBM (Lean Body Mass) should have 35-40g medium glycemic carbs with their shake.

    Recovery focused post workout shakes are also a different story that will depend largely on activity levels. Glycogen replenishment comes into play, and you must replace what you use.

    This is a complicated topic, but I have gone over it with you extensively. People should contact you for help to iron out the best procedure for themselves.

[ Q ] Lately you have been recommending BCAA and Free From Aminos in the morning right when you wake up. Why is this?
    ES: You are in a very catabolic state when you rise in the morning because you have not eaten for so many hours. So you want something that is easily absorbed, during the design phase of the mr and muscle synthesis my goal was to promote both rapid and efficient levels of absorption.

      Catabolic: Muscle-wasting, deteriorating.

    Anyone can look at the research and slap together a formula, but combining different ingredients will impact absorption rates. Luckily I have many patients to experiment and it took me many years to figure out the correct ratios.

    As a result of both rapid and efficient absorption you will be in an anti-catabolic state. I find that this works best for those people who have high stress levels to counteract cortisol.

[ Q ] Training camp for many sports including football and hockey take place during this time of year. What can athletes do to avoid overtraining and maximize performance during these physically stressful times?
    ES: Hydration is very important. We have seen athletes die recently in all levels including the pros and high school from dehydration related episodes.

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    Breaks should be taken every 20 minutes and the athlete should have a water bottle his or her name on it that they have to finish before returning to practice. 16oz of water should be consumed for every 100 pounds of body weight. This will help to prevent muscle break down and dehydration.

[ Q ] For purposes of avoiding overtraining during training camp what can be done?
    ES: Extra sleep will be a big help to athletes, but most people do not get enough sleep anyway. Naps are very helpful. Caloric and nutrient intake should be increased during training camps. Do not start eating a bunch of junk for the heck of it, but get in as much quality food as possible without making yourself sick.

    Some athletes lose their appetite during extended periods of intense exercise and they must eat even if they are not hungry. Some time should also be taken off to recover before the actual competition season starts to prevent the athletes from maintaining an overtrained state during the early part of the season.

[ Q ] What should a person do if they are seeking your expert advice? Can people come to Columbus to see you in person?
    ES: The best way to contact me is to contact you (Scott). You do a good job of evaluating the cases and I will help people if I can. Right now I get 3-5 athletes a week that contact me for help. I will take a select number of the cases because I want to give the athletes my best effort and avoid spreading myself thin. Athletes are demanding so it takes a lot of time to do things right.

[ Q ] What attributes do you look for in an athlete when deciding if you will take them as a client?
    ES: I want to find the athletes who will do what they say they are going to do and they need to listen to what I tell them to do.

[ Q ] Doc thanks for the interview and I wanted to close with one question. What is the best way for people to identify and correct problems preventing progress and get on the road to success?
    ES: Always ask someone else, never do it yourself. There are a lot of wannabe experts out there who think they know everything. They should contact someone like you who is a great trainer.

    You and other people out there understand the needs of trainees and can help them. People should seek out help long before they stop making progress to avoid wasting time. That is why I use you to help me, because you are learning from so many around you. Work on this.

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