What Happened At The GNC NPC Excalibur With Jon Lindsay.

I am sorry to say that in the past few days I have received at least 100 e-mails regarding the frustration of the GNC NPC Excalibur show...
To Whom It May Concern,

This was by far the worst NPC show I have seen since I began attending over 4 years ago. There were over 250 contestants! I can understand how the growth of the sport can help the future but when your prejudging starts at 11:00 am and is not over until after the time the night show is supposed to begin, you really have a problem. You could almost see the dollar signs flashing in Jon Lindsay's (the promoters) eyes. Fortunately for him he did have a bodyguard with him (strong is his nickname) and rightfully needed it because there were several pissed off competitors. Something needs to change with NPC bodybuilding and it needs to change now! Is there any future for bodybuilding?


I am sorry to say that in the past few days I have received at least 100 e-mails and letters similar to this one that Jason penned to us in frustration. After all, where do hard working hard-core bodybuilders, and other amateur athletes, turn when they are shown a level of respect more fit to that of a thief for their physical endeavors?

Well, Let's Start Here!

Max Muscle and Pinnacle presented the GNC NPC Excalibur Bodybuilding and Figure Championships held Saturday December 4th in Culver City California. Being a National Qualifier for the higher echelon of amateur athletes, there was a certain air of quality and prestige expected.

So What Happened?

The show was so poorly run that several athletes who, eventually, qualified for the night show left before the night show came… which was sometime after 11pm prejudging? (Can you imagine trying to maintain the coveted perfect dry and tight look for an additional 5-7 hours with no idea as to if or when you are going on stage?)

The show was so badly structured and prepared that some athletes never made it out for mandatory poses at all, and those who did where only allowed to do a few.

How Long Before A Show Do You Hold Your Contest Condition For?
2 Weeks Out.
1 Week Out.
4-6 Days Out.
2-4 Days Out.
Day Of Contest.
Under 5 Hours Before The Show.

Jason, I can only say that you are right in being outraged at this poor presentation. I have been to and/or part of well over 1000 shows and never witnessed one this bad since the AAU took a shot.

Jon Lindsay promotes about a dozen or so shows yearly and as a rule runs a much tighter event. This is not the norm, I assure you. However, if this trend does continue at the next Jon Lindsay show then I will be recommending that all serious athletes refrain from attending or competing at further Jon Lindsay productions. I can assure you that we will not be sending any of the ALRI athletes if this past event becomes the accepted way.

Any Excalibur competitor not satisfied with the service delivered for their $60 entrance fee (plus the cost of contest prep, travel and hotel expenses) can ask for their money back. Naturally I do suggest that any competitor that paid their fees by credit card do a charge back due to the fact that the services paid for were not those ordered. It is why your credit card company gives you such protection.

By the way, the next show is the GNC NPC Max Muscle Naturals March 5, 2005 Culver City, California. The show is being held at the same Veteran's Memorial Auditorium Culver City, California.

As a sponsor of a dozen of the athletes that were there, I can honestly say I was disappointed and will not be sending our people there again unless there are some changes made. Then again, I suppose the fact that the event hotel (Ramada Plaza Hotel, Culver City) becoming a multiple crime scene and gunfire exchanges could dampen the night for anyone. Oh, did I mention that the event hotel is the same for the NPC Max Muscle Naturals March?

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Jon Lindsay - Bodybuilding's Backstage Ambassador with two of the industry's hottest commodities, Sherri and Brenda.