Claire Bodiya's Inspiration And Motivation

With my husband’s support and nutrition guidance I was on the right path and thought nothing could stop me!
Claire Bodiya's Inspiration And Motivation

Claire Bodiya's Inspiration and Motivation

I have been a competitive athlete my entire life, so the drive to better myself has always been with me. When I finished my career playing soccer at the University of Arizona, a part of me felt empty and kind of lost. I wanted and needed to compete in something. I was so used to training every day; I knew I needed to fill that void.

A friend of mine told me about figure competitions and what they were all about. It sounded like the perfect fit for me to keep my competitive edge. So I decided to look into a trainer, and I found the best trainer on the planet. At first he was very intimidating and very upfront about what it takes to be a figure athlete. I think he was trying to scare me away, but I didn't back down. We ended up training for my first show, and he is now my husband!

I took first place in my class and had the time of my life. Sometime after that show last year I ran into some serious medical issues unrelated to my training and was forced to stop eating and training the way I needed to in order to maintain the physique that I had worked so hard to achieve. Long story short, I put on nearly 30 pounds of body fat in the time I was undergoing testing. I was very unhappy with how my body had gotten away from me.

Last year, shortly before the holidays I finished my testing and could resume eating and training the way I knew would get my body back. I vowed to myself that after the holidays I was going to get back to my training and nutrition regimen. I knew I had to set a goal, so I planned on training for the same show I won the year before. That was my inspiration! But my boyfriend (now husband) proposed to me on Christmas morning. As if the show wasn't enough motivation, now I had a wedding to look my best for too!

Then we got back to Phoenix, logged on to our favorite website, and discovered the Optimum Nutrition $100,000 Transformation Challenge on My motivation went through the roof! A figure competition, a wedding, and, oh yeah, a shot at $100,000 in cash and prizes; there was no way I was going to fail with those kind of goals laid out in front of me.

Claire's 100K Transformation before and after photos
Claire's 100K Transformation before and after photos
Claire's 100K Transformation before and after photos.

With my husband's support and nutrition guidance I was on the right path and thought nothing could stop me! But not so fast … unfortunately one of my motivating factors stopped me from doing the competition, the wedding itself. I was just swamped with planning since we were getting married in May, and I had to put my wedding first. But I continued to train for the transformation challenge, and I couldn't be happier with the results! I got my body back!

Thanks to, Optimum Nutrition and of course my husband.

Claire's Top 5 Motivation Tips

  1. Find your inner motivation. For example, my motivation was my wedding. And now it is to stay healthy and keep feeling great.

  2. Preparation is the key to success. Prepare meals well in advance and in bulk so you are never left scrambling for food.

  3. Surround yourself with supportive and encouraging people, like the fitness community on BodySpace.

  4. Stay disciplined in all areas, including sleep, nutrition, cardio and strength training. You need all of these to be in the best shape that you can be.

  5. Realize that your health, your body, is one of the only things on this planet that you cannot buy. Once it's gone, it's gone. So you must do everything you can to maintain, support, strengthen and most of all cherish it.

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