Mental Staying Power.

Whatever your current state of mind, try these steps to get yourself back on mental track ...
We have heard it countless times ... "It's 20% physical and 80% mental." It's a coaching cliche, so overused that we have become numb to it. Challenges come along and we no longer attack them, but settle for second best, or third, or fourth. Our mind takes the easy route. To be mentally tough takes a lot of work and energy.

What if you expel all that energy and still fail at your goal? Is it really worth the effort?

If you are asking yourself these questions, you have already set the stage for failure. May as well put up the white flag and accept defeat. But if you don't want to give up, desire personal success and spiritual achievement, you are still in the game.

Whatever your current state of mind, try these steps to get yourself back on mental track.

1. Analyze.

    Look over the original goals you set. Where they realistic? Tweak them so you are challenged yet not reaching for unobtainable stars. Now research what happened to get you off track. Take steps necessary to bring you back in line with your goals. Refocus and stay the course.

2. Organize.

    Get it recorded in detail! Mere thoughts are easier to blow off. Typing plans into the computer types them into your brain. Then you have a printout as proof of plans. No computer access? Put pen to paper. Use a voice recorder. Just get it on record somehow.

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3. Avoid Negative Feedback.

    Remember when you were a student sweating over that exam? You came to a multiple choice question, circled your answer only to go back later and change it. Then you got it wrong. Your original choice was correct. Lesson learned: go with the first instinct. Don't begin a cycle of doubt. Apply this concept to your goal setting and training.

    Just because you had a mediocre workout doesn't mean you will fail at goals set. Not every race will go as planned. Each performance is part of the process.

    You will have great days, mediocre days and perhaps days you just need to back off training altogether. That's OK. That's normal.

What Are Your Goals?
>Lose Fat
>Build Muscle
>Improve Energy

    The body doesn't always respond to our brain or our agenda. But don't let this drag your mental side down. Push that doubting, negative feedback away. Simply take a day off, stretch, relax and start fresh another day.

4. Do Not Settle.

    This can be applied to everything we do in life. Pertaining to sports, it's an incredibly tough one to carry through. It's too easy for people to back off, slow down, shorten workouts or take longer recovery. By doing this too often you compromise training, performance and progress.

    Odds are you won't reach your potential, falling short of goals. Remaining mentally strong is the biggest hurdle for people to get over.

Other Tips

You CAN reach your goals. Visualize a performance that is near perfect. Use imagery to see and feel the performance in detail. Then carry the image through to completion.

The following is a simplified list outlining requirements to remain mentally solid:

  • Evaluate current goals and performance.

  • Reorganize goals. Set progressive, short-term goals leading to a long-term goal.

  • Keep goals challenging, yet realistic.

  • Record and monitor goals and performances daily, weekly, monthly.

  • Practice imagery to remain positive.

  • Stay 100% focused on the present moment.

  • Learn to control distractions and emotional negativity.

  • Remain confident and passionate about performance.

  • Practice post-competition evaluation.


Within each workout there exist successes and defeats. You can make a conscious decision to focus on the negative ... or the positive. Replace negative self talk with positive affirmation. This will guarantee you the motivation needed to continue reaching for your goals.

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