Christina: The Arnold Classic Weekend Experience!

This is my second year making an appearance and working a booth at the Arnold Expo. This year was very different for me. I worked with's booth along with several other fitness models, and bodybuilders. We had a great time.

The Expo

This is my second year making an appearance and working a booth at the Arnold Expo. I have to say, it was very different this year than last for me. I worked with's booth along with several other fitness models, and bodybuilders. I had tons of fun, because the company is really awesome and youthful.

Friday I noticed the Expo itself to be a little slow compared to the amount of people there last year. Saturday and Sunday, however, was totally slammed. The crowd is always the same: people in the fitness and health industry, bodybuilders, fitness models, their fans, and people that want some free stuff! They get their bags full of free memorabilia, t-shirts, hats, supplements, and more. One of the guys from my gym in Nashville told me he drove 6 hours for free stuff, and he said he probably got $500 worth of goodies. I know we handed out thousands of dollars worth of t-shirts, headbands, books, supplements, and gear single handedly.

Left to right: The booth, with Fawnia Mondey & Carmen Garcia, Carmen, myself, Valentina & Fawnia.

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger both made an appearance for some of the time during the expo, and for those lucky enough to get past their bodyguards, both celebrities were candid and friendly. Stallone actually came in our booth and posed for pictures, and shook everyone's hand. He struck me as a genuinely nice guy.

Hot Babes! I have to say for every guy out there, I think the Arnold has more hot, fit babes than any other one place at the same time. Everywhere you looked there were women that had graced the pages of magazines standing there posing for pictures with fans in some of the skimpiest outfits ever. (Not that that is a bad thing for the fans!)

Left to right: With Jennifer Chamberlin, myself, with Kat Myers & Brenda Kelly, with a fan and Kathleen Johansson.

Cleavage, toned physiques, tans and curves were a popular combination on almost every competitor, model, or booth babe.

Bodybuilders! Let's face it, there is nothing quite like seeing the world's top bodybuilders in person, standing there looking like superhero figurines. People went crazy for the bulging biceps, and broad backs of these unbelievable guys. Almost every bodybuilder to compete in the top competitions of the world was there signing and taking pictures.

The Mens Competition

I'm not a judge, or a competitor, so I will reserve saying who I think should have placed where and whatnot. I will say, however, that I agreed with the top six, although I probably would not have put the people in the exact order they ended up in. I thought Dexter Jackson looked phenomenal. Chris Cormier looked better than I have ever seen him. His body really reminds me of Flex Wheeler's competition physique. I was really impressed with the improvements Craig Titus made.

Left to right: Craig Titus and Jay Cutler. Gunter, Jay, Dexter & Chris.

I thought he looked better than I have ever seen him also. Jay Cutler's physique is definitely one of the top in the world. Not to mention he is a really nice guy. I thought Titus, Kamali, and Ernie Taylor had the best routines. Dorian Yates did a great job commentating on the entire thing for the pay-per-view special. I think the props thing is an interesting idea that may develop into some great entertainment, though it may take away from emphasis on the actual muscle poses in the long run.

What Do You Think About Having Onstage Props?
They Are Stupid & Are A Disgrace To Bodybuilding!
I Like Them & Will Work Them Into My Routine If I Can.
What Are You Talking About?
I Seriously Don't Care!

The After Party

I co-hosted the Official After party at the Promowest Pavilion. It was a Titus-Ryan party; every pro and more showed up. I personally saw Craig Titus, Kelly Ryan, Davana Medina, Chris Cormier, Dorian Yates, Adela Friedmansky, J.M. Manion, Ron from was there snapping away, and several others. The venue was really large, and nice. The crowd that showed up for the party was great. I actually thought there were more women than men.

It seemed like everywhere I turned I saw a female fitness model or female competitor I recognized. Everyone was dressed really sexy, and awesome music went on all night. I noticed more people (especially women) danced than at the Olympia After party. The dance floor and music was very inviting. The next day at the Expo everyone who came up to me at the booth said the party was a blast.

I have to say overall I had a great time at the Arnold weekend, and judging by the turn out year after year, everyone else also has a great time. If you didn't make it this year, you should make sure and come next time!

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