Charlie Mike: Day 42 - Test Max Back Squat, Push Press

This is it! Today is the culmination of all the sweat, effort, and rough days. Today is where it all pays off.

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The last day of the Charlie Mike program is built on another couple of 1RM tests. Today, you'll see how much you can back squat and push press. Hopefully, yesterday's performance made you feel strong and confident. If you've stuck with me this far, I believe in your ability to impress and surprise yourself again today.

For both lifts, follow the same warm-up and progression that you did yesterday:

  • 30% for 8 reps
  • 40% for 6 reps
  • 50% for 4 reps
  • 60% for 2 reps
  • 70% for 1 rep
  • 80% for 1 rep
  • 90-95% for 1 rep
  • 95-100% for 1 rep
  • 100-105% for 1 rep

Rest 2-3 minutes between sets and 5 minutes between movements. If you feel up to it, bring a little snack, and eat between movements.

Day 42: Test max back squat, push press

Back squat

1 rep max test
Back squat Back squat


Push press

1 rep max test
Push press Push press

Your Next Mission

Once you've finished the two lifts, you can celebrate completing the Charlie Mike program. You did something incredibly difficult—something that chewed up and spat out plenty of other women weeks ago. But you made it. That's a big deal.

But you're not done. Yes, you've finished a program, but now it's time for you to find a new mission and begin a new program. Feel free to repeat Charlie Mike, or check out one of my other programs on my website. You can also find many other fitness programs on

Remember, never limit yourself. You never know how far you can go or how high you can reach. You are capable of becoming whoever the hell you want to be!

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