Charlie Mike: Day 40 - Mile Run Test, 1,000 Meter Row Test

In the last three days of Charlie Mike, you're going to put all of your work to the test. Today, find out how much faster you can run and row!

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There's no doubt about it: running a mile as fast as you can is not easy, but you've been preparing for this moment for the last six weeks. You're more than ready to take on the challenge. Before you get going, make sure you warm up well and your body feels good. When you're ready, hit the road, track, or treadmill and book it!

After you've completed the mile, write down your time and compare it to what you did in the first week of the trainer. You may surprise yourself!

Rest at least 20 minutes before you get on a rowing machine. Drink some BCAAs or eat some quick-digesting carbs, but don't fill up on anything. If you're not quite ready in 30 minutes, give yourself a little more time. Remember, that 1,000 meters is going to go by pretty fast, so give yourself enough time to recover.

Once you've completed the row, write down that time and compare it to your time in the first week. Notice any big improvements? I'll bet you have!

You're done with testing for today, so eat up and get ready for some big lifts tomorrow.

Day 40: Mile run test, Row test


Mile-run test, rest 20-30 minutes
Running Running



1,000-meter-row test
Rowing Rowing

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