Charlie Mike: Day 4 - Max Push Press, Metabolic Conditioning

Get ready to blast your upper body with handstand push-ups, kettlebell swings, and wall runs!

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Today, you'll test your 1RM for the push press in addition to completing two upper-body-focused circuits. Before you set out to test your 1RM, however, follow the warm-up progression outlined in Day 1.

Like you did on Days 1 and 2, complete the circuits as fast as possible, but not at the expense of good form. Take breaks when necessary, but keep them to 30-60 seconds. Because some of the exercises require specific equipment, I've given you alternative exercises that'll target the same muscle groups, but can be done in almost any gym.

You don't have to be perfect the first time you do these exercises, but you won't get better if you don't try!

Day 4: Max push press, metabolic conditioning



Push Press

Find max push press
Push Press Push Press


Circuit: 3 rounds

Ring Row

10-12 ring reps (alternative: inverted row)
Suspended Row Suspended Row
Kettlebell Windmill Kettlebell Windmill

Wall run

3 reps
Wall Walk Wall Walk
Note: Take your time going through the windmill. Perform slow, controlled reps so you don't end up with a weight on your face! Rest 5-10 minutes

Circuit: 4 rounds

Handstand Push-Up

7 reps (alternative: push-up or decline push-up)
Handstand Push-Ups Handstand Push-Ups
One-Arm Kettlebell Swings One-Arm Kettlebell Swings

Barbell Snatch

10 reps (alternative: kettlebell or dumbbell snatch, 5 reps per arm)
Snatch Snatch

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