Charlie Mike: Day 37 - Metabolic Conditioning

The heavy weight will happen later this week. Today, push yourself through two hard-core conditioning circuits!

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Ready for your last week of training? Of course you are! Get into the gym and get ready to work hard.

You'll test your new maxes on the last two days of the program. Today, it's all conditioning. The first circuit is going to challenge your shoulders and your core. Get through it as quickly as possible. For the push press, choose weight that's challenging, but that you can hit the reps with. Remember, these circuits are only as difficult as you make them. Sure, you can take the easy route, but if you do, those changes in your body and your mind will be minimal.

After the first circuit, you'll row 1,000 meters as quickly as you can. Try not to rest. Go right from that last plank to the rowing machine. Ideally, this should take you somewhere between 4-6 minutes. Try to maintain a steady pace. Pull hard, and keep breathing.

Your final circuit should be a balls-to-the-wall effort. To perform the suicides, set up one marker—it can be a cone, a water bottle, or even a sweatshirt—at 10 meters (about 10 long paces) and another at 20 (about 20 long paces). Sprint to the 10-meter mark and back, then sprint to the 20-meter mark and back. When you're done running, grab a barbell and start doing thrusters.

Get through five rounds as quickly as you can!

Day 37: Metabolic conditioning


Circuit: 4 rounds without stopping
Barbell push press Barbell push press
Waiter's carry Waiter's carry


1 minute
Plank Plank



1000 meters, then rest 5-10 minutes
Row Row

Circuit: 5 rounds


10-meter sprint, then 20-meter sprint
Suicide Suicide
Barbell thruster Barbell thruster

Don't forget to write down your circuit times, what weights you used, and how you felt after finishing the workout.

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