Charlie Mike: Day 34 - Back Squat, Metabolic Conditioning

Big back squats make round booties! Get yours done, then burn through some conditioning.

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Heavy back squats are going to make a woman out of you. If you have equipment like a belt, knee sleeves, wraps, or lifting shoes, today's the day to use them. They can help you feel more secure and supported in those heavy lifts. If you don't have any, no need to worry; just put the bar on your back. You'll still be able to move hella weight.

Dips can be done on rings, a machine, or even parallel barbells in a power rack. Use whatever equipment your gym has available. When you do them, however, try to get your elbows as close to 90 degrees as possible, and keep your elbows from flaring out.

Day 34: Back Squat/Metabolic Conditioning



Back squat

3 sets of 2 reps at 95% of 1RM, rest 3 minutes
Back squat Back squat


Circuit: 3 rounds without stopping, then rest 5-10 minutes
Bent-over rear-delt fly Bent-over rear-delt fly

Man maker

10 reps
Man maker Man maker


8 reps
Dip Dip

Circuit: 4 rounds without stopping

Wall run

8 reps
Wall run Wall run
Dumbbell pull-over Dumbbell pull-over
Rope climb Rope climb


400 meters
Run Run

Don't forget to write down your back-squat weight, your circuit times, what weights you used, and how you felt after finishing the workout.

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