Charlie Mike: Day 15 - Rest

Nothing important in life can be achieved without total commitment. This week, you'll continue going strong and commit to sticking it out for the long haul.

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By now, you know that Charlie Mike isn't your same old "workout." But you've stuck with it through two hard weeks! Now you owe it to yourself to keep pushing. Use this week to commit to eating well, crushing your workouts, and working on making yourself just a little better every day.

Charlie Mike Week 3 Commit
Watch the video - 1:26

Week 3, you may have heard, is when most people give up, give in, and fall off the wagon. You're not going to be one of those people. You're going to achieve what you set out to do.

This week's workouts will be trying—just like last week's. You'll want to throw in the towel, but you won't. Once you get past Week 3, you've made the silent commitment to keep going. So let's get started.

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