2008 Arnold: The Charity After-Bash MEGA-PARTY '08!

On March 1st, 2008 the Charity After-Bash will begin. Jason Dhir presents the party that is now twice the size from last year and is absolutely loaded. Learn more right here!

Jason Dhir Presents...
The Charity After-Bash MEGA-PARTY '08!


arrow When:

    Saturday, March 1, 2008
    Doors open at 9:00pm

arrow Where:

    BoMA Niteclub
    583 E. Broad St.
    Columbus, OH

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Mapquest Directions: BoMA Niteclub.

Charity After-Bash MEGA-PARTY '08!
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Charity After-Bash MEGA-PARTY '08!

  • 6 Months of design and Prep work.
  • 5 Thousand people in attendance.
  • 4 Levels in this Sanctuary of Sin.
  • 3 Unbelievable Shows in one night.
  • 2 Times the size of last years After-Bash.
  • 1 Bad-@ss MEGA-PARTY.

Last Year's Event
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Jamie Eason & Christina Lindley
At Last Year's Event.

For More Information:

Last Year's Event
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Last Year's Event.

    Her Majesties Royal Terrier

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