Energy Drink Review: Labrada Charge! SuperShot Gives Real Boost!

The SuperShot says that it charges you up with healthy energy. It says that it contains energy releasing B-vitamins as well as fruit-based antioxidants. I am impressed... Here's what I thought about this energy shot.

Labrada Charge! SuperShot Review

The Labrada Charge! SuperShot was another product sample which I received during a visit to Las Vegas for the Mr. Olympia weekend. At first I didn't really have any thoughts about it since the only main group of supplements which I use are protein powders, and lately, creatine also for muscle building and NO products for achieving good pumps in the gym. I have never used a fat burner, and pretty well never use stimulants or even drink coffee.

The SuperShot says that it charges you up with healthy energy. It says that it contains energy releasing B-vitamins as well as fruit-based antioxidants. I am impressed with this not only because it promises a lot, but promises to do it in a healthy manner. Although a lot of supplements make big claims I had never seen claims exactly like the above, as most products in the same category would offer a stimulant effect while not promising any healthy effect for the body.

Charge! SuperShot Labrada Presents:
Charge! SuperShot

Charge! SuperShot charges you up with healthy energy! Get energy-releasing B-vitamins, plus natural fruit-based anti-oxidants to support your body's natural defenses against cell-damaging oxidative stress. Charge! SuperShot adds just the right amount of caffeine, to leave you refreshed and ready to take on the world!
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As a little bit of background to the context of when I used the SuperShot supplement, it was not a gym workout. I had been staying at my parent's house for the past couple of weeks and had somehow had an allergic reaction to the environment despite having lived there until 2005 when I was 23 years old.

My parents have three small dogs but it is possible that in the time that I was away from them I developed an allergy to the dog hair of one or more of them. I had been sneezing a lot and the symptoms would go away when I would leave and I would usually end up drowsy as the symptoms went away.

Today I was very drowsy after the symptoms had subsided and I noticed the SuperShot in my bag of supplements and after reading the label, figured that it would be a good time to consume it. I drank it and I did not find it to be bad tasting and actually kind of enjoyed it - it was somewhat tangy but did have an aftertaste which made me realize that it did have healthy ingredients (in other words, it was not a good aftertaste). Overall, I didn't mind the taste though and it is not a product I would get sick of.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: Labrada Charge! SuperShot

By: Quickxi
For a quick shot of energy, this isn't bad. Has a nice blend of antioxidants
Eight Out Of Ten.
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After the SuperShot kicked in, I was definitely awake! As much as I would have been with an extra large cup of coffee. Without question it worked as I was totally energized after very little time elapsed since my initial consumption. This was not the placebo effect because I was not even thinking about what the effect would be and before I knew it I was wide awake and feeling great.

Overall Review:

SuperShot is decent tasting and it delivers what it promises to do and above all else, consists of a healthy blend! I definitely like it and will use it again in the future. I want to keep one on hand for the next time I feel drowsy and may order some more just in case I find myself nodding off at times when I need energy. Next time, I will also use it in the gym and see how that treats me!