Staying Holiday Lean By Eating Clean!

As winter approaches, it's extremely difficult for most people not to binge and pack on a few pounds. Packing on a couple of pounds is quite normal during the holidays. But overindulging and stuffing yourself...

As winter approaches, it's extremely difficult for most people not to binge and pack on a few pounds. Packing on a couple of pounds is quite normal during the holidays. But overindulging and stuffing yourself, instead of the Thanksgiving turkey is no way to treat your self or your body.

If we choose to binge all winter long, we will be riddled with guilt and fat! Do we want to begin a new year with the same old resolution? I didn't think so. Not to mention, the low self-esteem that follows when one has ended up with thicker thighs or "love handles" can be grueling. This is something to think about before we splurge.

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As Winter Approaches, It's Extremely Difficult For
Most People Not To Binge And Pack On A Few Pounds.

Limit Yourself!

Sure, the holidays are great and full of treats! But when the parties are over and January hits, we're back to square one, trying to burn off the excess fat we carelessly put on during a short period of time. Being conscious of what kinds of foods we eat and how much we eat is key.


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Winter Equals Fat Gain!
We need to fully comprehend why we gain weight at this time of year. Below are some solutions to minimize fat gain during the holidays.

Every day we must remind ourselves that staying reasonably lean through discipline is much easier than trying to burn off excess fat once we've gained the unwanted pounds. In essence, trying to loose fat is by far more difficult than to say to someone politely at a holiday gathering, "No, thank you. I've already tried a piece of the cake".

Understandably, most people in our culture enjoy celebrating the season with holiday foods like cookies, cakes and recipes high in sugar, starches and fats etc...

Junk Food
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Most People In Our Culture Enjoy Celebrating
The Season With Holiday Foods Like Cookies & Cakes.

We may attend a holiday gathering with tables filled with dozens of prepared foods, but we don't know all of the ingredients or recipes in them. Chances are if the food tastes incredibly delicious, it's almost a guarantee that it's very high in calories! If our goal is to maintain or even lose weight around the holidays, we must take action before it happens.

How To Stay Lean Over The Holidays!

There are many ways to stay lean during the holidays without being tempted to eat a box of chocolates or a third plate of food. A good idea is to bring our own healthy dish to a gathering and measure all portions being served on a plate.


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Holiday Food Traps!
We spend all year vigilantly keeping to our workout regimens and trying to watch our waistlines, then, when the holidays come around, we inevitably fall flat.
Phano Paul

We may also want to consider eating a small healthy meal or snack at home prior to a holiday gathering so we won't be tempted to eat everything in sight. Then, we can just have smaller portions and sample the platters of food being served instead of packing the plate.

Another way to stay lean during the holidays is if I have space in my home to invite guests, I suggest Thanksgiving dinner at my place. I can be in control of most recipes and I try not to eat until I'm full. Try serving raw veggies with low fat homemade dressings, instead of chips and dips. Drink plenty of water with meals so that you feel fuller.


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I don't really think that one Thanksgiving dinner can make you gain 10 pounds. It is all of the sugary "treats" so many coworkers and relatives offer to us in good deed. You can kindly thank them and explain that you're trying to watch your food intake.

Or perhaps sample just one cookie. Again, self-control may be difficult but keep in mind that it is also very difficult to loose fat. Try to remember to pack healthy snacks throughout your day to avoid binging.

Junk Food
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Explain To Them That You're Trying
To Watch Your Food Intake.

Making sure I get cardio exercise at least four or five times a week is important. I make time to fit cardio exercise into my schedule, especially during a hectic holiday schedule. It requires a lot of effort on my part to fit exercise into my tight schedule.

Planning my days ahead (previous night) by packing meals and scheduling exercise time is beneficial for staying lean. I do not allow excuses that I'm tired anymore.

How Many Days Ahead Do You Plan Your Meals?

Same Day
One Day
Two Days
Three Days
Four Days
Five Days
Six Or More Days

Exercise has many benefits and ironically increases energy, while promoting better sleep. The holidays may add stress to our busy lives. Exercising is a great way to relieve stress and keeps your metabolism on target.

Ok, so if holding back on the buttery mashed potatoes is a problem, there are also dietary supplements on the market that can cut fats and starches, as well as fibers to slow down sugar absorption. Chitosan (fat blocker) is a natural lipid binder made of shell crustaceans to promote weight loss by absorbing up to 20-30 grams of fat from fatty foods ingested.

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Chitosan is a dietary supplement that is from the shells of shellfish such as shrimp and crab. It's a unique and natural source of fiber.

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Chitosan (pron.: 'KITE-o-san') comes in capsule form and should be taken at 1.5 mg about 20 to 30 minutes prior to a meal for its optimal effect. A good starch blocker can block up to 450g of starchy carbohydrates depending on the recommended dosage.

There is no way to block sugar, but we can slow down sugar absorption with soluble gel like fibers like psyllium, guar gum, and glucomannan.

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Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fiber that's derived from the Konjac root. Glucomannan is found in negligible amounts in food.

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Weight loss dietary supplements such as these can certainly be taken when we have the tendencies to binge. Just don't rely on one "solution" to stay lean. A combination of diet, exercise and dietary supplementation is essential for one to maintain weight or loose fat.


Enjoy the holidays! Try not to overindulge, but allow yourself a few treats on occasion. You deserve it! Remember, if you binge you'll end up paying a higher price later for a few blissful moments of Santa's cookies or extra gravy.

And if you do plan on treating yourself to foods high in fat, sugar and starches, make sure you ask a qualified expert on the dietary supplements mentioned above for a better understanding on how they work.

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Allow Yourself A Few Treats On Occasion.

Personally, I highly benefit from high-grade protein of egg whites for much compensation of cheating with certain foods. I rely on substituting recipes with egg whites year round, whether I weaken or not!