Brian Yersky Fights For Pro At The NPC USA Las Vegas 2010 - Exclusive Interview!

This weekend top bodybuilders will compete in Las Vegas at the NPC USA! With only a few pro-cards being given to the victors, can Brian Yersky pull through? Check out this exclusive interview to find out how Brian has built his titanic physique!

Article Summary:
  • Brian received The Steve Stone, "Heart of a Champion" award.
  • Brian's protein sources are chicken, Lana's Egg Whites, and Met-Rx 100% Whey.
  • Brian has had to work very hard on filling his chest with round muscle.


Brian Yersky Fights for Pro


[ Matt Weik ] Brian, congratulations on your success thus far in your career! Tell us, what has the past 5 years of your competitive career been like?

[ Brian Yersky ] The past 5 years have been my entire competitive career. It all started when my wife, Jordan (fianc at the time) and I moved to Columbus, Ohio so she could attend dental school at Ohio State in 2005. I trained at The World Gym in Worthington, home of Mike Davies and the Fitness Factory. I competed in 2 shows in the spring and did a series in the fall, 3 in a row. We walked away with a few titles and a bunch of class wins.

2006 was much of the same, competed in series of spring and fall shows, and again capturing a slew of class wins. At this point I realized it was better to limit the number of shows a year to maximize off season gains. With this new insight, I competed twice in 2007, winning my class at both the Jr. California and Collegiate Nationals. This is when I made another revelation and began working with George Farah.

We had an awesome off season and presented my best package to date at the 2008 Jr. USA's where we took 3rd, behind IFBB Pro Cedric McMillan. We continued on this streak and took 4th at Jr. Nationals, beating out Trey Brewer. 2009 was a ride and a good ride at that; we went back to Jr. Nationals in Chicago and took 3rd, followed that up with our debut at USA's finishing 8th, then ending the long season in Cleveland at the North American with a 5th place finish.

xxxxx Yersky: At This Point I Realized It Was Better To Limit The Number Of Shows A Year To Maximize Off Season Gains
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Yersky: At This Point I Realized It Was Better To Limit The Number
Of Shows A Year To Maximize Off Season Gains.

We found the extreme conditioning they were looking for, but we sacrificed a little bit of size and fullness. That brings us to date, where are as conditioned as we were in Cleveland while being 15 pounds heavier at 7 days out from stepping on stage in Vegas at USA's.

On a side note, I just want to speak about the highlight of my career thus far. This would be when I received The Steve Stone, "Heart of a Champion" award last year at Nationals in Florida. It was truly an honor to receive the award in Mr. Stone's name and I promise to uphold the title and continue to be a positive example of a competitive bodybuilder.

[ MW ] You are competing very soon in the NPC USA's in Vegas. What has your training routine looked like getting ready for this show?

[ BY ] My training for the show has been basic. I'm a believer in "not trying to reinvent the wheel." I do compound and isolation movements making sure I get full contraction on every rep. It's not about moving the weight but rather obtaining the deep contraction that provides the growth of hard, dense, grainy looking muscle. Here is a sample of the split:

Monday: Legs-2 compound movements and 3 to 4 isolation movements

Tuesday: Chest-2 to 3 pressing movements and 2 to 3 isolation movements

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Back-1 compound movement, 2 rowing movements, and 3 isolation movements

Friday: Delts and Traps-1 pressing movement, 2 side lateral movements, 2 rear lateral movements, and 2 trap movements

Saturday: Arms-3 bicep movements and 4 triceps movements

Sunday: Off

Calves: 3 times a week and abs twice. All workouts vary week to week, as movements are never hit repetitively. Supersets are implemented on occasional delt and arm workouts.

The diet down from your off season weight of 295lbs down to 250lbs is no joke buddy! You got diced! What does your diet look like getting ready for this show?

As I said before, I'm a big believer in keeping things simple, from day to day life, training, and diet/nutrition. The diet is simple, 65/25/10. It practically stays the same from start to finish. My protein sources are chicken, haddock, Egg Whites, and Met-Rx 100% Ultramyosyn Whey. The carbs come from rolled oats, white and brown rice and yams.

Lastly, the small amount of fat comes from added olive oil and fish oil. The 8 meals are spaced out equally throughout the day, every 2.25 hours beginning at 6 am. Dieting is all about consistency, keeping your metabolism rolling, and keeping your head right!

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[ MW ]What if any supplements did you use in getting ready for this show? Was there anything in particular that helped get you the results you were looking for?

[ BY ] This is the first prep that I've been able to maintain 2 shakes all the way up to the show, and I consume Met-Rx 100% Ultramyosyn Whey. I do the vanilla post workout with additional Met-Rx Glutamine and BCAA 2200 capsules. The 2nd Ultramyosyn shake is before bed and it is either cookies n crme or peanut butter cup.

Particular supplements that helped me attain this conditioning were all from the Met-Rx line, they include; Hardcore Tonalin CLA, Xtreme Thermal Infusion, Xtreme Lean Booster, and Liquid L-Carnitine 1500 w/ Vitamin B5.

[ MW ] In the last couple days prior to the contest, can you explain your nutrition/water/sodium manipulation to achieve the peak you strive for on contest day?

[ BY ] It's basic. I do not manipulate my sodium, only the water. I regularly consume 2.5 gallons of water of a daily basis throughout the prep so when it's time to drop it, it's drastic. I continue to drink through Monday, Tuesday is 1.5 gallon, Wednesday is .75 gallon, and Thursday is roughly 40 ounces by 2 pm. Simple!

xxxxx Yersky:I Do Not Manipulate My Sodium, Only The Water
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Yersky:I Do Not Manipulate My Sodium, Only The Water.

[ MW ] If you had to be critical of yourself, what would you say your one weakness has been during your career and what have you done to overcome it?

[ BY ] It would be filling in the upper chest. With wide clavicles, there is a lot more area to fill in to obtain a big round chest. I've been targeting this by using strict form and not allowing my front delts to come into play when I train chest. Also on shoulder day, I finish with some pec deck to fill in the front delt/chest tie in. I just try and push as much blood into the chest and get full contraction for a brief pause.

[ MW ] If you were a betting man, where do you see yourself placing at the show?

[ BY ] If you do not believe you can win your class, what is the point of competing? If you don't believe, no one else will either! I am by no means conceited, so please don't take it that way, but I am going to win, not only the super-heavy weight class, but the overall title! Confidence, not arrogance!

xxxxx Yersky: If You Do Not Believe You Can Win Your Class, What Is The Point Of Competing?  If You Don't Believe, No One Else Will Either
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Yersky: If You Do Not Believe You Can Win Your Class, What Is The Point Of Competing? If You Don't Believe, No One Else Will Either!

[ MW ] Ok big guy, let's throw out the numbers that everyone wants to see. What are some of your best lifts?

[ BY ]
Bench: 585
Incline: 495 x 3
Squat: 725 x 3
Deadlifts: 675

[ MW ] Is there anyone you would like to thank for helping you get to where you are today?

[ BY ] Wow, I have a laundry list of people I would like to thank, let me take a deep breath and get comfortable. I must start with my better half, Jordan. She is the drive behind the scene. She has been by my side since we were in 7th grade and won't let me settle for anything less than a successful pro career. She allows me to put training first and foremost in order to pursue my dream. She is my best friend and I couldn't ask for anything more!

Alright, here we go, next is my family which includes, my parents who travel all over the country with us, Teresa Hartle and everyone at Met-Rx, and last but not least, my big brother, George Farah. George is awesome; he cares about you as a person and just not an athlete. He is always available and it doesn't matter what it pertains to, bodybuilding related or not. He took me under his wing back in 2007 and has transformed my physique incredibly. We will be the most conditioned guy on stage vying for the top spot!

I have to thank Mr. Blechman, Robbie Durand and everyone at MD for all their support, Mr. Ed Connors, Jerry McGowan, Stacy Kaufman, and Bill Comstock. All the judges and promoters that saw potential and continued to push me to improve; Jim Rockell, Steve Wienbeger, Jessie and Barb Matherson, Gary Udit, Ken Taylor, John Tuman, Rick Bayardi, Pam Betz, Peter Potter, Jeff Taylor, Paul Hughes, Andy Bartolovich, Tres Bennett, Dave Lieberman, Lonnie Teper, and most importantly Mr. Jim Manion!

Brian Yersky At The 2009 Junior National Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships. Brian Yersky At The 2009 Junior National Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships.
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Brian Yersky At The 2009 Junior National Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships.
View More Pics Of Brian Yersky At The 2009 Junior National Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships.

I can't give enough thanks and I'm so grateful for all the support and encouragement that I've been shown. One last thanks to all the fans and anyone I may have forgot to mention, I greatly appreciate all your continued support!

[ MW ] Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that we didn't cover that you feel the readers should know?

[ BY ] Just like to say, check out my website, and feel free to email me with any comments and/or questions. I have an extensive appearance schedule and would love to meet all of you, so come out and say "Hi!" Also, continue to follow up on the Met-Rx website and quarterly magazine for training tips, nutritional advice, and industry leading supplementation.

[ MW ] Thank you, Brian, and good luck at the show! As always, I wish you the best, buddy!

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