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How do the fitness models I see keep their arms small and lean? I notice some models and competitors have drastically different arm sizes in different pictures. How do they do this?
How do the fitness models I see keep their arms small and lean

I notice some models and competitors have drastically different arm sizes in different pictures. My figure is toned with muscle but my arms are too big for the rest of my frame. How can I fix this?

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This question could have been about ANY body part you want to change. Pay attention. This is where some fine-tuning will come in handy. I recommend lifting lighter weights with high reps along with a less frequent schedule on your arm program only. You should be able to lift the weight 12-25 times for 3-4 sets. Keep the rest of your weight/cardio program the same for now. Nutrition will also play a big part in how big your arms end up. Some people hold their extra weight in their upper bodies. Those people would notice bigger arms at times because of body fat. If this is you, you will have to be leaner for your arms to look smaller.

We are back at nutrition again. This may answer your question on why some of us look so different at times in pictures. A couple of percentages of body fat can really make a noticeable difference. It is wise to check your diet for how many grams of fat you are eating. Also remember if you overeat in calories even if they are not fat calories they will be stored as fat! I try to eat around 20-25 grams of fat a day. Below 20 when I have something coming up that I need to tighten up for. Click here to find out how much fat you should consume daily!

Pro Fitness athletes have to be extremely lean for their contests. They try to set up photoshoots right around the same time because they know they will be in peak condition. We see these stunning pictures in the magazines filtered throughout the year. This freezes our perception of how someone looks in our brains. Is this really what these people always look like? The answer may surprise you.

There are countless positive results received from pushing yourself to a physique goal. There are misconceptions on maintaining this superhuman shape.

It is not possible, necessary or healthy to try to remain in contest peak shape all year. Along with the positive gains involved in getting to a high point of extreme shape include some difficult and potentially negative aspects. Some types of foods have been eliminated from the diet, muscles have been overstrained, injuries may have been worked through or even ignored, relationships have been redefined or sacrificed not to mention the mental battles that come with any attempt to challenge yourself.

Athletes and models have windows of time throughout the year where they are in peak form. The rest of the time is called "off season." Different athletes and models all have different amounts of "off season" time. A lot are off more than on. This means they have a higher percentage of body fat more of the time. Bear in mind, some photoshoots will be booked during this non-peak physique time. This photoshoot will have a very different look for the same person that did a shoot during their peak time. I am not saying this is a bad or worse look. There are many fans and models themselves that prefer the "softer" look. Some projects actually require this look such as lingerie and mainstream bikini layouts. The same girl would look quite different with different body fat percentages.

Having been a Pro fitness competitor and fitness model, I have had an easier time staying around the same shape and leanness all year as a fitness model. For the most part, fitness models do not have to be as lean or as muscular. It is easier on the system and diet.

Athletes and competitors usually have more variation in their physiques. There are of course exceptions to this rule. There are very few who can remain in a high level of condition all of the time year after year. There are rare cases and yes, they are top industry people. So they should be.

For The Rest Of Us

Everyone holds their extra body fat in different places. It is hard to judge two people side by side by just one part like the arms. Just because someone's arms are bigger or smaller it does not equal a set fitness level.

It sounds like you are an aware, motivated individual. This is great news! Try not to judge yourself for your perceived failings. No one else judges you in this way. Why should you do this to yourself? Keep on your path to better your mind and body. Be proud of your successes. In the big picture they out shine the negative by miles. I am here for you.

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