Muscle Beach 2007 International Classic - Memorial Day.

At 12:00 noon on Memorial Day the event opened with a spectacular Flyover from an awesome C-17 Globe master from March Air Force Base... Admission is free at this event and this year was better than ever. Learn more about it right here!

Venice Beach, CA is a dream vacation destination to many Bodybuilding fans from around the world. Why? Historical Muscle Beach of course! The weight lifting pen, basketball, handball, tennis and volleyball courts are all outside right under the fabulous California sun.

The outdoor gymnastics area floor is sand. On the beach side families, sunbathers, swimmers and joggers enjoy the backdrop of green grass, sand, palm trees, gentle waves and fresh ocean breeze with colorful boats passing by.

On the famous Boardwalk side, rollerblades, skateboards, strollers, bikes, joggers, walkers and local entertainers move back and fourth in front of miles of lined up stores, eating establishments and hotels. The energy is a total recreational feeling that ranges from electric to laid-back LA.

The Boardwalk
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The Boardwalk.

Right in the middle of the beach and boardwalk is the location of the Muscle Beach outdoor stage where athletes come from all over the world to compete in the muscle and figure competitions for the Mr. and Ms. Muscle Beach title. Spectators sit in the packed bleachers and cheer on their favorite competitors.

2007 Muscle Beach International Classic Contest Review! 2007 Muscle Beach International Classic Contest Review!
The 2007 Muscle Beach International Classic was held on May 27th & 28th at the Venice Beach Recreation Center in Venice, California. Check out who showed up to support this contest!
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Muscle Beach

The muscle and figure categories include Men and Women's bodybuilding with weight classes, novice categories and a Women's Figure division with height classes. There were 66 athletes registered and some who decided to cross over into more than one category! There is no official federation and everyone is welcome.

The contests are held 3 times a year: Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day. Joe Wheatley, a promoter with a vision has really worked to successfully upgrade the events into a packed full health and fitness Expo with entertainment from morning until the sun goes down.

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Muscle Beach Competitors.
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The 2007 Muscle Beach International Classic Memorial Day contest and expo was a 2-day show on May 27 and 28. Pre Judge and the expo were held on Sunday and the finals and expo were on Monday.

At 12:00 noon on Memorial Day the event opened with a spectacular Flyover from an awesome C-17 Globe master from March Air Force Base to buzz the crowd and went right into the 562 Air National Jazz Ensemble SW marching band with a full horn section and color guard ceremony lead by Ellen Palowkoski, Brigadier General.

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The Flyby.
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562 Air National Jazz Ensemble SW Marching Band.

What other contest/expo would this be possible at? None yet.

Only At Muscle Beach!

The best part? Admission is FREE! Find out more at:

14 Expo booths lined the courts giving out free samples, having fitness demonstrations, introducing new health care technology, handing out information and selling new products to the packed crowd. There were 3 other stages set up for bands and entertainment other than the Competition stage!

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Entertainment Stages.

The armed forces had 2 bands, recruiting booths and local talent played for the beach audience in between the competition breaks. One of the crowd favorites is Johnny Jam and Austin aka (The Flyin' Lion) a Pomeranian shaved just like a baby lion. They do extreme sports skating together!

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The Armed Forces.
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The Muscle Beach Bodybuilding Hall Of Fame

Each year there are new inductees to The Muscle Beach Bodybuilding Hall of Fame. Past inductees include Bodybuilding greats like Don Howorth, Dave Draper, Bill Grant, John Balik, Steve Reeves, Cory Everson, Bill Pearl and more. Check out the website for a full impressive list.

For this show the inductees were:

Tony Pearson:

    Tony Pearson - a Bodybuilding competitor from 1977 - 1994. Tony became an IFBB Pro in 1980 and has been on Good Morning America, Body Buddies Show, N.B.C. Sportsworld, Body Stars, Merv Griffin Show, Man From Atlantis, Soul Train and has been featured in Sports Illustrated, Ebony Magazine, Muscle & Fitness, Iron Man, Muscle Mag International, Flex Magazine.

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Tony Pearson.
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Deforest Most:

    DeForest Most - the unofficial ringmaster of the impromptu shows at Santa Monica's Muscle Beach ('30s-'50s), a gymnast who had a talent for persuading teenagers and tourists-and the occasional celebrity-that they too could join in.

    It was a circus under the sky where future fitness gurus formed human pyramids and amateur acrobats sailed through the air in front of thousands of spectators. Most died of heart failure in Santa Monica, California on September 2, 2006.


Many of the judges and people at the Expo are Pros and former champions that live in the area. In fact, you just may see your favorite Bodybuilding/Fitness celebrity at one of the expo booths, receiving awards, handing out trophies or just having a day at the beach with friends and family. Cameras are everywhere!

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Cameras Are Everywhere!
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The local news is there, photographers from Iron Man magazine and bodybuilding webzines are there tapping interviews of the participants all alongside fans and tourists generally snapping away, videoing and posing with celebrities and hot hard bodies for pics capturing the excitement of the day.

A popular Venice Beach photographer has her own website that documents all of the events at: Booth: Booth
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    I was signing the Iron Man Over 40 issue where I am the Hardbody feature, Bob and I took pics with fans and we gave out tons of fun promotional items and samples all courtesy of

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Jerome Ferguson & Bob Cicherillo.
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    It is really motivating getting to meet people and offer educational advice face-to-face through Bob is always surrounded by guys of all ages answering their questions about bodybuilding workout tips. I answer questions from the girls about modeling, diet and competition. We all have a blast.

The Lovely Brenda Kelly
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Brenda Kelly.

    Timea Majorova who looked amazing came in to say hello during a photoshoot at the beach with legendary top female physique photographer, Bill Dobbins.

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Timea Majorova.

    IFBB Pro Toney Freeman was at the Headblade title sponsor booth.

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Bob Interviews Toney Freeman.
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Cathy LeFrancois.
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Gunter Schlierkamp.
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A Fun Mix

It is a fun mix of locals, tourists, athletes and visitors at Muscle Beach. You also may recognize some of the Hollywood entertainment industry celebrities in the crowd if you look closely! Hollywood works out like mad and a lot live locally so they love to show up for the healthy fun in the sun vibe to stay motivated for their physique goals.

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This Is Venice!!
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If you are in the LA area or planning where to go and what to do for your next Holiday trip, bring your family, your friends, or just come solo... you won't be for long!

Join the rest of us at historical Muscle Beach for the fitness festivities. Who knows, you might even get motivated enough to end up on stage! Or, just hang out with us and enjoy the show for some fun in the California sun. Make sure you stop by and say hello.

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Stop By & Say Hello.

We would love to see you there!

Take care of yourself. You deserve it.
Brenda Kelly