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in: & NV Visits The Stars At The 2006 Emmy Gifting Mansion - View The Pictures Now! has moved into Hollywood as a sponsor to high profile major special events. The most recent event was set at a luxurious mansion atop the beautiful Hollywood Hills. See Jose Canseco, Bill Maher, Jeremy Piven & more...

By: Brenda Kelly

Hold onto your posing trunks and bikini bite all of you Bodybuilding fitness enthusiasts! took over the 2006 Emmy Awards in Hollywood, baby!

On August 26, 2006 the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' 58th annual Emmy Awards ceremony was held at L.A.'s Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA.

The historic auditorium has hosted everything from the American Music Awards to the Soul Train Awards, the Academy Awards and the Bolshoi Ballet to the Beach Boys.

Special events parties, functions and gifting suites for the Emmy TV star nominees and presenters begin a week in advance and continue after the award's ceremony as well.

Set in a luxurious mansion atop the beautiful Hollywood Hills with a breathtaking view of LA, Sweet & Chic 2006® (S&C®) shattered what has become the "gift suite" norm. This suite catered to Hollywood's "younger generation" as well as hip celebrity mommies, daddies and their children.

"Gifting" Events

For the first year ever, has moved into Hollywood as a sponsor to high profile major event gifting opportunities. These "gifting" events are also known in the Hollywood industry as "swag" (any free product from companies) are set up to get brand name products into the hands of celebrities who would want to use/wear or promote a product line and can include anything from electronics, jewelry, clothing, skin care products and now... workout gear bags and awareness to better health and fitness! What else would ANY celebrity want?

S&C® offered the hottest trends in Fashion, Cosmetics, Spa Treatments, Jewelry & Accessories, and a unique "KIDS ONLY LOUNGE." The promoters created a relaxed environment and encouraged clients to sip on a cocktail and enjoy a manicure/pedicure by the pool or dance the afternoon away and receive with a gift big of swag up to $10,000 in value! With dozens of A-List celebrities confirmed, S&C® was the most sought after invite around.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Enjoying A Manicure.
Photos By was super popular with our black rip stop training bags filled with ribbed tanks, towels, protein samples, lifting gloves, car fresheners, nail files, coupons for 10 percent off their next order at, information flyers on the website and a jar of the latest/greatest fat burner with a book on fat loss. Hollywood celebs ate it up big time!

Methyl Ripped Myoplex Frui Blast
Methyl Ripped, Myoplex & Fruit Blast - The Whey

Hollywood truly works out more than the average population and the celebrities were thrilled to learn about

After speaking with everyone for over a week, I surmised most of Hollywood is in the gym or doing something else to work out to stay fit on an average of 5 times a week. A lot of the women said they did something to stay fit every day!

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There were many, many questions and I felt Hollywood could really gain from a better overall understanding of resistance and cardio training and specifically advice on the benefits that supplements could add to their training schedules to obtain and maintain their physique goals.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Bill Maher.
Photos By

Favorite Bodybuilding products in Hollywood are:

  • Fat Burners - to stay lean and sexy.
  • Bars - for on set and in the car stuck in traffic.
  • Meal Shakes - for a quick breakfast for early call times in the morning. Booth had a beautiful booth overlooking the pool with the sexy Christina Lindley's picture bigger than life on the panels bringing many people to comment on how fit and sexy her physique was.

Click Image To Enlarge.
The Booth.
Photos By

Representing were actor/producer Stephen Huntsman and myself. Stephen is also a host at Hollywood events like The Method Fest and many other events during the year so he knows and has worked with a lot of these TV/Movie/Music celebrities and they know him.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Stephen Huntsman, Brenda, Extra's Jon Kelley, Johnny Jam & Austin.
Photos By

We both had tons of media exposure and 2 of the gifting companies had even been to my "Muscles in Hollywood" seminar at "The Fit Expo" in 2005 and remembered me. A handful of the attendees had been to and had read some of my articles, but 99 percent were hearing about for the first time.

People are so excited when they learn they can order top of the line, cutting edge supplement products online that will help with their goals and have it mailed straight to their door.

goals Choose Your Goal Below.
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They also love the fact of the free information, product evaluation and training programs for their busy lifestyles are right there online. Of course WE have known all of this about for years and it is great to share it with a new and high profile market that really appreciates this information.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Joseph Gannascoli Of The Soprano's & Brenda.
Photos By

Attending the event were TV stars, music stars and sports stars. Emmy award winner Jeremy Piven from the HBO show "Entourage" received a goodie bag along with:

Click Image To Enlarge.
Jeremy Piven & The Event Hosts.
Photos By

  • Jay Davis from "Dane Cook's Tourgasm"
  • "Skid Row" drummer Phil Varone
  • Tony Denison from "The Closer"
  • Drew Gallagher in the new "Fast & Furious 3" with Lindsay Lohan and Ashton Kutcher
  • Graham Elwood from the new documentary "Super High Me"
  • 2002 January Playmate Nicole Narain
  • Emmy
    Click Image To Enlarge.
    2002 January Playmate Nicole Narain.
    Photos By

  • Kyndra Mayo, Cami Edwards and Lexie from "Laguna Beach"
  • Audrina Patridge from MTV's "The Hills"
  • Roger Cross and his adorable son from "24"
  • Emmy
    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Johnny Jam, Roger Cross And Son & Brenda.
    Photos By

  • Steve Harris from "Heist"
  • Randy Wayne getting buff and ready for his role as "Luke Duke" in "The Dukes of Hazard 2"
  • Emmy
    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Randy Wayne & Brenda.
    Photos By

  • Miss 2006 California Jenn Hughes
  • Emmy
    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Brenda & Miss 2006 California Jenn Hughes.
    Photos By

  • Heavy Weight Boxing Champion David Rodriguez
  • Emmy
    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Brenda & David Rodriguez.
    Photos By

  • Jon Kelley from EXTRA TV
  • And the great Jose Canseco

Click Image To Enlarge.
Jose Canseco & Hosts.
Photos By

Jose Canseco was AL Rookie of the Year in 1986 and MVP in 1988 with the Oakland A's; in 1988 he became the 1st player in MLB history with 40 HRs and 40 steals in a season; led AL in HRs in 1988 and tied for lead in 1991; retired in 2003 with 462 career HRs. Oh yeah. He was way fun and sexy.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Jose & Super Dog.
Photos By

Jose Canseco Visits The 2006 Iron Man Expo Booth!

Join us as Jose shares a little about how he was black balled from the sport of Major League Baseball.

Extreme sports enthusiast and promoter "Johnny Jam" and his Pomeranian lion "Super Dog" both immediately put on matching pink ribbed tanks and were dubbed official mascots for the entire event. Thank you Johnny and Austin (AKA Super Dog "The Flyin' Lion").

Click Image To Enlarge.
Johnny Jam & Austin Super Dog "The Flyin' Lion."
Photos By

Emmy Emmy Emmy Emmy
Click Image To Enlarge.
Taking A Dip.
Photos By

I suspect many people who workout do not consider themselves "Bodybuilders" when indeed that is just what they are doing. Building their bodies. Let's dump that out-molded notion that to be a "Bodybuilder" you must have muscles like the "Hulk" and unless you want to train specifically for this shape, it is NOT the norm and NOT the true definition of Bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is for everyone.

Enjoy the PICS from event photographer, and thank you to the promoters from Alisa and Lisa for throwing a wonderful event!

Click Image To Enlarge.
Lisa, Alisa & Audra From
Photos By is happy to help Hollywood stay fit. Hollywood needs help and guidance with their training and nutritional programs and is just the ticket!

Party on Hollywood! Just remember to balance your party lifestyle with exercise and supplements for when things may get a little unbalanced. After all, we are all only human. Even the stars find this out sooner or later. Better sooner with!

    View More Pictures Of Day One By Here.
    View More Pictures Of Day Two By Here.

Take care of yourself. You're worth it.
I am here for you. Brenda Kelly & NV Visits The Stars At The 2006 Emmy Gifting Mansion - View The Pictures Now!

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