Up The Ranks: Now? Later? Never? When?

Are you a fitness or figure competitor that does not know if you want to go to the next level? Find out what Brenda Kelly's suggests you do to take it to the next level!
Dear Brenda,

I have been a competitor at the regional level in the NPC Bodybuilding and Figure categories. I have placed 2nd and 4th so I have qualified for Nationals. When do you suggest I do to go to the next level? How do I know when I'm ready? Some people tell me I should win the overall to have a chance at the National levels at all. I don't want to jump the gun and maybe hurt my chances to move up.

I still get really nervous on stage and I am so irritable when dieting. Does this mean I'm not ready? Thanks for helping with this.

You are my role model.


I am glad you are looking at your competition career with some foresight and purpose. If your goal is to move up in the ranks and aspire perhaps to a Pro Card, some goal strategy can be certainly of help to you in many ways.

Here are 10 points on goal achievement. They will help you recognize your most productive choices.

10 Goal Achievement Tips

  1. I recommend using the words "joy" or "fun" along with your "foresight" and "purpose" characteristics for optimal enjoyment of your experience. I know for myself, if I don't enjoy my work, I know the end result has to be suffering at some level.

  2. Think about how you would describe your general attitude during the days and nights in pursuit of your goals. Are you happy with what you are doing and your life you are living?

  3. A good self-test is to check your attitude while you are driving. Our cars give us all a semi-protected feeling of being able to act or say whatever we feel to whomever we choose. Use this to learn about yourself. Listen and evaluate the difference you hear in yourself when you are having a good day opposed to a bad day. Work on balancing the person you prefer to be. They say the definition of having manners is what you are doing when nobody is looking.

  4. If you are energized to do your best with positive vibrations you are ahead of the game. The opposite would then have to follow meaning; negative motivation has to be a less desirable method. I have seen and experienced many athletes and coaches who use a negative approach to experience gains. Makes you think. If this is you, you may want to re-evaluate and work on identifying and re-channeling your habits.

  5. The best plans include the metamorphous of a life filled with all of your gifts operating at a high level of contentment. Remember your gifts are not for you to keep for yourself but to give away freely so you can receive even more. Find your strengths and hit us hard with them. We need you out here.

  6. It is always a good idea to consciously add joy to any part of your life whenever you can. You can't go wrong with following your own intuition. After all, who does this impact first and last? You, that's who. Take charge in building the finest creation of yourself you possibly can.

  7. By recognizing what you wish for, you can impact your choices right from the start. Always recognize what your own intentions are along the way to your goal. The end result of a dream or goal can be an unexpected challenge. The day to day work to get to the goal may or may not be fulfilling. These are completely separate situations that need their respective set of motivations. Guide all sides towards getting the results you want.

  8. The trick to obtaining goals is to keep putting yourself in situations that you are not fully familiar with and do your best. Don't wait until you are perfect to show up. You have to have a starting point somewhere.

  9. Re-evaluate your goals and plans at any time. There is nothing that holds up progress like an outdated belief that is in the way like a roadblock. Remember; there is nothing wrong with getting better. It should happen as often as possible.

  10. Stay flexible. Most of the really big moments in my life have happened without any type of blueprint to follow. Be open to using your intuition at times. Warning: Intuition does not mean it's "easier".

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Every regional area has it's own level of competitions according to the quality of athletes who show up on stage. These are some examples of different regions. Some are packed with National Champions and Pros. I have seen an athlete place fifth at the regional level, go to Nationals and place above the person who had won the same regional show. That shows some tight competition.

Nicole Rollolazo & I.

Some regions have less than 5 competitors in each category to even make up the top 5 that qualify for Nationals. This all said, there is always a chance there is someone who is an exceptional athlete with a promising career competing in a small show. You need others to compete with and the more repetition, the better competitor you will become.

It is a good idea to build stage fundamentals to move forward and improve yourself for competition. If you are lacking in athlete participation in your region, you may want to start with the Jr. Nationals to get used to having more athletes to compete with. If you are from a strong region and have won a show or two, I would say, go for it and hit Jon Lindsay's Pinnacle NPC USA's or NPC Nationals. Go to: www.musclecontest.com for info. Let me know how you do!


Now that your set on the right track, learn the:
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Take care of yourself. It's worth it.